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  1. I'm now up to 50000 IUs 3x a week. I'll most likely be on this for the rest of my life. Very high doses of calcium as well because the malnutrition/malabsorption caused Osteopenia in my neck and hips. Compared to most people who have SBS (Short Bowel Syndrome) I am a very, very lucky person. Many are on TPN 24/7 and are very limited in what they can do. As long as I religiously take all my meds and supplements...and follow my SBS diet I feel okay.
  2. Adbays, I'm sorry about your stepdaughter. She has a long road ahead of her. I suggest that you go to and read about Short Bowel Syndrome. The site is NORD (National Organization of Rare Diseases). I found them extremely helpful. Another great source of information is the Oley Foundation I don't have a support group so I'm not sure which one you joined on Facebook. Please keep me posted on your stepdaughter's progress and please let me know if I can help you in any way. Cheryl
  3. Wendy, I'm just seeing your post about Vitamin D. I take 4000 iu daily and am not overly concerned about it being low. I know I just need time. My most recent challange is with my pancreas and fat absorbtion. This was just discovered Monday and I still don't fully understand it. Once I do I'll share. I do know that medication can help.
  4. Wendy, I'm very happy to hear that the nightmare is behind you and your husband. I was diagnosed with a migraine in the ER and even after I looked the Dr in the eye and told her she was incorrect she still diagnosed me with one. I should have mentioned that. It was after the ER visit that I saw my eye doctor and finally the neurologist. I skirted over the cranial hypotension in my post but shouldn't have. It was debilitating and the lumbar puncture ( a kinder, gentler name for a spinal tap) was awful. Thankfully it worked for me.
  5. Improving. D is still very low but hemoglobin is up to 11.3 as of last month and everything else is in the normal range.
  6. is there anyway you can contact me my email is im about to have the reversal due to SBS as well nov 17,2015

  7. I had my rny reversed in August due to malnutrition from short bowel syndrome. It was a little rough at first but I am much better now. I was at 126 at surgery and am now 128 lbs. I mostly gained water weight since I was severly dehydrated when I weighed in before my reversal. I eat 3 meals a day and snack on fruit or a small protein. I am beginning to better tolerate most foods without bloating or heartburn. I have a good amount of energy again and walk at least a mile daily. Pre reversal I couldn't even walk a NYC block. Lab results improving too, especially hemoglobin. I'm currently 11.3 (my lowest pre reversal was a 3) I was on solid food before I was allowed to leave the hospital. I ate mostly proteins and carbs for the first few weeks at home. I didn't have much of an appetite. I had bacterial overgrowth which is very common after a reversal and was on 2 weeks of Flagyl. It was brutal on my stomach but helped my get over the mental fog I was feeling. I started out with about 1-2 ounces of protein and a cup of rice, pasta or quinoa at first. Now my appetite is back and I have about 4 ounces of protein, a cup of a carb and some veggies. I am finally able to tolerate salads. This is huge for me. I missed it so much. I'm off all of my meds now except for 2 meds for blood pressure and some supplements. LIFE IS GOOD! My hair is growing back. I lost so much I had to chop it all off before my reversal. This will make you happy and I bet you will experience this.... I lost my sense of taste when I had my rny in 2005. Food tastes wonderful again! It's like a blurry photo that is now clear describing my tastebuds. Heaven! I am not worried about gaining too much weight. Remember RNY was simply a tool for weight loss. If you developed healthy eating habits you and you stay active you will be fine. I hope this gives you some idea on recovery. I wish you well. Feel free to contact me if you have questions. I'd be happy to share my experience with you. ps I suggest that you try to pack as much nutrition as you can in each meal. Don't stuff yourself. It will take a while for your body to recover from he trauma you suffered. It will begin to heal and you should feel better and stronger as time goes on. If you want add a protein shake or 2 to your daily meals. Personally I can't tolerate shakes. They go right through me. You may be able to tolerate them better and the nutritional boost may be helpful.
  8. I'm happy that you listened to your body and followed your instincts. Wishing you a speedy recovery!
  9. Bugdocmom, please keep us updated on your journey since the reversal. Since I had mine I feel very isolated in spite of the support of great friends and family. There are no support groups that I know of. No guidance. I'm trying to recover and amwinging it as best I can.
  10. OMG. I chose your blog out of them all to revalidate why I chose WLS 10 yrs ago! I just had a gastric bypass reversal Aug 7, 2015 after a near death bout of malnutrition due to an emergency bowl resection....which was due to scar tissue from my WLS! Also pretty rare.
