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  1. You won't be wearing undies as you will have a catheter inserted for urine drainage during your surgery. They put that in after you are asleep. Compression socks were put on after surgery but I was still asleep. Yes you get blankets and you are wearing a hospital gown into surgery. Hope this helps. Rose
  2. Thanks for the advise everyone. I will up my walking and increase my liquids. I am already getting 8 hours of sleep so I think I am good with 8. I just really want to feel better and will do what it takes to get to healthy.
  3. I am almost 3 months out from RNY and I am exhausted. I take a multi-vitamin two times a day. I also take D3 with 5,000mg, biotin with 5,000mcg, B12 with 1000mg and calcium chews with 500mg 3 x a day. I have just increased my iron from 18mg to 36mg. My protein intake is usually around 60grams but I can go as high as 85grams per my Dr. My water intake has never been up to par and I am making an effort to remedy that starting today. I am due to see my Dr in 2 weeks for my 3 month check up which will include my bloodwork. My weight is down 51 lbs. I take 2 walks per day of at leas
  4. I am happy that your journey has been easier. I am not having it easy but I am also thankful for my journey as I am learning a lot about being me. Telling others about your journey is personal and you know who you can tell. Trust your inner voice to guide you.
  5. I have no reflux at all anymore as I chose the RNY to get rid of this issue. In the sleeve surgery you still have acid in your tummy for digestion so reflux can start for some who have never had it before and especially if you take that one too many bites. Take to your Dr about taking a medication to curb you acid.
  6. Cheetos are food fro the devil.
  7. I am so sorry about the loss of your mother. It takes time to heal but I promise it will get better. About the nay sayers, just ignore them and know you are doing what is best for you. Take care of your self and let that wonderful man Denny take care of you.
  8. I am doing much better. I am still healing and taking the acid reducer is helping so much. Now to just get past another stall.
  9. Thanks for the suggestion. I will call my Dr office and talk to them tomorrow about the pain I am in and get the go ahead for prilosec.
  10. I am really trying to keep my spirits up and have a positive attitude, however my pouch is actually hurting with anything I consume first thing in the morning. I am still doing liquid first thing in the morning. I have tried different temperatures and all sorts of liquids. I am almost 7 weeks out from RNY and just wondering why this is happening now. Has anyone else had this issue? I really just don't want to eat anymore because it hurts so much.
  11. The clothes in the other closet are too small and that is where I am shopping as I shrink. I just couldn't get rid of the cloths that were too small all these past years of yoyo dieting. The cloths that are too big are being donated to a women's shelter.
  12. I finally get to exercise next week and I will be 6 weeks out. I have just been walking the new puppy Zoey.
  13. I put all the cloths that didn't fit me in another closet and I am officially shopping in my new closet this morning. Thank you Lord for this amazing gift of WLS. Amen
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