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  1. Welcome Jeff and I hope this site allows you to get the support and info. that you need.
  2. Welcome Amal! I'm so glad that you've found this forum. It's been a tremendous help for me and hopefully it will be a great source of assistance for you as well.
  3. Welcome Trish! I see your surgery was the day after mine. I hope you're feeling as great as I feel.
  4. Welcome to Thinner Times Peter! I had my surgery Feb. 16th. I'm glad you've joined and you've already been a great addition with your wonderful comments.
  5. I just had my surgery Feb. 16th. I stayed one night in the hospital. Yes I felt sore but nothing I couldn't handle. I have only had one dose of my pain meds and I feel fine. I went to 3 basketball games yesterday and managed well. I'm a mother of four so I keep moving. It's not as bad as I thought. It's not worse than c-sections or terrible labor. I feel almost back to normal! Nerves are normal it's like becoming a parent for the first time. We're the new parents of a sleeve!
  6. It's where they do a test to make sure there are no leaks. They also do a swallow test in front of an X-Ray to make sure you're able to swallow. I had to drink a barium solution and they're able to see if the fluid is traveling the correct path. I thought I was going to puke because of the taste and also the amount of barium that I had to swallow. It was a gastroenterologist that performs the exam. There are these crystals they give you and it makes you gassy. They don't want you to burp because it makes it easier to see your stomach, bowels etc.
  7. I was able to leave the hospital at 3:00 pm. I'm sitting here trying to sip, sip and sip. I'm just glad to be home.
  8. I am feeling really good. I walked around 8 pm and I felt great. I'll walk again in the morning. They told me I'll probably go home in the afternoon. I get my pouch inflated in the morning and if I don't have any leaks I'm good to go home. I just hope I continue feeling this great.
  9. I walked the halls at 8 and I'm feeling great. I have a high pain tolerance as well. Good luck with yours tomorrow and I hope you'll feel as well as I do.
  10. I had my gastric sleeve surgery noon today. I'm doing great and sucking on ice chips. Everything is still blurry from the pain pump and it's taking forever to type this. Just wanted everyone to know I made it.
  11. I've had four family members have wls and they have been successful. I have another aunt that is in the process of getting insurance approval. I come from a legacy of "fatness". My grandfather had to have firefighters cut the doorway of their house to widen it so they could get him to the hospital. Genetically and socially we're a fat family. But due to the few that have had wls they have healthy options at gatherings and they don't preach, judge but support if needed. They have been a wonderful support for me. Maybe joining a support group would be helpful for you as well as continuing to visit Thinner Times. Wls is a tool and we have to practice behavior modifications. Its a personal rehab or a hard reset for our bodies. It's like winning the lottery and if one decides to splurge and waste all of their "winnings" then they're back in the poor house where they started.