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  1. Thanks for your sharing...I will try to take the a acid pills...I still have many from my earlier days of post op. keep up the good work!
  2. No, haven't had to take them for a while now...
  3. Hello All! hope everyone is doing well, it has been some time since I posted. I am almost 3 months post op and have lost 42 lbs so far, feeling pretty good, but the lately I have been having difficulty eating enough and I am feeling nausea allot. Anyone else have this and could it be from not eating enough? Thanks!
  4. Thanks all for your help on my stalled weight loss...I figured it had something to do with eating solid foods body has to get used to it. I am fine losing 1-2 lbs. a week, I think that is the healthy way too! I love this site, which helps us all learn as we go! Having my shake now for lunch...delish with some raspberry's and 1/2 banana in the blender...delish! Have a wonderful day!
  5. I am 6-7 weeks post op and have started my eating as well. I still have a shake, either at breakfast or lunch, otherwise I find it difficult to get all the protein in...water is always with me too. The only issue I ran into is that I am seems to be getting better since I started eating...but I think it was due to the fact that of the low calories...this should get better I'm told. I take my meds with a big tablespoon of plain yogurt every morning and night...the probiotics are good to help constipation I have found... Good luck with takes time to get readjusted.
  6. I am 6 weeks post op and started eating all foods. My question, before I started with Stage 5 I was losing a lb. a day...My weight loss has slowed down...Has anyone else experienced this and how long does it last. I am thankful to have lost 33 lbs. so far, but have another 50-60 to go. Thanks for your help!
  7. It was great to experience different textures...I always loved eggs and still do...I added a pinch of shredded mozzarella to help keep the, moist...I could only eat I saved the rest for another day. The chicken is awesome...been mashing it well...I a,so made fresh carrots...mashed added 1/2 tspn of sour cream for moisture...loving the change! The only foods I find I have lost a taste for is sugar and tea! I was a huge tea drinking too...sugar I have no taste for...which is a good thing!
  8. Thanks for the info...I too have a sensitive area, where the largest incision is...but didn't think of using the stomach muscles would bother it...feeling relieved!
  9. I am still struggling with I went out and walked inside stores, since it is so hot, park far from the stores and unfortunately the pain in my hips are back.... Had to come home and lay down...then I was nauseous again today...not sure if it is because I am not getting enough protein, water... I am so frustrated now...every time I try and do more each day...I pay for is 2 weeks today post op...when will I feel ok... Sorry, just gpfeeling down and hurting...
  10. Glad to hear in a few weeks I will have my stamina back!!! I'm not one to sit around!
  11. I take Dexilent for my stomach...always have since my pain meds were so toxic. I still have to take tums...which helps!! I had no problems with the chicken salad or my scrambled egg this morning...thankfully. My will tell you, it took me about 30 mins to eat and I was really full...Niw my worse taste are the chewable vitamins...they are soooooo sweet!!!m but I have to take them 4x day...hoping my energy comes back by the weekend...I have a party to go to!!! Be well!
  12. Thanks Amber and Pam...I asked the Dr. If I was alive...since I have had been in pain for so long! Sure hope it continues!! Pam, I don't know how you cannot want to know your weigh myself every far I have lost 23 lbs total...tomorrow, I will start to clean my closet out and donate my clothes...which will be another good will benefit!! So everyone wins!!
  13. Kia

    September 8th!

    Awesome news!!! Good luck on the pre op diet. I am on stage 3 starting tomorrow and looking forward to progressing. All I can say is have your Gas Ex ready when you come home..the gas was an nasty culprit but with the help of Gas Ex and walking, it only lasted a few days. Take your pain killers as you need them...I tried coming off too soon (1 day post op) and that was wrong! Adult Tylenol is a blessing to sleep through the night...I no longer need that either. Good luck and keep us posted on your progress! Here's to a new healthy life!
  14. I make my own Hummus so,I will be sure to try it with eggs. I also have some ideas for my stage 3 starting tomorrow for the VS lasagne without the pasta Make your ricotta the same as you would, adding egg, fresh basil and parsley, Parmesan cheese and mozzarella, fresh tomato. I will put this in a cupcake pan... Spray with Pam Add mozzarella cheese around the cup which will Form a crust when baked Add ricotta mixture 1/2 way Add a little mashed tomato mixture (which includes your herbs) A little Parmesan More ricotta mixture Top with more tomato and finally mozzarella I have not tried it yet, but being Italian, it should be good even without the pasta! Time to change up my fav Italian recipes to stay on track!
  15. Pam and Amber...glad to hear your surgery went well and you are both doing well...for me the shakes aren't as bad as the Isopure, that has been causing me I have diluted my second bottle, I try and get 16 oz of Isopure bottle I add to my 25 oz is more tolerable for me...I am able to eat mashed foods starting tomorrow and I have some good recipes to try. I am down 22 lbs and other then still feeling fatigued my body feels good, in fact I have psoriatic arthritis and fibromyalgia and lived with daily pain and taking caustic drugs I took...I no longer have any pain!!! No is just amazing...the Dr. Has no explanation other then perhaps the foods I was eating could have been a problem. So as I reintroduce foods, I will see how they effect me... This is the main reason why I had the surgery, is to help my body have less pressure on my could it be?! I will not question this...just pray it stays this way and enjoy each day without pain!!! Keep your eye on the prize and be well!