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  1. Hey TT! It's been a while! But, on February 11th, I was sleeved. I wrote about my experience on my blog: If you have any tips for the upcoming pureed foods phases (recipes, ideas) etc. I'd love to hear them!
  2. I just wanted to give you guys a quick update on what my Instagrammers and I are doing with our care boxes to Week 1 Post Op Patients. Feel free to read. This is NOT a solicitation for donations from any TT members, simply wanted you guys to see what we are doing.
  3. Thank you. It will work out, it just won't be on this platform at this time.
  4. I'm still about five or so months away from surgery, but lost about 26 pounds between me following the dietitians orders to cut out snacking, stick to a strict 2,000 calorie diet, walk two miles to work, and start light weight training. Did anyone else take steps after this? I'm starting to ramp it up with some Broga (aka DDPYoga) starting today, leading into amping up my light toning and HIIT with light weights, but does anyone else who was able to be active during this time have any recommendations to lay a good foundation so that they had something to work with as the pounds started to come off rapidly after surgery?
  5. Thank you Kindred71. This. This is exactly what I needed to hear right now. It puts me in a much better mood and perspective as my partner on this mission and I head out to do this. You have completely reset me on this this morning. I very much appreciate it.
  6. Sure thing. Just send me a PM with your bank account info, social security number, and we should be good to go.
  7. We are still pressing forward with sending out the care packages just funded by me personally initially. So, if anyone on this forum would like a few items to tide them by week one post-op: -Chapstick, Breath Strips, Vitamins, Flavored Packs for Water, Hand Sanitzier, a Pill Box, Powder Soup Packets, Tissues, Lotion, a Sudoku/Puzzle book, Gas X Strips, etc. Send me a PM. We are working with a few sponsors to try and get some samples also. Simple requirement on your end is to post a picture on here when you're well and able to do so. Just incase there is any confusion, this is a free service, not a subscription box.
  8. BariatricBro

    9 hours

    Cheers to a speedy and comfortable recovery!
  9. Hey TT, Some of you may have seen that I posted a link to a GoFundMe campaign that I had put out there that was gathering funds to send gifts/supplies to random people as a "surprise and delight" when they woke up from surgery or during their first weeks after surgery--whether it was a book, some flowers, a magazine, or just some supplies when they were in need or just a pick me up to say "hey, we're thinking about you!" This was against the Community Policy and was removed, which makes sense. Blanket rules. That was/is the intention of the GoFundMe campaign. I know these campaigns can be abused, I've seen them happen, and I sincerely apologize to anyone who was offended by me posting it on here. I realize everyone is in different situations but wanted to make it clear on my end, that this was not a cash grab for myself or a specific person or to support a cause--simply to give someone a bit of sunshine when they wake up from their surgery or their first week at home. -BariatricBro
  10. Might I recommend the Hoka One One running shoes. Best shoes I've ever purchased.
  11. One thing that has always frustrated me, especially as a male, for a majority of my adult life, has been finding clothes at stores. I wrote a little blog post about it here: Would love to hear your guys' thoughts and opinions on the topic or if you have another name for it?
  12. Ha, I do Data Science for a large retailer here in MN. Have to use the data to get the weight off!
  13. How about just getting rid of all snacks in the house? I know that seems extreme, but perhaps substituting your son's snacks with healthier options will kill the temptation.
  14. Thanks for sharing PapaG. Haven't had my meeting with my surgeon yet, but I've asked for a bunch of data, which I don't think he has.
  15. Yo Bro! What's up! TheColdestAugust said I would arrive and I have! FISTBUMP! But, in all seriousness, congrats on making this awesome step toward being healthy, especially at a young age. Tackling something like this in your 20s is a great thing to do. If you ever have kids, nieces, nephews--whatever it may be, you want to be around long enough to enjoy them and keep up with them! As a data guy, the Withings was a smart idea and should hold steady if an appeal is necessary. If an appeal happens to be necessary, which hopefully it won't, just keep trucking like you've been approved and practice what your Bariatric center has given you. It'll be for the best. If you ever want to chat, you can hit me up on here or via email at