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  1. Thank you everyone! I know some of my depression and where it stems from. My primary care physician doesn't deal with , anxiety, depression ect, I have to go to mental health and it is on a first come first serve basis on Tues & Thurs both days I work, normal schedule. I am on buspar but it only slightly helps with the anxiety at times. It is frustrating. I know part of my issue is I am 2,500 miles away from my mom and her health is failing, I want to get back to the east coast before anything drastic happens. My kids haven't seen their grandma on either side in five years come next month. My mom has no one there to help her out and I am overwhelmed something might happen.
  2. My name is Lillian, I had the RNY Gastric Bypass on 10/12/12 in San Bernardino, CA. I am married, 35 years old with 5 kids. My oldest is 17 and my youngest will be 7 in November. I started at highest recorded weight of 379 ( I stopped getting on the scale),, I had my surgery weighing 337, I lost down to 223 last year. Recently I sunk into a deep depression and my weight is creeping back on me, I have fallen into old habits and honestly need to get myself straight. So that is me in a nut shell.