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  1. Wig....

    Finally broke down and bought a wig due to hair loss from my surgery. I'm still only at 3 month mark and the amount I've lost so far is staggering. I am taking all of my vitamins and supplements and getting all protein in daily. The wig store I went to said she mainly deals with medical issue clients. She even said that if I could get my surgeon to write me a prescription for the wig it might be covered. Anyone purchased wig before and possible had it covered by your insurance?
  2. Hair loss

    When should I expect this to stop?
  3. Hair loss

    Last two days coming out in chunks from the root. Starting to get scary? Should I call my doc?
  4. Hair loss

    I am 3 months out from my lap band to bypass revision. I did not start losing hair until about 3 weeks ago and now it is coming out with a vengeance. I am taking all of my vitamins and supplements and getting enough protein. Scared I will have bald spots soon. Any thoughts or suggestions.
  5. I am a month out from band to RNY revision. Bought BA vitamins and they are disgusting. Also finding protein shakes, Isopure, and other liquid protein resources disgusting. Help! Any other ideas?
  6. My revision was on 9/29. I had it in Jacksonville and after clearance to return back home in the panhandle this past Monday. By Tuesday's night I had been admitted to one of my local hospital's do what appears to be major problems with my bladder. Consult went in yesterday late morning for a urologist in the meantime I wait to be seen. Anyone ever have this complication?
  7. help! Woke up this morning with extreme pain shooting from behind my left knee through my hamstring all the way to my bottom. I did call surgeon and he said severe cramping due to liquid diet. This pain is horrible. I was having a hard as it was getting my walks in now this. Any ideas to help it ease up a bit?
  8. Surgery in the morning

    My surgery was Tuesday and just got out of hospital today (Friday). Tons of nausea and pain. First 30 hours were the worst. Feeling a little better but can only handle water and sugar free Power Aid with ice chips right now. I do have a drain and will not get it out until Monday at my post op. I know this all will pass so trying to focus on that.
  9. Surgery in the morning

    My band to bypass revision is tomorrow. I have to be at the hospital at 10. Pre-op today and information overload for sure. Wish me luck. I'll check in when I'm feeling up to it.
  10. Newbie here Surgery date 9-29

    My band to bypass revision surgery is Tuesday, 9/29 too. In fact, on my way to Jacksonville right now where my surgery will be. I have been on protein shakes for 2 weeks and clear liquid diet started today. Down about 9 pounds. Pre-op at hospital tomorrow. Extremely nervous but ready to get this done. Couldn't find a surgeon in NW FL who could do the revision and fix hiatal hernia at same time. My revision due to severe reflux brought on by my band. Insurance sending me to Jax. $$$$$ trip because we have hotel and food required for rest of family. I am required to stay in town until next Monday for post op.
  11. Advice needed on pre-op protein drink diet

    Thanks. They seem to have a good amount of protein. How long did you have to do them in the pre-op stage?
  12. First, let me preface this by saying I am having a band to bypass revision surgery with hiatal hernia correction on 9/29. My surgeon is in a town about 5 hours away from where I live because none of the local surgeons do revisions. Thankfully, my surgeon has worked with me so I don't have to be there for everything. Anyway, when I had my phone pre-op this past Monday his nurse asked if I had started taking my protein shakes. She thought I had bought the Bariatric Advantage from their office but I wasn't told to do that when I was there for my initial appointment so I didn't purchases. I did go online that night and purchase them straight from the vendor. Now, here is the part that is difficult. They were supposed to be here Thursday and a no show. When I called today they said they hadn't processed the order yet. Today I went and purchased Premier Protein from Sam's Club. Do you think that is OK? By the time I receive the Bariatric Advantage shakes it would be late since I start my clear liquid diet this coming Saturday. I just hope the substitution of shakes will be ok.
  13. Hello from Florida Panhandle

    I am from the panhandle too. I am scheduled for a band to bypass revision on 9/29. Also Tricare beneficiary. My surgery is going to be in Jacksonville because very few of the doctors in our area do revisions. Tons of problems with the band and that is why I'm having revision. Tricare approval for the revision was ten times faster for me than it was for the band.
  14. 130 by 30

    My surgery date is 9/29 too! Nerves galore but also excited.
  15. Thanks for the info! I know everyone is different. Fingers crossed that I will like BA better.