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  1. Thank you for your response Doctor. To make sure I understand this correctly.....One Can has a Gastric Feeding Tube surgically implanted directly into the stomach even though one has had a Gastric Bypass surgery in the past.
  2. Hi Doctor, I wanted to get your opinion on this topic. If one has had a Gastric Bypass Surgery, is it possible to have a Gastric Tube put into their stomach if their condition so requires in the future for feeding and medications. If it is possible, are there any special considerations for the surgeon who will be performing the Gastric Tube procedure. Also, would there be any limitations on the types of medications being delivered through the Gastric tube given that the patient has had a gastric bypass procedure in the past. What other advice would you provide on this topic. Thank You
  3. I have to assume that there is a good dialog between the patient and surgeon that gets you to a final decision as to what type of surgery is right for you. What are the critical variables go into making the final decision for what type of surgery is right for one (Current Height/Current Weight/Goal/Other Co-morbid conditions, etc) Also, is there any benefit to male erectile dysfunction as a result of the surgery