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  1. blameitonthegenes

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    I invite you all to read and comment the following topics:
  2. blameitonthegenes

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    Thank you! It's actually slightly faded blue jeans but they do look black in the picture.
  3. blameitonthegenes

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    Love seeing the outfits and happy faces. First time posting here...3.5 years out. Ready for a night out with girl friends. Couldn't find a way to rotate the picture.
  4. blameitonthegenes

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    I don't come into this section often...I saw the picture and thought, oh this is her brother...then read the lablel and was shocked. You look amazing and really young!
  5. blameitonthegenes

    AHA! Moments 2

    Wow, you look amazing! What a feeling being able to do so many things that you couldn't do before. Keep enjoying!
  6. blameitonthegenes

    AHA! Moments 2

    What a bitter sweet aha moment, Res Ipsa. I had the same thought as you when I was about to reach the 200 pound mark. I felt so energetic, so happy, optimistic and like I could do anything I set my mind to. Suddenly I had all this time in my hands to do all sorts of things! I remember it very clearly, in the middle of preparing my low-carb breakfast it hit me: This is what "normal" people feel like most of the time....(shock)... Where would I be in life if I hadn't had to devote most of my energy and time to dieting, exercising, losing, binging, gaining, hating myself, getting depressed, overeating, feeling ashamed an worthless, picking up the pieces, losing again, bouncing right back, etc, etc, etc. I lost all the overweight THREE times in my life, with a thousand ups and downs in between. You don't need to imagine all the energy and effort and consequent mental and physical wear and tear. I'm sure you've felt it. Needless to say, this aha moment opened a huge can of worms for me. I'm glad it encouraged you to never go back and maintain a healthy weight. I'm sure you, like me, will never forget the exact moment when it happened. Thank you so much for sharing.
  7. blameitonthegenes

    AHA! Moments 2

    Thank you!
  8. blameitonthegenes

    AHA! Moments 2

    Thank you for sharing your story with me. I identify with you in so many ways. My mom and grandma did all sorts of bad things with the best of intentions! My mom asked me to lose the weight for her: Do it for mommy, please! I so wanted to please her but still couldn't. Grandma would praise all my skinny friends hoping that would encourage me to lose. It didn't. It just made me feel jealous and worthless. Just think of that little girl aiming for an unattainable goal, equating self worth and love with being thin, feel her pain and hug her. Yes, hug yourself and start being kind to your inner little girl. I try to do that every day but the voice in my head still sneaks in at times. The before picture is not me at my heaviest. I didn't allow anyone to take pictures of me then because I felt so ugly. I got to 307 pounds which is a lot at 5.6. All the same, I should have loved and respected myself but nobody had taught me how to do that. You are still a lovely person and beautiful if you look like I did. Your worth as a person has nothing to do with your weight. Thanks again and let's make this post a safe place for all the little girls and boys who went through something like this.
  9. blameitonthegenes

    AHA! Moments 2

    Hi everyone! Hope you are doing exceptionally well today, and if you are not, you definitely need to read this post and start visiting the Thinner Times Forums more helps a lot, believe me. I thought it would be a good idea to start a thread where we all share those aha moments that have impacted our lives and helped us on our weight loss journeys. I hope long-time members will come and share their wisdom. Here's my most significant aha moment pre-op: It's funny how we don't often feel proud of ourselves when we win a battle against obesity but we do ALWAYS feel shame when we lose one. I remember my first visit to the surgeon that would later operate on me. He's really handsome and spoke in a calm soft voice while he looked right into my eyes ignoring whatever my mom was babbling nervously. He said: "This is NOT your fault. This is NOT a character flaw." I honestly don't remember much of what went on during the rest of the visit because my brain had short-circuited after that very simple statement. I was thinking to myself: "What? This is not my fault? What do you mean? Am I not an idiot for not being able to maintain weight loss? Am I not just a lazy slob? Wait, that can't be right. I've been beating myself down since I was 10 for not being able to do what comes so naturally to other people." That moment took 155 pounds off me figuratively... 155 pounds that were crushing my self-esteem and not allowing me to be happy. The pounds later came off for real but I will never forget that AHA! moment. I hope sharing this with you will help you feel proud of yourselves every time you put in the effort to do what "normal" people take for granted. It's not that you are just doing what you are supposed to do. No, you are doing something extraordinary, you are fighting against your genetics and your metabolism and that means you rock! It never ceses to be hard, but fighting the battle with the right frame of mind makes a huge difference.
  10. blameitonthegenes

    Low blood sugar during sleep

    Hello Dr., Could a gastric bypass patient die in their sleep if they have an episode of very low blood sugar after ingesting a large amount of sweets before going to bed? I´ve woken up two hours after going to bed with low blood sugar after having a banana for dinner, for example. So I was wondering what would happen if someone had a tub of ice-cream (like many of us did pre-surgery). Thank you for your time.
  11. blameitonthegenes

    Birth Control after RNY

    For how long after RNY do we have to worry about malabsoprtion of birth control pills?
  12. blameitonthegenes

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    I´m like that too, have always had thick thighs, even when I was 15 kilos lighter than now (132 pounds about 15 years ago). It´s just my body shape. I´ve also thanked my mom for that Congrats on getting to a size 22! You´ll be an 18 in no time. Don´t buy too many pairs because you´ll keep losing.
  13. blameitonthegenes

    NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    Congratulations!!! That´s a huge victory. Keep it up and you´ll be at goal in no time.
  14. blameitonthegenes

    100% Failed With The Gastric Sleeve (3 Years Post Op)

    The fact that we are fighting against thousands of years of evolution is fanstastic in and of itself. The fact that human kind is evolving faster than evolution itself is scary but awesome at the same time. The stigma on mental ilness is something we need to help dissipate as much as prejudice against obese people. After all, mental disorders are caused by neurotransmiters, brain chemicals going haywire. They are, ultimately, also physical (biological, chemical) problems that cause a distortion of reality in the patient. If you read the article I posted, you´ll see it compares obesity with several mental illnesses in the sense that they have a genetic component and are hereditary. All this is fascinating and I wish I understood more of what I read.
  15. blameitonthegenes

    100% Failed With The Gastric Sleeve (3 Years Post Op)

    Ì totally agree with you on most of what you´ve said. I just strongly oppose people who say and believe that obesity is all in our heads. We are not obese because we are lazy, we not obese because we are crazy, we are obese because we have a strong genetic predisposition and live in a world were there´s easy access to high calorie foods. It has to be understood that a normal person (without the genenes for obesity) would not become morbidly obese even living under the same conditions. They just don´t store fat in the same way, they don´t have the same hormonal responses to food and their metabolisms work differently. I just feel it´s our duty to correct this ignorant belief.