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  1. I got my gastric bypass on the 27th, and everything's been going pretty alright (at least I think and hope so), but one thing I've noticed is that ever since I got home from the hospital last Thursday I can't sit for very long unless it's on a couch or comfortable recliner/chair. I sit a lot less than I used to, yet I never got this dull pain back then. I'd say it was because of less padding back there, but I've only lost about 8lbs or so since surgery. Anyone else experience this? Or is this just a new quirk of mine....
  2. This isn't a post-op question, but it was the most appropriate place I could think of posting it. Last year, I didn't have my period for 6 straight months. Last October I got it again and it hasn't really stopped since? I mean, there are a few days every now and then where it's gone (or maybe just really light), but for the most part it's been here constantly. I haven't been to a primary care physician since 2011, however when I mentioned it to my surgeon on my first pre-op visit he said he didn't know, so I'm guessing if he doesn't know then it can't be a (very common) obstacle to getting weight loss surgery? I'm hoping one of you have experienced something similar and can tell me if this hindered your surgery plans. I made an appointment with a new primary care physician for October 2nd. I hope she can tell me more, but I'm really nervous about what she'll say...
  3. Is Metamucil (I use the pink lemonade flavor) ok for pre op? i know it can't be taken during my 3 day clear liquid diet, but what about the month before then? And if it's not ok, is there an ok substitute?
  4. Thindom, I do not have to do a 2 week liquid diet before surgery, just a 3 day one. I guess I'm lucky! I'm not sure if it's because you're getting a sleeve and I'm (hopefully, if insurance approves me ) getting a bypass, or if it's just the difference between our doctors' standard pre-op requirements though.
  5. Thank you everyone. I really hope you're all right about the last month going fast lol, I'm very excited!
  6. Hello everyone! This past Friday I completed my 3 month mandatory diet by the insurance, lost the 50lbs (well, I lost 48lbs but close enough) the doctor asked, and got a surgery date: October 27th. It's scheduled only 5 days after my 20th birthday, but this surgery means more to me than being able to have cake on my birthday lol. I have to lose 15 more pounds by October 8th just to be safe and I'm really feeling the pressure, but I'm trying. Just joined here to talk to others who are in/have been in the same situation, so hello!