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  1. For most people diets don't work. It's a lifestyle change that we need. The surgery forces that change that many need, that added push.
  2. I had open bypass 8 years ago and am looking into revision... The possible quality of life concerns with the only option my Dr offered are leaving me hesitant.
  3. Don't remember, but I finally had hip bones!!!
  4. Bros out there... I had the bypass 8 years ago and would do it again.... If I wasn't afraid of insulting people or getting hit, I would have passed out business cards for my Dr. I went from 385 down to 175, 30lbs in the first ten days. I was shocked when I got on the scale at the office after ten days. Time.... Life's ups and downs hit and I gained... I gained 100 lbs over the last four years and hate it. I still have no carbonation and get full fast and can't eat a lot. I'm stumped... I do snack wrongfully, so stay strong and stay away from snacks. It was so easy when there was no desire for food... I thought holidays were gonna be hard but they were easy, there was no desire to eat. So bros... Follow the diet to a T... Let this surgery scare you into following it hard. It works. Make it to the eggs... That's when I had my first actual "ok, he really did something in there" let us know if u kept the eggs down
  5. Had bypass 8 years ago... Great success lost 210 lbs. gained 100 back. I'm looking into revision, but the first look is making me nervous. Looks like the Dr will reroute the intestine again, close to the exit which may, probably affect quality of life concerns. Are there other options? Two knee surgeries make exercise hard, and emotional stress triggered the bounce back.