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  1. I only use egg beaters, though I have not tried the ones that are whites only. I did have eggs this morning and it was a little better. I tried white fish baked saturday night and did not sit well with me. So I think will just start with simple and go from there. I know it is trial and error, and my stomach is still trying to heal itself. What was the brand of yogurt?
  2. Yes, I am tracking my food intake on myfitnesspal, today is my first day on this stage so I will have a protein shake for lunch.. Am still uncertain as snacks, I know I am supposed to have 2 snacks per day but do not know what.. It was dannon light
  3. I must admit I have been between excited and scared as going to soft foods, exciited I could have real food finally, scared of what my body will not like.. I had tried 2 spoons of yogurt two days ago and just made me want to vomit. However, going by the list I was given had planned on scrambled eggs for my breakfast for today.. As I look at the suggestions I decide on adding just a little of lowfat shredded cheese and 2 slices of deli shaved turkey breast to my egg and it did taste very good, as I weigh it on a paper plate and is around 2 oz, I must say that I could not finish it, only about 80% of it.. Though it is nice to finally have real food and not liquids for a change, am still a little confused on amounts and portions and what to eat but am sure will figure out the ones my body likes and the ones it doesnt.
  4. I have the same problem with water, so I drink crystal light and it works for me..
  5. Congrats! More will come off, gl on your journey
  6. Thank you to everyone, today is the first day that I actually feel a bit human..
  7. I was home.. It was the evening after and had pepsi in the house, though I no longer do.. Got rid of it
  8. I also had my addiction to Pepsi, I never liked diet sodas.. the taste to me is just yuck. I was afraid on how I would deal with it after surgery, I drank up till the last day before.. Not knowing so much the day after surgery I took i very tiny sip and that was it for me, the feeling the pain it caused. I can honestly say that at that moment I have never not wanted and ice cold pepsi as much as I didnt at that moment. I have not had any since, switched it for Crystal Light fruit punch.. If you think about it you wont do it, just get rid of it and dont look back..
  9. I have stayed away from cold drinks, try mostly at room temperature , thanks for the tips
  10. I have been having about 16 oz of protein per day, so about 40 grams, plus cream of chicken soup for one meal, water and crystal light.. the liquids is the hardest part..
  11. Dont be discouraged, my journey started June 2014, per insurance requirements 6 months diet, psych exam, amongst other things. The 6 months ended in January, but at that point Insurance had decided they no longer required psych exam but doctor did, so I had to wait to come up with the money to pay for it.. Around end of february started to pre approval hassal with my insurance.. Then when why finally came back with approval had to do the nicotine test. That got extended because I had other things going on. Finally got it done and they call me and tell me insurance no longer requires 6 month diet.. I was so mad.. They resend for pre op auth from insurance and insurance lost all original paper work, another two weeks.. Finally get all approvals but apparently the only hospital taking insurance only allows my doctor to operate once a month, they put my surgery for sept 21st, then I got a call saying they were given a second date in august.. I was so nervous.. But I did it .. So please, do not be discouraged, your day will come
  12. SLC - Salt lake city.. Nausea, dizziness, extremely low energy.. Cant sleep more than 3 to 4 hrs at night.. Everything I do exhausts me within 30 min time.. Still on oxy, hope to taper it off by the end of this week, though am taking a lot less than before and that is improvement.
  13. Hi everyone, my name is Elisa.. Hope to make some good friends here, still having a tough time with recovery, but I am sure it will get easier with time.. I am in slc, so if anyone is in my area, let me know..