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  1. Hi Guys, I am in month 3 of my supervised program.... I have gained 10lbs :/ I'm working on getting it OFF but what does Net Weight Gain mean... Do I have to lose 20lbs to make up for the 10 gained since start date! Help
  2. I'm so late!!!!!!!! but OMGoodness I am so excited! I was just at my appointment and they still weren't sure but I didn't read this until now!!!! I have a Drs Statement saying I was over 40 bmi in 2012 and 2014 and am still over just in case! So happy to hear everything worked out for you guys! And really happy to hear good news!
  3. @PhatChick OMG sorry for the late reply!!! Wait so you believe this shouldn't be an issue.... if so you've made my YEAR!
  4. good luck!!!!! It will all be okay. It makes me feel better reading all the post about persistence and finding a way! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!!!!!!! Keep us updated
  5. Hi!!! I have Aetna PPO and I am missing a documented weight in the year 2013. Where do you see the information stating a period of time ??? I'd like to find it for my doctors office becaus the office manager seemed to think I'd have some trouble
  6. Hi New Here Aetna PPO 2 year weight history- So i went to my first consult i provided medical chart records dates in 2008 and 2012; I may have trouble finding a weight record for 2013. I saw my PCP last in 2012 and took a medical wellness screening in 2014 which recorded my weight, Im going to ask my PCP to write a letter based off everyones post. I feel a bit better; after finding the wellness screening BUT Does anyone have a sample letter for my PCP to write. Thank you for any and all help guys