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  1. The surgery itself went well and I am feeling good now! 5 days after surgery they discovered I had fluid gathering in my left chest area and it caused my lung to become collapsed. It was a little (but serious) blip in the road and I am totally mended now.
  2. Hey, how are things going for you? Everything go ok with the surgery? How goes the post-op diet? I am now 11 days post op and hating the liquid diet I'm on. Wondering what your post op diet schedule is? Hope you are well!
  3. Thanks Cinwa!! I'm now 11 days post op and feeling good. This liquid diet is a killer though! So ready to chew!!
  4. After completing my 6 month process, my RNY is tomorrow morning! Good luck to all the other March surgery buddies out there!
  5. Two weeks and counting! It won't be long now!

  6. Oh wow, small world If you don't already have this info, Dr. Archer only does Tuesday surgeries. I am scheduled for March 22nd. Two weeks!
  7. Yes, date is in fact March 22nd! I have a 24 hour liquid diet and that is it!! I'll be honest, that makes me so happy! Nothing else about this process has come easy so I'm stoked to catch a break. Things are getting real up in here! Nerves are kicking in just a tad... 3 weeks and counting!
  8. Surgery has been scheduled for March 22nd. Happy dance!!!
  9. Thanks for sharing this! I am three weeks from surgery and experiencing some major pre-surgery jitters! Nice to know I'm not the only one. Hope you are doing well!
  10. "I never look back, Darling! It distracts from the now." -The Incredibles "I knew who I was this morning but I've changed a few times since then." -Alice In Wonderland "Keep moving forward." -Walt Disney Apparenty I like Disney...but they're such great quotes!! LOL
  11. It is good that you are educating yourself on your insurance. Even in the best of cases, your surgeon's office could miss something and cause frustration. Medical offices deal with our insurance as a "courtesy". Some offices even require payment up front and then you get reimbursed personally by the insurance company. Frustrating, but true. Be your own advocate and make sure you understand what you're entitled to under your plan, and what you need to do to get your surgery. I once had a monthly appointment rescheduled in a way that would have caused me to start my pre-op stuff ALL over, but I caught it and informed the office they had to see me in the same calendar month. It's important that we know these things. Good luck!
  12. Hello to everybody having surgery in March 2016! It's going to be a great year! I don't have my date yet, but it is coming up very soon and have been told definitely March. I started the process in August. Got accepted in to the program in September, with a 6 month supervised diet. It will be here before I know it. Getting excited! Anyone else have surgery coming up in March???
  13. The above answers are all good ones! I would add, ask the surgeon's office what info they need. They know what it takes to get you an approval.
  14. I wanted to share my insurance story to encourage others... stick up for yourself and fight to get what you need! On August 24, 2015 I was referred by my PCP to the bariatric surgeon. His coordinator said I MUST have type 2 diabetes to qualify with my insurance. But, my insurance told me 3 times (and I read the policy myself) I must have a BMI>35 with a comorbidity SUCH AS type 2 diabetes OR Sleep Apnea OR a BMI>40 with no comorbidities. I have a BMI of 43 AND Sleep Apnea. The surgeon's coordinator would not call me back after that but I kept bugging until she finally called me back to tell me one last time to "bug off", basically. She said that unless we get on a conference call with insurance to tell HER that, I am kind of stuck. So... we do the conference call with insurance and they confirmed to her that I DO qualify with a 6 month supervised diet and they emailed her a copy of the policy directly. I was accepted in to the program on September 10, 2015. Woo hoo!! Fast forward to SIX months later, after I have completed all steps except my final dietitian's consultation. I have been the PERFECT patient, completing all 10 billion (haha) requirements quickly and without issue, and developed a good relationship with the insurance coordinator at my surgeon's office. She calls me her "Star Patient" (I guess brown-nosing has paid off!). She calls me to say they had put in for approval on my final dietitian's visit and referral for bariatric surgery and I was DENIED! The insurance company were now saying that if I did not have diabetes I did not qualify for surgery. SO my coordinator fought it and after a meeting with all decision-makers they finally conceded and agreed to cover my surgery "even though" it was not technically coverable. Furthermore, SEVEN other patients with my same insurance were accepted in to my surgeon's program based on the info the office received on my case, and they were able to get those patients approved too! It was specified that I still did not qualify but because they had told us different, and because my coordinator fought for me, they would do it for me plus the 7 others. I am so grateful that I fought in the first place to get in the program, and I read the policy myself and fought for what I was covered for! AND I'm grateful that SEVEN other people get their surgeries because I was tenacious enough not to take NO for an answer! They now have approval for the program in hand. As soon as they submit my last visit my case will go straight to the head approval officer for the actual surgery. The moral of the story is: Fight for what you need. Don't give up if you KNOW you have a right to coverage! Develop a GOOD relationship with your surgeon's office (I was always firm and demanding but KIND and RESPECTFUL). PS~ I don't believe for one second the insurance company would concede and pay (for me PLUS seven!) unless I was right and the surgery IS coverable. I feel bad that so many other people going forward will not get in for the surgery they need because they will accept no for an answer, even though they are qualified. Also, for now, please do not ask me what company I am with. I do not want to borrow trouble! Xoxo