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  1. I had my first meeting with the surgeon today.. Went well,,, found out a lot today... I have Aetna and within my family plan (co pays and deductibles we have paid this year) my surgery will be 100% covered no out of pocket from me,,, that was the good news... The not so good news, Aetna requires the 3 months with a nutritionist. So they went ahead and got me an appt today with the nutritionist, She said that the actual requirement is 4 visits that are 30 days apart... so I had the one today, and scheduled my 2nd for 10/15.. and my last appt will be 12/17 The dilemma I am having is that at the end of the year,, all my paid deductibles will start all over again.,.. Right? Which means that I need to get everything done and approved before the end of the year so I don’t have to pay anything out of pocket... My last "30 day" appointment will be 12/17,, the week before Christmas,, Yikes... right... is this do-able? This has to happen across the board somehow right… maybe December is their busiest month because of this… Is anyone else in this same boat... any info will be greatly appreciated
  2. Thank you so much,, I just wonder what the 3 month check in is for? Another question for a fellow Aetna person... on my paperwork they emailed me today, it has some info ( I dont mind sharing) Says specilasit office visit co-pay $25.00 Detuctable $500.- Not Met Co Insurance 80/20 and out of pocker $2000.00- Not met... what does all of that mean...
  3. Hi all, Ive been reading for a while,,,, went to the seminar last week,, they called me today to let me know what my insurance covers (aetna) I have chosen to do the 3 month with the nutritionist plus 1 visit with physical therapy.. With in that 3 months,,, you can not gain any weight... so my question to anyone that may know,,, if I lose weight, can the insurance company come back and say "see you can lose weight, you dont need the surgery? Silly question??