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  1. Congratulations on your new journey!
  2. I've noticed that doctors (outside the bariatric field) seem to be clueless about our diets and medication needs. It's been a struggle this last five days in the hospital. I am tired of fighting with them and can't wait to get home. I'm just plain tired.
  3. I'm in the hospital with a diverticulitis flare up. First time I've had one bad enough to put me in the hospital. Not counting my first day, which was spent entirely in the ER, I've been here two days. I'm on a clear liquid diet, IV antibiotics and IV nausea meds. Oh! And Benedryl for itching from the Cipro. If it weren't for the IV fluids and the one cup of decaffeinated coffee I get in the morning, I'd be on my way to being dehydrated. I can't handle the chicken broth they send. My tastes have changed, thanks to the IV meds. So I'm feeling pretty blah right now. My husband is having to miss work to make sure my daughter has a ride to school and to and from work.
  4. And it seems the smaller I get, the longer the legs of my pajamas get.
  5. Recently, I was thrilled to be able to wear leggings from the junior department. Went to the thrift store today to look for jeans. I started in 16s that were getting tight and have now shrunk out of my 14s and I can fit into the 10s I have but they are a little snug. I found two pair of 12s, one a very small size 12 but I got it anyway. I think I'll be able to wear that pair soon. And both pair for under $10. It's so exciting to be into smaller sizes. I was astonished when I looked in the mirror. I had to call my daughter in to see. I've gone from size 22-24 tops to a large. I hope my top half ends up getting smaller. It feels like I lose weight either in my bottom half or in my top half but not both at once.
  6. Julie T, I had my appt with the gastro Dr about my liver biopsy and he told me that it was still actually in non alcoholic fatty stage and that I needed to relax. As long as I keep losing weight and I keep it off, the NAFLD should resolve. He did put me on vitamin E 400 once a day to see if it helps with the mild scarring. He told me he's heard some good things about it.
  7. WOOHOO! I love my camelbak! It's great! Takes no time at all to drink a bottle of water now! Lol!
  8. I can't wait till mine comes in. I actually ended up ordering two, a .6liter and a 1liter one.
  9. That is such an awesome thing to do!
  10. My daughter brought me a bottle of water and a straw while I wait for her to get off and I've drunk most of the bottle in just a short time! No pain at all! I must second Jolls in saying Yay for straws!!!
  11. I just ordered a bite valve camelbak.