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  1. Brandy! I've missed seeing you around. How have you been? How's your new life treating you?  PM me if you'd like; -) 

  2. Dinner tonight, want to know your thoughts

    I am eight weeks out and pretty much eating normal food again--just small amounts, and avoiding fatty and sugary things. But I can eat a slice of bread or a small portion of pasta with no issues, and I can eat meat easily, as long as it's soft cooked. My surgeon is all about portion control, as opposed to the food-is-evil approach. If it doesn't make me sick and it's loaded with protein, I am allowed to have it. The only thing I still haven't gotten clearance for are raw, fibrous veggies and fruits. I made the mistake of eating some steamed broccoli last week without cutting off the stems, and man, did I ever regret that! Tonight I had a low carb tortilla filled with a slice of 2% smoked provolone, 2 ounces of smoked chopped pork with sugar free bbq sauce and cider vinegar, and a tablespoon of diced Roma tomatoes. Sooooo good! No problems at all. Tomorrow I am making thirteen bean soup with chunks of lean ham
  3. I don't want to sound like a baby, but....

    I am lactose intolerant (have been since childhood) but whey protein isolate doesn't bother me. Whey protein concentrate does a number on me, though.
  4. Damn. Well I guess I don't dump.

    I'm really uncomfortable with the "food is the enemy" thing. I don't believe it. I think it's about what goes on in my head, period. Candy can't hurt me. My action of overeating it is what hurts me. So I just won't do that, and I'm good. With a tiny tummy that gets full fast, that's pretty easy to stick to. And proper pouch care will keep that tummy tiny. I firmly believe that I have willpower enough to not overeat sweets and fats ever again. But I am not going to deprive myself of the tiniest taste of those things on occasion. There is nothing inherently evil about sugar and fat, and there is nothing wrong with enjoying a treat occasionally, keeping an eye on calories and portion size of course. I just don't feel like the uber-restrictive thing is a healthy relationship to have with food. At least not for me. Maybe something different works for you, and that's awesome. We are all different in the end.
  5. Damn. Well I guess I don't dump.

    My appointment today went great. My blood work looks excellent, and I am cleared for normal food, slowly and introducing one thing at a time. I told my doctor about my little experiment and he agreed with the posters upthread that the dumping could still develop later, so be extra careful with refined sugars. However, he does recommend at least *trying* certain foods like sugars and fats at long intervals, just because he thinks it's important to know what your body reacts to and how. It can be an indication of a deeper problem, depending on the reaction. So I will try the peanut butter cup experiment again in about six months
  6. Damn. Well I guess I don't dump.

    Did an experiment yesterday at almost six weeks out. I tried some sugary peanut butter cups. Ate two, no stomach problems whatsoever. Oh well. My doctor said that half of his patients don't seem to dump, so I shouldn't be surprised. I just have to rely totally on willpower and commitment to lifestyle changes in order to make it happen. I can do that. I've got this! Going to see my NUT today for my clearance for normal food!
  7. Today, I am officially one hundred pounds from my goal weight. Okay, let's do this!

    1. Lori88


      and you can do this!!!!

  8. Halloween Candy

    Yes. I ate a few malted milk balls and a tiny nibble of a Hershey bar. No dumping, no guilt, no problems. But candy was never my weakness anyway. Thank goodness we don't give out cheeseburgers and fried chicken at Halloween or I'd be in trouble, lol.
  9. To Crush or Not to Crush... Pills in Post-op

    My surgeon doesn't require pill crushing. He just wants us to break/cut bigger pills into halves or quarters. The only one I've had trouble absorbing is my Lexapro, so my psych is switching me to liquid Zoloft instead.
  10. When will I feel "normal"

    I am four weeks out, too, and I can't even imagine eating two cups of food at a sitting. Wow. I can barely eat a half-cup before I start feeling overfull and pouch-ouchy. :/
  11. 2x and 1x shirts, and size 18-20 jeans, plus size large stretchy bottoms or yoga pants. I need winter-appropriate clothes, and I have been scouring my local Goodwill without much success. If you have bags of clothes in those sizes that you have shrunken out of, please PM me and we can work out a deal, although I cannot afford designer/expensive prices, unfortunately. I am willing to take things on loan and return them in a few months, if you would prefer--I am not hard on clothes. Also, if anyone has a warm jacket/coat or other warm winter outerwear that they don't fit into anymore, I could also use that stuff too. My current coat is a 4x, and I'd be drowning in it. :/
  12. Update - vomiting, ER, & a blockage, oh my!

    I had the same thing happen last week--I feel for you. *hugs*
  13. OK. Quick poll.. How long till you had your first poop?

    It was 6 days for me.
  14. All I can say is OW. :/ Thankfully the blockage resolved on its own, so I am home on liquids again. My doctor wants to wait and see if the stricture was due to post-surgical swelling before we take any drastic measures, since my CT scan indicated that kind of swelling at all of my staple sites. So far, full liquids and runny purees are going down fine. I'll probably be on them for an extra month, though. Man, that was some serious pain. The projectile vomiting wasn't fun either. I didn't even know that it was possible for me to vomit like that anymore! I am living on Zofran and flat diet Seagrams ginger ale. How has everyone else been?
  15. My first.week, I set a timer on my Kindle Fire to remind me to drink every 15 minutes. I would drink at least one ounce, and two if I could manage it. I still struggle with staying hydrated, though. I have a 32 ounce bottle that I carry around with me in order to keep sipping and keep track of my fluid intake.