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  1. I am 7 years out of RNY bypass surgery. I have moderate reactive hypoglycemia but no other complications. I have been going through very difficult family problems which caused a lot of stress and sadness. The other day I was coming out of a work meeting, thinking of all the tasks that I had to do and also answering upsetting text messages from family when I started feeling severe chest pain. An opression in the middle of the chest that went all the way around to my back. It was so bad that I thought I may be having a heart attack. I panicked, then thought it could be an esophageal spasm as I had the same type of experience before the surgery once. Tried to calm down and put my head between my knees which seemed to make it better, then after a while slowly walked around until the pain subsided. It may have lasted 30 minutes in total. Have any of you had a similar experience? If so, what caused it? Should I be worried about it being something else?
  2. I imagine that's great to hear: your pouch is still intact. I don't know what happened to mine but it feels like maybe the stoma is wider? Because I don't feel restriction and I am always hungry 1.5 hours after eating or so.
  3. I'm so sorry you were both dealing with cancer and on top of it all having hormone issues. They do crazy things to your head, I can attest to that. I never knew fury and rage where in the ovaries LOL.
  4. Thanks! This seems like a very good resource (all the links at the bottom of the article).
  5. I'm so sorry your case is extreme and difficult to control. I find that I work around my hypoglycemia by adding fiber to my meals. That is good in some ways but bad in others as I can cheat my body into eating more sweets than I should. You are right about gaining weight because of these highs and lows. If you read a little about inflammation and insulin, the fact that we are producing much more of it can work against us when it comes to weightloss. That is one of the reasons I am giving keto / VLC another try. The other is the research on COVID saying it thrives in inflammed organisms.
  6. What's the cottage cheese test? I'd be curious to try it
  7. I also suffer from reactive hypoglycemia but believe it is a milder form as I can still have some fruit (not bananas or mango) and can usually have some carbs if paired with fiber and protein. For example, I can have a slice of pizza if I add some wheat fiber flakes on top. Or I can have some white pasta if I eat it with a green leaf salad. However, I do get unexpected lows from things like black beer (less than half a glass!). It is a downer, of course, but I try to see the positive side: we are kind of forced into a low carb or keto diet which will help us maintain our weight. If I could eat anything, I don't know if I could resist the temptation.
  8. Since the beginning of the pandemic, my stress level has skyrocketed. I'm working full time and some over time with less options to destress once I am done because we have social distancing and other restrictions where I live. Gyms are closed and we have a distance limit for other outdoor activities. In consequence, I have started snacking on unhealthy foods and even binging at night. The weight gain is bad (around 18 pounds) but the complete loss of control is the worst for me. Eating compulsively brings me back tot he old days before the surgery and scares me. I've been reading a lot about emotional and stress eating and I am enjoying the audiobooks by Geneen Roth. First I bought "Intuitive Eating" and now I am listening to "Break Free from Emotional Eating". Although we cannot be completely free from restriction due to our surgery, we can still follow her advice within certain limits. There is something about her stories and the way she tells them that I find very comforting and validating. Some of her thoughts triggered important A-HA moments for me. You can listen to the sample extracts in Audible and see if you like them.
  9. @TLCESQ, I occasionally still have a drink but I would agree with your doctor that we probably shouldn't. -The sugar content is usually high and will lead me to have reactive hypoglicemia if not taken with a high fiber and protein meal. Not long ago I had half a glass of black beer (with just protein and no fiber in my meal) and felt like crap an hour and a half later. -The "desireable" effect of alcohol lasts such a short time now. Since having had the surgery I can feel the effect of alcohol much much sooner than I did before the surgery -literally within moments of drinking the beverage. However, the effect is gone within 15 to 20 minutes. -The caloric content vs the enjoyment is probably not worth it. That said, I do enjoy a little late harvest white wine or a tad bit of Baileys every now and then but I know it's kriptonite and should be handled with care.
  10. Hi everyone! Just wanted to give you un update on my anemia problem which seems to have nothing to do with my reactive hypoglycemia and all to do with gynecological issues. I had some tests done (ultrasound, hormonal levels blood test) and it turns out I have two miomas and a cyst. These benign tumors have caused my period to be very abundant (thus the anemia) and the pain I felt in the lower abdominal area and back. I was prescribed contraceptive pills to reduce the bleeding. It backfired at first because the hormone drospirenone did not agree with me (I got severely depressed and angry -it would have been funny to watch if I hadn't been experiencing the anger because I was furious at the slightest provocation). The prescription was then changed to contraceptive pills with levonorgestrel which has been much better for me moodwise. It did reduce the bleeding considerably and my iron related blood results have improved. I am still taking iron supplements with vitamin C away from anything containing calcium. The levels are borderline low meaning I've barely made it to the normal range but it's an improvement. I've been told (like some of you commented) that this is slow process. Thanks again for your comments and tips. Hope you are doing great and looking forward to reading your posts.
  11. Makes sense! I can definitely do that. Thanks.
  12. Glad to hear you can still have caffeine and not have it affect your blood sugar. Will keep having my regular coffee but implement the rest of the rules and see how it goes. Thanks!
  13. I have some hypoglicemia and have been trying to follow these rules: http://blog.joslin.org/2017/03/dealing-with-post-bariatric-surgery-hypoglycemia/ But it's so hard to give up caffeine!!! I know I have to quit but am still looking for someone to tell me: it's ok, go ahead and have your cup of heaven with caffeine every morning LOL
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