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  1. Hi, just wanted to see how you are doing? I have my surgery on Monday any advice? Hope all is well. :rolleyes:

  2. Hi!!! 

    How are you doing? It has been about a month for you now. 

  3. hi how are you doing?

  4. Hey Sleeve twin!! How are you feeling? Are you able to do anything other than liquids?


  5. You look great!  Love the capri's  I am just 6 days out from surgery and look forward to being further into my journey.  Love all your success!!!!  Thank you for sharing!!!

  6. Congratulations! You look great and so happy! Keep up the great work!!!!
  7. I just had surgery monday, june 13, 6 days ago, have my first follow up on tuesday.  Your success and extended weight loss maintenace is such a motivator for me.  We are similar in height and I look forward to getting farther into my journey!  Thanks for sharing your stories!

    1. Clickin


      Good luck! Stick to it and I know you will do great!!  Stay on here and keep us updated. 

  8. VicWytch, your posts are encouraging! I am one week out from Sleeve surgery tomorrow and feeling pretty good. Still in basic survival mode so not counting calories or eating real foods, but your success is excellent and I hope to continue to follow you and parallel your progress! Thank you for sharing your story!
  9. Hi Julie haven't heard from you. Hope your doing ok?

    1. ssmccoy65


      Im pretty good, tired so taking it easy allowing myself to heal after surgery


    2. tmcgee


      Julie comes and goes, I hope she'll be back. She struggles like the rest of us.

    3. EileenFrias


      Oooo so good to hear from you glad you are doing ok.

  10. How are you feeling?

  11. Hello sending positive thoughts your way. Cant wait to hear all about it.

  12. Good Luck today!! Welcome to your new life my friend.

    1. Purple*Bear


      So you both had surgery this week.  I hope you are both doing great and that you can recommend us not yet sleeved folks some recipes on how to make water taste like something other than water....:)

    2. kluvkin


      The best advice I can give you so far is be prepared for the mental game. I'm on day 2 post op and feeling pretty sore physically, but ok mentally.


  13. hi how are you doing? 6 more days for you! excited for you.

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    2. Purple*Bear


      Hi ssmccoy65 -  I have Doctor Callery too.  I would love to hear how everything goes for you and any insider info would be great.  I am getting super pumped seeing so may people are getting their surgeries scheduled!!  What surgery type are you doing?


    3. EileenFrias


      My surgery not till July 11th, so the only tip I can give is. YOU GO GIRL...FULL SPEED AHEAD ON YOUR NEW JOURNEY. excited for you. be sure to keep us updated.

    4. EileenFrias


      woo hoo just relized your surgery is Monday. wow so exciting... what are you doing this weekend to prepare for this event in your life. Do you have to do any liquid diet? My pre op with Dr. C is not till July 1st.

  14. Which surgery did you have? Where are you located? I am just figuring out this site so I apologize if you have all that posted somewhere. I am getting the vertical sleeve which of course can't be reversed so I hope I am making the right choice!!!
  15. So sorry to hear your month has been miserable. I am about 10 days away from my surgery date, I hope I don't experience the same issues! Hope you get some relief and that it really does get better. Hang in there!