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  1. I had Surgery last Wednesday 12/2 and went home Friday 12/4. Today has been 1 week home and I have been doing great! I was able to start protein shakes on Sunday, and Tuesday we had our post-op class for everyone that surgery the week before, and they fed us our first meal.  I have been doing well meeting my 60-80 grams of protein a day and getting in my water, which is a huge accomplishment for me, as I hated water and never drank it before my WLS journey began!  I am proud to say that as of this morning, I have lost a total of 10.5 pounds from my pre-op weight, plus the 6 pounds I gained in OR (which I do not count as weight loss)!  And I am never hungry and not really struggling with temptation.... I even picked up some fast food for my family on my way home from an appointment yesterday (although I have not eaten fast food for 1 1/2 years, McD's french fries still call to me!).

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    1. kaph2005


      I had surgery one day before you on 12/1.  I am starting to feel the head hunger today.  I am not physically hungry, but I am somewhat wanting to eat other food (of course I haven't).  Great job on the weight loss and water intake!

  2. CRC - I am scheduled for RNY on Wednesday, so I am right there with ya! Excited but nervous. Doing the "nesting" thing described by Michael, as well as did all my Christmas shopping online Thanksgiving morning and want to get my tree up today. Good luck!
  3. Having surgery Wednesday! Excited but also a bit nervous....

  4. azrngolfer

    Here we go!

    Hello! I have not been on a bit because things do not always go as planned..... A few days before my pre-op class, I got pneumonia! I have never had pneumonia in my life, but I get it 6 months after I quit smoking and 10 days before surgery??? So, surgery was postponed until I had a clear x-ray, which did not happen for a month... right lobe infiltrates on x-ray persisted for an entire month! Then, when I finally had a clear x-ray, it was a 6-week waiting list for a surgery date. But everything was rescheduled, I have attended my pre-op class, which was very educational, and I am scheduled for surgery on Wednesday, December 2nd. At just 4 days away, I am getting excited but also a bit nervous. During my surgical delay, I weaned myself completely off caffeine, but still enjoy a decaf coffee or decaf diet Dr. Pepper every now and then. I also trialed several protein shakes and found one that I can tolerate. Most importantly, I mastered the art of sipping and have greatly increased my daily water intake, to about 2 liters per day..... and I do not detest it nearly as much! Another great milestone in preparation for WLS is my adherence to the "30-20-30 Rule" -- I do not drink 30 minutes before or after a meal and I do not drink during the 20-minute meal. Finally, I have been practicing taking smaller bites and chewing for what seems like an eternity! The use of "sampling" or "tasting" utensils and small dinnerware has greatly assisted in bite and portion control. On Thanksgiving, I ate to the point of satiety, not nausea! And I even indulged with 2 small bites of each of the pies I want to have everything ready for Christmas before surgery..... I got my gift shopping done online on Thanksgiving morning and am hoping to get the tree up today, for I do not want to stress about it after surgery. The only thing left to do this week is to purchase clear liquids to have on hand for my post-op clear liquid period from Friday 12/4 through Tuesday 12/8, when I will eat for the first time at my post-op class. Till then..... ~ Dawn
  5. Well, my surgery has been postponed because I came down with pneumonia last Friday...... SERIOUSLY?!?!?!? I have never had pneumonia in my life, and not only do I get it nearly 6 months AFTER I quit smoking, but I get it 10 days before I am scheduled for surgery! I am so disappointed :(

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    2. BeachGirl


      Having had both pneumonia and surgery (not at the same time!), I SO agree with Duff. The cough is AWFUL and it would have been horribly painful right after surgery.

    3. Njjenny62


      It will be fine! Get healthy and then have the surgery. Hugs for your disappointment and bravo for quitting smoking!!!

    4. azrngolfer


      Thanks everyone. I know it was better to have before, but DAMMIT! :) I am well on the road to recovery!

  6. I had my consultation on 8/18 with Dr. Swain at the Scottsdale Bariatric Center (now called HonorHealth after merger with John C. Lincoln) and am scheduled for RNY on 9/16. So far, I have been very impressed with their program as well as everyone I have seen/been in touch with on their team. Their support appears impressive. Did you know they now have an online support app that even has a forum in which the team members actually are part of and come in to answer questions too! That is great!
  7. Really bad headache today. Also feel like I might be coming down with something (NOOOOO - my surgery is scheduled for 9/16!). So I am wondering if my headache is just my "normal" cervical spine pain headaches, no caffeine for 2 days (I do not drink that much -- 1 coffee a day), or something else (fasting for pre-op lab work today).

    1. HealthyJen


      Are you getting enough fluids? Whenever I get a headache it's always due to dehydration.

    2. azrngolfer


      Oh yes - 70-100 oz of fluid a day.... already had 70 today and it is only 1:30 pm, but I was fasting for labs so I was drinking water instead all morning :)

