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  1. Sounds like I'm having a similar experience as you, Ron. I can eat a little brown bread but pasta, rice and spuds cause me to block up. Meat is a problem too. I can't stomach fruit or sugary things. Cereal causes dumping too. I had to get a dilation due to scar tissue and judging by the difficulties I'm still having I reckon they'll be having another stretch after Christmas. Still, 6 stone down now! How is everyone doing?
  2. I had to do a very low cal diet for 2 weeks before surgery. It was 800 cals a day and low carb, about 40g of carbs a day. The aim was to reduce liver size. I was told not to eat later than 9pm the night before. My op was 4 pm the next day, they let me sip water until I went up. Do you need a diet sheet or can you work out one yourself?
  3. That's like a whole other person, cheyenne! Wow!
  4. I've lost 32 pounds which is about 6 bags of spuds. Sounds better when you say it like that!
  5. Hi Almacotta, I got down in the dumps about the same time as you did. I find it helps to talk about it a bit. Also, blast some music. How are you doing now? I see this was posted a while ago. Did you go to your gp or did it pass?
  6. Another Pratchett fan here, I am named after Gaspode the wonder dog.
  7. Doctor's tomorrow. I hope he gives me something. I've spent the whole weekend vomiting. Feeling pretty fed up.
  8. rt21212, what d'you use? I'm seeing my doc on Monday. Any over the counter meds that actually work?
  9. Glad to hear, Roshaan. If you like ginger, ginger and lemon tea is supposed to help too.
  10. Trust me to be awkward ;-)
  11. Roshaan, glad you posted this! Do you find anything eases it? I tend to go and lie on my side when it's really bad. Sometimes peppermint tea helps. PapaG does the nausea usually pass? I'm 6 weeks and it feels like morning sickness :-(
  12. Is it possible you've damaged a disc somewhere? What you describe sounds similar to what I felt when I herniated a disc in my back. A trip to the gp would be a good starting point. Best of luck.