  11. Thank you for all of the positive responses. I tried to tell my story without bashing wls because as Wendy wrote, I drew the short straw. Wendy, The intestional twisting isn't as rare as you may think. Some of the people I've met who suffer from Short Bowel/Gut Syndrone had gastric bypass surgery years ago. You are correct about the rerouting. I had my gastric bypass reversed August 7. Luckily there was a good amount there and all was viable. My dr was able to connect the remaining intestines to the unused portion and things seem to be working. My recovery is not that different than a person who has had the gastric bypass. I get so gassy and bloated that I feel like popping and I have occasional reflux. The challenge is the severe malnutrition from the SBS. This is the reason why there was no choice but to reverse the Gastric Bypass. My profile picture is from early May....I've lost an additional 25 plus lbs and alot of my hair since then. I'm still weak...both legs gave out the other day while I was going down the stairs. Luckily I just plopped on my butt. I'm able to tolerate most of the foods I've tried except certain raw veggies which I will try again later in my recovery. I tried a glycerna protein shake but it went right through me. It will take a few months to learn which nutrients and fats are being absorbed. I know that some fats aren't. A few people I know have asked me if I would recommend any kind of WLS. I remember how personal my choice for having it was to me. Only the closest people in my world knew about it. So the answer is no. I will not voice my opinion but will encourage anyone who is considering it to educate themselves. Look past the nice marketing material and the before/after photos. I wish this site was around for me years ago. Just remember wsl is a tool. Habits must change and underlying issues need to be dealt with. I go back to Mt. Sinai on Wednesday to get the staples removed and some labwork done. Unless there is a complication the rest of my post op appts will be with the surgeon who performed my resection in NJ. Something interesting I'd like to share. Since I had the GB reversal I can really taste food again. It's been 10 years of slightly tasting to everything tasting bold now. If only I had an appetite....
  12. Thank you tmcgee and PegD. It's the first time I put my experience in words.
  13. I had a laproscopic gastric bypass in 2005. I did my reasearch and was satisfied with everything but one issue that always nagged at me. There were little long term studies of over 7 years post surgery at that time. The surgery itself was a complications and I went from 230 to about 140lbs. I also developed chronic amenia. 6 years ago I began to get a very strange headache and had so much pressure on my optic nerves that my eye dr sent me to a neurologist. My sight was failing at that point too. A contrasting mri showed there was no tumor on the brain or optic nerves and that it was a "phantom tumor". Cranial hytpertension which is quite rare. The dr performed a spinal tap to relieve the pressure, put me on medication and monitored me for a few years. It went away and I forgot about it for a few years. On Jan 21, 2015 I had chest/stomach pain that I knew I could no longer self medicate. I was slowly getting sick for months prior to this but made every excuse...perimenopause....being run down...etc. I was admitted to the ER that night with a strangled colon and sepsis due to intestional twisting. The surgeon opened vitals became too unstable and he decided to resume the surgery in the morning if I lived through the night. He was able to complete the resection the next day. He removed 1/3 of my colon and 72 inches of intestines along with my appendix. I was in a medically induced coma for nearly a week. Moved to a rehab facility for physical and occupational therapy. I was finally able to go home Feb 25, 2015. This is when I began to really fail instead of recover. I now had short bowel syndrome. Another extremely rare condition. Nutrients and fats were not absorbing from the foods I ate, my hemoglobin reached a critical level twice (3 and 4.7) requiring approximately 14 bags of blood for transfusion. I was losing weight rapidly...size 12 at Christmas to a 4 currently. Most of my hair has fallen out and I'm as weak and frail as a colt. I researched Short Bowel Syndrome (SBS) and joined NORD, National Organization of Rare Disorders. I also found a closed SBS group on Facebook that connected me with 2 of the most amazing women I've ever met. Both living 7 years with SBS. Living with SBS is a living hell. There isn't enough bowel to properly hold food in for absorbtion and I averaged about 26 explosive diarrheas daily. As soon as I took a bite or sip of something the churning would start. It was loud and painful. Imagine the worst gas pain and diarrhea you've ever had and then imagine it 24/7. I only left the house for dr appts. I had no energy and there was always the possibility of a public explosion. I was slowly dying.....wasting away. I felt that I didn't have too much time left so I began to research surgeons for a possible gastric bypass reversal. I found one who practices at a hospital that actually has an SBS team and after meeting him and the team decided the next course of action. I had my gastric bypass reversal on August 7, 2015. I was lucky to have a good amount of viable intestines left that the surgeon used to repair the damaged portion. I was told that the surgery was a complete success. I no longer feel the weakness of being malnurished, my mind is clear which means the bacterial overgrowth is gone, food is staying in much longer and bowel movements are down to about 4-6 a day. I go back to the dr. on Wed, Aug 26 to get the staples out and for some labwork. I will make updates if anyone is interested in the recovery. Three interesting things that I recently learned: 1) The scar tissue from my gastric bypass caused the twisting 2) Cranial Hypertension and Short Bowel Syndrome, both very rare, are getting more notice because most of the patients with recent diagnoses have had a gastric bypass years ago....8-10 years is the average for "us patients". 3) Most people don't survive the kind of trauma that I suffered in January. There aren't many advocates speaking up about these very serious complications resulting from gastric bypass surgery.