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  1. Thanks so much I'm definitely going to look into these protein powders without flavor cause I'm going to need it!
  2. I have tried yogurt made its soy milk yesterday but it ended up being a waste being as though I couldn't really save it for the next day because it goes bad.
  3. I am having a lot of issues with the diet my doctor assigned. I'll be two weeks post op on Thursday all I'm allowed to eat are basically liquids so protein shakes broth sugar free jello sugar free pudding and lite yogurt no fruit chunks. I can't tolerate any dairy after the surgery so pudding and yogurt is out. I now can't tolerate the protein shakes they make me gag and for some reason are so sweet to me all of a sudden. I also have been having really bad hunger pains and just feeling so hungry I almost can't bare it anymore. My dietician told me to triple up on the shakes but how am I suppose to do that when I can't even get any down. Does anyone have any advice or did anyone go through the same stuff. I'm really discouraged and trying to do good but the cravings pains and everything else that's failing is making me go crazy.
  4. Thank you all for your kind words and advice they sent me home today because I did excellent after surgery and the days after sorry I couldn't reply earlier I was kind of out of it due to the meds lol I'm not in any pain except for the gas pains but walking really relieves it.
  5. Hi I'm Lola my surgery is actually today at 7:30 this morning. I'm very scared and I can't sleep but I found this site for some guidance. Wish me luck please.
  6. Big day is tomorrow. I'm so scared but I know it's the right decision. Wish me luck!

    1. Sue Dohnim
    2. Magic_t98


      The best gift you could ever give yourself! I wish you an uncomplicated and speedy recovery.