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  1. Thank you, I like the NOW company too, I might have to try that one, my current one is different and I don't think could handle the amount of bacteria I had. How many times do you take the probiotic Cinwa? With or without food, I hear there are so many ways they can be taken. Thanks!
  2. So the second surgeon thinks I have a bacterial overgrowth and put me on 2 antibiotics (Cipro & Flagyl) it seems to be kind of helping, I am able to eat a little more one day and then not the next...really tired still. I think the food is irritating my pouch though and trying to deal with constipation. I sure hope this helps. Thanks for everyone's support!
  3. I had an appointment with a GI doc today, he gave me Bentyl, didn't work. Feels worse actually, slowed everything down and bloating all day. I pretty much can't eat anything with protein, (chicken, turkey, ground beef, soy, dairy, quinoa, grains, protein shakes even veggies ones) I have an appointment with another surgeon this Friday, this is over my original surgeons head I believe...plus I don't really have much faith in my team anymore. I sure hope they can find something, living off of 200 calories a day for 2+ weeks and being bloated like an over inflated volley ball makes life difficult! Thanks for the support!!!
  4. Thank you, yes I agree with the lactose, I don't drink any because of my intolerance to milk products. Tonight I could only get in 1 oz chicken breast. Just not good. I will share anything I know.
  5. Looking for some advice, I have been having more abdominal pain the last couple of weeks which seems to be getting worse. Both on the left side and upper right side. It seems to be worse when I get bloated and gassy from eating, which is only about 2oz of food. It sometimes happens with liquids too. Gas x doesn't always work. I am extremely tired all the time too. I have had an endoscope, CT scan and lab work which come back normal. Liver was a little elevated and they said it was just fatty. I just can't believe 3 months post op RnY this is going on and there are no answers. It has been a month since this all really started and not getting better. I'm at a loss.
  6. I know this post is a little old, but I am 3 months post op RnY and have the same thing, did you figure this out?
  7. I completely agree, we eat so healthy and limit sugars/carbs I don't understand, but the body is weird. I have been run down 24/7 and barely eating or drinking with major gas/bloating. For over a month. Docs still don't know what is going on. And I am finally getting them to test bacterial overgrowth and hopefully candida overgrowth. Sick of being sick!
  8. I understand what you have gone through Hawk7775 on your beginning post, b/c I too could do the same thing, eat 1/2c and drink 64oz felt great but not that satisfied. I had gastric bypass, I thought something was going great or it was done wrong. And then them one day I got a wake up call. Could only get 1/4c and a couple of cups of liquid. Then it kept getting worst, until 2 cups of water in one day was it. Everything mechanically is great. So now I am starting at the beginning again, hoping I didn't hurt my pouch for good and learning what I can take and can't. Guess this is life!
  9. Wow I was only put on Diflucan for 10 days...GI doctor said it looked clear. Did you have symptoms like not being able to eat or drink much? I also get foamies a lot....just curious what you have felt like! Sucks for sure.
  10. Has anyone ever experienced getting Systemic Candida Yeast Infection after gastric bypass surgery? I think this might be related to some of my issues, but I can't seem to find any doctors willing to check and rule it out. Any advice would help!
  11. I get the foamie spit up with plain water any temp...decaf tea I can handle most of the time. Food use too, until I decreased the amount to 1oz again. Good Luck!!!
  12. Thank you for the comments. I have been eating really slowly, only 1oz at a time now. Usually wait 20 min before and after my meals for liquids. I have been able to drink decaf tea...so that is pretty much were I am getting all my water from. Plain water just creates frothing/foamies for me. So I'll just keep doing this
  13. Hey everyone, I'm in need of some help! I had Gastric RnY on 7/11/15. Over 2 months now. I have been diagnosed with Thrush 3x and put on two medications. I don't know if this is related to what is happening now, but on 9/6 i was eating 1/2c of food and drinking 50oz of water just fine, until my last meal something didn't sit right. Next day I could only eat 1/4c and I was full and only could get in a couple cups of water. It progressively got worse, until all I could get in was 1/2c liquid on 9/15. I got IV fluids for dehydration 2 days in a row. HERE IS MY WEIRD THING: this whole time starting on 9/6 I would throughout the whole day spit-up this frothy/foamy stuff, like a dog with rabies. Brought on by liquids, didn't matter the size of the sips, temperature of the liquid, what the liquid was. And it happened about 30 minutes after food and during exercise. I had an endoscope and CT scan all normal. I decided to take the Difulcan for the thrush again, but not too much has change like when I took it the last time. I am able to get a little more fluid ( still have frothing after) and 1oz of food, (noticed major bloating and gas after I eat anything now though). I am at a loss and my bariatric unit says just to push through it, they really haven't listened and told me; O, other patients have had this same thing. So any ideas, my fellow GBers?