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  1. FITBITTERS! Please add me 26/m Here with VSG surgery.smile emoticonI just got my fitbit surge! Little about me: HW was 400. SW (10-26-15) after liquid diet was 387, CW is 320, GW is 180. https://www.fitbit.com/user/23GXGF cody@codysheets.com
  2. I heard about those kinds of lamps. They seem expensive though :/
  3. Well, update time right? To be honest, I stopped going into most forums so I could focus on me, and figure out my new life. Had a lot going on personally, but essentially it came down to getting in the right head space. On that note, I missed out on updating a lot of people on how I was doing. I am down to 347. Thats good progress for me, though I'm not sure whats the expectation at 6 weeks, 3 days. But wow, what a whirwind of craziness. I used to be unable to walk through walmart because my back would start KILLING ME. And I mean KILLING ME. I can now successfully report that walking is finally, after two years, not an issue at all. I can walk all day and not get those cold sweats and pain in my back and horrible feeling like I need to sit immediately or I'll die. HAH So there is already a benefit. I can't admit to sticking to my requirements steadfast, like a superhero or something. I've done my best, and my best has been pretty damn good. I admit to having a carbonated beverage or two along the way to be honest. That being said, they are not my first choice, I never drink more than a couple of oz, and I move on rather quickly. In addition, its always sugar-free carbonated flavored water. I'm a sucker for the blackberry. Its a habit I don't think I'll ever be able to kick entirely... I'm just not that kind of person. That being said, when it comes to sweets and breads and pasta, I kicked that stuff like a can, and have had no difficulties moving forward. I generally love Tilapia, so that is my current protein source, along with lean hamburger, steak, and chicken. I MFP EVERYTHING, though I probably don't need to since I can only usually eat like 140 calories worth of food per sitting. then I'm satiated and theres no reason to continue. What a change... I'm at the point now where I need to begin a serious life change on exercise front, so we shall see where the new year takes me. Oh, and thanksgiving: I had Turkey, and I had a devilled egg made with healthy fake mayo. lol. It was great, and I did not overeat. I was the only person in my family who lost weight on Thanksgiving :D
  4. So, I was never one who was best friends with food; at least the reality is, I never thought I was. I went through life eating because it tasted good, and rewarding myself for accomplishments with good tasting food. I just never ran to food when I didn't feel well, or was sad, or emotional in any way. That being said, my psychologist who I had seen for a major loss in my life prior to VSG and who also did my psych eval for the VSG surgery, warned me that I would experience some emotions and possibly depression, as I said goodbye to my "bigger life." I told her that I understood, but that I was never emotionally tied to food so I think it'll be okay. Then, POST VSG, I felt okay. 2 days went by, everything was fine. a couple of more days, everything is still alright. And then a week approached, and suddenly I felt as if everything in the world was wrong. I hate the weather right now (weather I normally love haha) and I feel like the job Im in pays what I need it to but doesn't make me happy at all, and I dread returning. I guess those are normal feelings but they just sort of came out of no where. I don't get sad when my husband is eating something I can't next to me, and in many ways I am loving the success I am already seeing by making this choice. But it is a lifelong choice, and a part of me is feeling minor buyers remorse because tiny reminders of what I have given up pop up here and there. And as we approach the holidays, I am reminded that many of our cultural celebrations are food related. Dinner with friends, birthdays with cake and delicious food. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, etc. I cried for the first time in a long time today, for no good reason. Had to bring my husband over for a hug and explain how I am feeling to him. I have Disthymia which is sort of a life long mellow depression, but it has always been self managed, and really, as long as I recognized how I felt, and why, it generally left me alone and I was happy as a clam. I'll of course be seeing my psychologist again this week, and my doctor in a couple of weeks. I just wanted to know if this is normal, and if some of you experienced something similar? I guess major life changes of any kind have a certain amount of good stress, and a splash back of bad. Day 9 is winding down, and Day 10 will begin tomorrow.
  5. oooo thats a good idea Jolls. I tried making egg drop soup with it today but that failed miserably so I ended up having a v8 and my protein drink... lol One step at a time!
  6. I had the surgery and the first few days were pretty rough. I've hit my 1 week mark today and everything is going much better, but I feel like my groove has been thrown out of wack if that makes sense. Mostly, I've been resting because I've been sort of tired since the surgery. I think a lot of that has to do with the 1 week without any protein. So far so good. One day at a time. I've dropped some significant weight already, which I didn't expect at all. Outside of that I don't have a lot to report yet. Pain every now and again but nothing major, and improving every day. I do get spasms sometimes, randomly. They go from my stomach up both sides of my chest it seems, and its excruciating, but its over fairly quickly. I'm excited to reach this week because now I get thinned mashed potatoes and I think that and my sugar free pudding are my staples while I drink down this strawberry protein drink. I also bought some unflavored isopure, but I don't quite know what to add it to right now... lol Maybe the pudding?
  7. I am interested to know how this went. I hope it turned out okay for you!
  8. I would never Send me a private message and I'll give you my cell. You can bug me so I dont forget since I'm sure the first day might cause some memory issues. LOL
  9. yay! I have mine about 10 days before yours. I will let you know how the first few days go for me. 26th of october here
  10. This is really cool man! I still can't believe I'm schedule for 10-26 o.o
  11. Wellllllll. Surgery approval received! I am set for surgery on Oct. 26th, so I couldn't be more excited about that. Have a date set makes it so real, and so soon. I fly out for work next monday to SFO, then back on the 14th. At that point, its two weeks of protein drinks and protein bars, then 1 day of clear liquids, then nothing day of surgery. Woot. lol. Anyway, I'm 26, in east Texas, and need a buddy! (Since I hear its positive to have one or a few from around the same surgery date as you). Gah...I'm just giddy!
  12. Insurance approved! WOOOT! Now to wait for the clinic to call and schedule me in
  13. Thanks man. That means a lot to me, and being a data guy myself I was very happy I kept those records with the withings scale hahahah. I keep numbers in my head allllll day since I do data analytics for a medical company!