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  1. @Aussie H, Thank you for your belittlement! Not once did I say "what" type of junk I ate. FYI my treats consist of apples with granola, with a twist of sunbutter. Losing weight for me is highly emotional, and to come on here for help and advice, not to be reprimanded because you met your goals or not, and you make it sound as if my nutritional guidelines is only and all about junk. I am still losing weight thank you very much. Not everybody is perfect such as yourself. I just would like to thank you Jolls for your positive help and guidance. If I have to come to this "SUPPORT GROUP" to get this type of comment, I'm out! continue to treat yourself to that nice haircut and movie.. Peace Out!
  2. Thank you so much Jolls! you are so right, I can do one cup but nothing more than that, I feel mentally that I was starting to lose control. ( maybe because i do feel like I could eat more) but I really can't. I just felt like I was going into panic mode. I definitely don't eat junk like I used to. maybe one or two days out the week, i do treat myself to junk, but for the most part. I stick within the proper food groups.
  3. Thank you so much Ms. Mary Mac!!! I am going to do this 5 day test!
  4. Good Afternoon friends, I have a question. How do I know if I have stretched out my stomach? As of the 26th of this month, I will be a year out. I have plateaued ( or losing weight rather slowly now at this point). But I feel like I can eat and hold more food in my stomach. I eat and feel overly stuffed. How or is there a way to know if I stretched my stomach? and is there a way to correct this problem? Have any of you experienced this feeling?
  5. Thanks Rawme! but what is the rule again? How many oz are we supposed to have?
  6. Thank you! I am just afraid to going overboard again, I wish I was as lucky to know when to stop..
  7. Good Morning everybody! I need your advice, I am trying to not fall back into my over-eating stages again, so I've been looking for meal containers that are suitable for storing and portion controlling my foods. So far I have been using them glad spongebob containers the small snack size ( the label says the small rounds are 1/2 a cup or 4 oz) and they also have a rectangular size (which holds 9 oz.) I am afraid to eat from them containers because I don't know if the sleeve can actually hold 9 oz. or if I should be eating 9oz. I'm 8 1/2 months out from surgery. I'm thinking of buying something to help me.... I just don't know what.. So my question is; How and what do you use as a portion control guide container?
  8. Hi!!! Just thinking about you :) I haven't used the forum very much, but I think I need to! How are you doing? How is your recovery going? Hope all is well <3 

    1. Punk_Noodles


      Hiya Emilyann! I haven't seen ya for a while! Same here, I haven't really been online lately. I'm doing great! I'm no longer a "Scale-Watcher" but I do Gage things by clothes size, lol, how have you been doing

    2. emilyann


      I'm still watching the scale, but probably shouldn't because I've hit a stall, and it's driving me crazy! I've gone down a couple of sizes though, so that's been nice...finally an excuse to go shopping ;) Just trying to keep going on the right path!

  9. Thank you Cporter1! I will give that a try, it sounds really good.
  10. I will try them! I dont mind the sugar content only because I cant eat any more than 2 or 3 teaspoons..
  11. that sounds like a better plan!
  12. That's definitely taking the bitter with the sweet
  13. Thank you Carnie! I'm going to look and see what kinda goodies they have
  14. Interesting! I often wondered if warming up a chocolate protein powder would taste like hot cocoa...