  8. I had my last cigarette on 3/27/15, prior to even considering WLS. I went cold turkey and decided to not even substitute with nicotine-free ecigs. Turns out it was a great decision -- I had my WLS consultation 8/18 and found out my surgeon does test for nicotine and will not perform surgery if you test positive. I was a half a pack per day smoker for about 30 years. Tomorrow is 23 weeks as a non-smoker
  9. I just received a call from the surgery scheduler and my RNY is scheduled for 9/16 -- that is only 2 weeks away! I just scheduled my 3 preoperative appointments (clearance -- labs, EKG, chest x-ray -- surgery pre-op visit, and preoperative class), which will all be done by next Thursday. I cannot believe how fast all of this is happening! I am so excited and even a little nervous.... an excited nervous, not a worried nervous!
  10. I truly can understand the touchiness and hurt feelings. My mother too was always very critical of me (almost to the point of abusive) while she doted and swooned over my thin younger sister. As my mother aged, she put on a lot of weight, and a year ago had WLS and has lost a ton of weight (she is now too thin, actually). And every time I see her now, she goes on and on about how much she has lost and how she cannot gain now and how many beautiful clothes she has..... Don't get me wrong, I am happy for her, but it can sting a bit when you are unhappy with yourself and trying to lose and cannot. Now that I am starting this journey, I will remember to be mindful of what I say to others and how I say it. And sometimes you cannot say the right thing to someone, ever -- that is an issue with them, not you! I think those that say they are a size they obviously are not is just embarrassment and probably even a bit of false self-image for self-preservation..... I know I often do not see myself as being as big as I really am! Just my $0.02
  11. Thank you! Absorbing all the knowledge I can from all of you inspirational people. I am excited to take my life back after a devastating injury in 2005 caused me to gain 80 pounds
  12. azrngolfer

    Here we go!

    Thank you! I will admit that I HATE water, but ever since my consult 2 weeks ago, I have made a valiant attempt to drink 64 oz of water a day..... doing pretty good with it too, but now I should focus on the sipping. I do love my coffee but I only drink a cup at most a day, so I figure I will switch to decaf now to get through the caffeine detox before surgery. I am actually pleasantly surprised at myself -- I have had only 3 Diet Dr. Peppers in the 2 weeks since my consult. I have also started a food diary using an app on my phone and trying to eat smaller, healthier meals/snacks several times a day (I used to only eat one meal a day; never ate breakfast) using foods off my menu list -- all in prep for surgery. Apparently I will get a lot more info once I attend the pre-op class(es), but trying to get a head start.
  13. Hello. My name is Dawn. I am using this forum to document my WLS journey, so feel free to travel with me, either through my topic posts or my blog on here...... I am sure to need your support and experiences at some point! I just received a letter from my insurance saying that my surgery is approved, so now I wait for the surgery scheduler to call and tell me the next steps and give me a date...... so excited I cannot stand it!
  14. azrngolfer

    Dawn - My Past

    I have struggled with my weight all my life. In 2002 I lost 75 pounds and was at the lowest weight since I can remember... 175 pounds. Then I incurred a back injury in 2005 and I regained the weight and then some, until in June of 2015, around my 47th birthday, I hit my all time high... 255. That was when I made the decision to seek WLS.
  15. azrngolfer

    Here we go!

    Hi. My name is Dawn. I am using this forum to document my WLS journey, so feel free to travel with me...... I will need your support and experiences at some point! I have struggled with being overweight all my life. In 2002, I hit my all-time high weight of 250 pounds, moved to Arizona, and lost 75 pounds because I was golfing 3+ days a week while walking the course in 100+ degree Arizona summer! Then in 2005, I injured my back and neck and, over the course of the next several years, I regained all the weight and then some, putting me at my new all-time high of 255 pounds. At 5'1", my BMI of 48 put me in the classification of morbidly obese, and nearing super obese! Funny thing is, although I knew I was overweight and hated the way I looked, I would never had considered myself morbidly obese. And throughout my life, IF I told someone how much I weighed (which was not often), I always heard "no way" or "you do not look it" or "you carry it well" or something similar. However, now I was not only suffering from chronic pain and fibromyalgia from my injury, but my knees and hips were starting to hurt, and I knew it was only a matter of time before my health really started to deteriorate. I turned 47 this June, and I have a disabled adult son who is wheelchair bound and whom I need to be able to care of for many years to come, so I decided that I needed to take serious action to lose weight and improve my health. Actually, I had already made some other changes in the past 1 1/2 years, such as giving up ALL fast food since May of 2014 and quitting smoking on March 27, 2015.... both of those major accomplishments were before I had decided to seek bariatic surgery. My Primary Care Physician and my Pain Management Providers both recommended me for bariatric surgery and I received my referral to a great Bariatric Center of Excellence for consultation in July, completed their 20-page patient package (which included weight history, weight loss attempts, etc. since childhood!), and watched their required (and very informative) 2-hour WLS seminal video (twice!). I had my 4-hour WLS consultation on August 18th -- it included 4 written psych tests, meetings with the surgeon, a registered dietitian, an exercise specialist, and a financial planner, and finally a 1-hour counseling session with a psychologist. I weighed in at my consultation visit at an even 250, so I had already lost 5 pounds, even with my recent smoking cessation! It was a good thing that I had already quit smoking, because it was a requirement for surgery anyway, so one less hurdle I would have to clear. Another hurdle I found out about at the visit was that I would have to give up my Diet Dr. Pepper I can do this..... The following week, I had the necessary pre-op lab work done. Now was the waiting game.... waiting to hear from my insurance on authorization. I was a bit worried because, although I had MANY weight loss attempts in my life, I was not sure there was any documentation of them in my current medical records (the one doctor monitored program I had done was in California more than 10 years earlier, and those records were no longer available). My loss in 2002 had not been medically monitored, but even if my doctor had noted that loss in my records, it had been over 10 years ago and those records were likely destroyed also (medical records are required to be stored for only 7 years). On the afternoon of Monday, August 31, 2015, my life changed! I received THE letter from my insurance company.... my surgery had been APPROVED! I tried calling the office all day Tuesday but they were closed for some reason (turns out the entire medical building was evacuated), so I called and left a message first thing this morning, and the surgery scheduler will be calling me back by the end of the week. All I was told today was there are several things I must do before my surgery (one is attend a nutrition class), and the scheduler would go over everything when she called me back. I am so excited and cannot wait to find out my surgery date!