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  1. Yes I'm on insulin but also take metformin with evening meal if I consume complex carbs. My insulin resistance is less since metformin but still very much an issue. I get very tired very quickly after a meal with carbs so the restrictions from the bypass should help with this issue.
  2. I have replied to your posts but cant see it on here. I've made 4th is post via the dust reply box just to recap what I put in my missing post- Thank you for all your replies. Lots of useful insight and experiences have helped me to decide on the bypass. My main reason is that I do get heartburn and the sleeve has a much higher incidence of GERD. Secondly my hypothyroidism insulin resistance and vit d deficiency make weight loss impossible. I do not feel hungry very much so I am also not leaning towards the sleeve due to its reduction in ghrelin as this wouldnt affect me * I can go a day without food as my appetite isn't very big and I have to really fancy something some days to eat). Also the calorie intake reduction with the bypass will help me to maintain my weight as my exercise level will be increased gently after surgery but I gave arthritis in my spine so at present I do very little exercise. (When I do anything I have to take extra tramadol . I already take tablets daily so can manage to take vitamins daily. Do you guys increase your vitamin uptake via tablet only or do you use any other methods? All the best
  3. I'm 35 and will be booking my surgery soon. My BMW is 34 but due to my type 1 diabetes, insulin resistance, vit D deficiency and under active thyroid my weight keeps steadily increasing. Dieting hasn't worked and exercise only maintains my weight. I have spine problems so exercise is getting more difficult. Does anyone know whether bypass or sleeve would be best for me? My by levels have fairly stable for 2 years and since then i don't have much appetite yet haven't lost weight. Considering all of this I believe bypass would be more beneficial due to it restricting more calories than a sleeve? My concerns are that there is the risk of vitamin deficiency with the bypass. Also the sleeve seems to be the best for maintain blood glucose levels as there aren't any restrictions with carbohydrates like there is with the sleeve. I'm stuck on which option to choose. Most of the research is based in type 2 and often people with bigger BMIs than mine. My diabetes team know that surgery is the only option to help manage my weight but they do not have enough information regarding which option to go for. So sorry this was a long topic!!! Any suggestions from other type 1s or those with knowledge on my issues, Best regards to you all