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  1. Two truths and a lie.

    I tend to either tell the truth or avoid answering. I personally feel that people will judge me and gossip about me one way or another for one reason or another either way it goes so, I refuse to be ashamed of the decisions I make. I will not announce it to a room full of people though, so if it's not asked in a 1 on 1 conversation situation, I will say.. "It's a long drawn-out story, actually. I'll tell you about it one day", then quickly change the subject.
  2. I'm 2 years post and i can still lose. I lose when i make changes in my eating as i typically eat the same types if things and at the same times. I lost 3 pounds this week because i was at a work training and ate more frequently, and at irregular times (like super early morning and late night which I usually don't do).
  3. Getting used to "empty"

    I can relate to this 100% and I've had the same talk with myself. For me, It is enlightening to recognize that you just have an attachment to the comfort of feeling full, and then to recognize that it's just a feeling, and feelings can't lead you, you have to lead them. It's always effective to me too remind myself that I'm not actually hungry, my stomach just isn't full, and while it doesn't feel the absolute best out of the two options, it's the best for my life overall. It's 's not just fixing the moment.
  4. I'm Sleeved.

    Excited for you! The best is yet to come!!
  5. Bad Stomach Pain 5 years post op

    Hoping you're feeling better or at least have seen your surgeon??? Please let us know
  6. Just about anything heavy in protein tends to "stick" for me. Even shakes. Water is extremely dense for me too for some odd reason. For me, sliders are more carb based foods or cooked veggied that are mushy, like mashed potatoes or long cooked broccoli. For me, I can't eat endless amounts of them... I can't eat that much of anything. But, I can eat maybe half as much more, like if I can eat a cup of taco meat, I could eat a cup and a half of mashed potatoes. I also noticed, the fattier something is, like beef taco meat vs shrimp, the more of it I can eat.
  7. 14 months post-op VSG

    You look awesome!!! Congrats!!!
  8. I'm nearing a point where I will be happy losing 3-5 more pounds, but then I don't really want to lose anymore. I am over 5'7 almost 5'8 actually, I'm wearing a size 4 and xs/s. I'm currently at 148 pounds. I know it doesn't sound like I need to be concerned, but I am fairly large in the chest area, so my chest accounts for likely about 4-5 pounds (according to charts I've seen). Basically, I don't look like I weigh 148. I look like I weigh a fair bit less. I care more about how I look than what the scale says and I don't want to start to look bony or too thin, or disproportionate considering my chest area. My question is: Has anyone mastered the art of eating enough calories to not continue to lose weight, but not eating so many calories that you start to gain or slip into less healthy eating habits? I have some ideas on how to master the delicate balance, but I'd like to know what ways other have had success.
  9. NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    My butt hurts!!! LOL. An odd NSV, I know, but seriously, my butt hurts when I've been sitting for a while because I don't have nearly as much cushion anymore. It causes me to stand up and walk around if I've been sitting for too long. I don't remember having that problem much at all pre-surgery. I could sit for hours on end. I love my new life. Butt pain and all! Oh and over the holiday, my 90-year-old grandma, who LOVES to let people know they "sure are gettin' big" and "got some thick thighs", told me that I don't need to lose any more weight. Coming from her of all people ... must mean I'm in pretty good shape! LOL. Bless her heart! <3
  10. NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    I've not checked in here in a while... but just throwing out a few NSVs to cover the past couple months: -My husband can literally bench press me. -I have several articles of clothing that have an xs on the tag. -My friends are envious of my "thigh gap" and most importantly I am so proud of myself -- my bravery (for having the surgery), my independence (to do what I needed to do for me, myself, and I), and my dedication (sticking to healthy eating, and self control).
  11. NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    I have two!! 1. A lady I hadn't seen in about a year, (but work with closely when I do see her) didn't recognize me at all. She had that "who is this person waving at me" look on her face. 2. The size 10 swimsuit that I ordered from amazon is too big! I gave it to my mom and now Im ordering a size 8. Biggest win for me is the fact that I'm actually happy, and excited while buying a swimsuit. I care about the color and style and I'm not just buying it purely for function. I've never experienced that until now.
  12. Rant

    Interesting question because I personally assumed a like was just as good as a response if you don't really have anything noteworthy to say in response. It acknowledges that you read and appreciate what someone said, however, I hadn't considered that some might not view it as sufficient. I'm interested too now, in knowing if liking a comment is enough or still considered a bit rude because its not a typed out response.
  13. I do want to emphasize though that if you're focusing on protein first, then veggies if there's room, you likely wont come close to a high carb count. Even for scheduled snacks, sticking with a protein based snack is the way to go. That's why everyone always says not to count carbs or anything because protein is likely all you can get down for a while anyways and at that rate, nothing else really matters.
  14. I can't give you a definite scientific answer, but I do know that when you're on a low carb diet or atkins, induction phase, the first, most intense phase, is under 20 grams of carbs, then once in maintenance stage, I think it goes up to 60 grams of carbs or a tad over that. So I think over 60 grams is slipping into a high carb intake. I think though that of course, carbs from sugars, like cookies etc, should be minimal regardless simply because sugar is really not good for the body, even outside of weight loss issues.
  15. I agree with this 100%. I have so much variety in my life now. For example. last night, my husband got soup from a nice soup joint by my job, and I made him a chicken burger w/cheese to go along with it. So for myself, I got soup too.. seafood gumbo.. asked for no rice (this place puts a lot of huge shrimp in their gumbo), and I ate half of a chicken patty without the bread. I was only able to eat one shrimp from that gumbo along with my half chicken patty, but now I have left over gumbo for lunch! The night before, I made Chinese stirfry with rice for my husband along with baked crab and lobster Rangoon. So for myself, I picked a few pieces of chicken out of the stirfry, one piece of broccoli (lol), and no rice. and I ate the inside out of one of the Rangoon. I really tend to just eat what my husband eats and modify my serving to focus on my protein intake, and it's really just that simple. My husband doesn't eat too unhealthy (because im the one in charge of dinner) but when he has a lot of rice or pasta or bread in his meal.. I simply omit it from what I put on my plate, and there you go ... simple variety!