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  1. I really needed to read this!! It has been five weeks no change. Thanks yall! Perspective!
  2. Has anyone used the Celebrate brand chewables? I get super nauseas and sometimes throw up. Doctor suggested a few tricks to taking them, but they didn't work. I ordered ProCare but I'm wondering if anyone has that problem? What helps? I wish the vitamins could be found in sample sizes; I can't afford to shop around and try a bunch if I don't have to. I figured I would stop here first and see if someone has a recommendation or advice for that. Thanks in advance Oh, things. I have a hard time with gagging on the horse pills. Things I tried with Celebrate were taking it with/without food and taking it while lying down or going to bed.
  3. Hi, I'm just wondering what your experience with the sleeve has been if you have PCOS also. I'll leave it open to anything, weight loss/hormones/menstruation/etc. I know the surgery is recommended for people with PCOS, but I guess I probably had expectations too high. In the first two weeks after the surgery, I lost a lot like most people, but in the last month, it's only been maybe four pounds or so, and I started with a high BMI. I'm going to email the surgeon and see if I should do something different because I hit my water/protein/exercise goals, but I'm wondering what other people actually experience, too. It's too early to tell a difference with anything else, but PCOS and weight loss has always been a discouraging topic, lol.
  4. Oh, I love these, haha. Huge Stevie fan! The name is so appropriate, haha. I'm still getting used to all its little noises. It's an active little bugger.
  5. ohhh, I love this thread. Thanks, you clever people!!
  6. Thanking God that you went in when you did! I'm happy to hear you're home safe, how scary that must have been for you! I have prayed for you and hope you continue to become well! Best wishes
  7. I'm just curious about this, I think it's a fun thing! I've heard of a lot of people naming their sleeves, and I'm wondering if you have and what'd you name it? Also, if you are so inclined to share haha, where did that name come from? I'd love to hear!
  8. I'm falling in the pound-ish a day crowd so far. I'm 6 days out and went from 280.2 - 273.8 = 6.4 big ones :-)
  9. I wish I had something useful to contribute here. I was worried about that myself. What some people have said regarding that is setting up alarms or appointments in the calendar on their phone to go off at those intervals. Your laminated sheet sounds like a good idea. Are you at home most of the day or would it be small enough to take with you? I think if you went through the work of writing it out and knowing okay, this is when I have to do this, after a week or two, everything will start to become second nature and you won't need it. Maybe you could use it to check in every month or so to make sure you're still keeping up with the routine that works for you? Personally, I've tried writing it out and it helps in the beginning, but then I stop looking at it eventually, lol. I think setting up a recurring alarm might work best for me so that it grabs my attention if I'm not in the room the sheet is hung in. Out of sight, out of mind, and the phone prevents that for me. Best of luck! Let me know what works for you :-) As for supplements, I wanted to avoid all the timing and juggling of pills, so I did get a bariatric all-in-one type thing that I need to take twice a day and the only things "extra" I need are the B12 and calcium citrate. Also, it says your surgery date was 9/10! Congrats! How is the post op life treating you so far?
  10. Congratulations on making that decision for yourself and on your progress thus far. I'm with every one else on counting your protein though--it's absolutely vital! Best wishes! :-)
  11. I'm 6 days in to my 2 week post op liquid diet. We can do this!! Those two weeks are going to fly by and you'll look back and it will just be a silly memory hopefully, lol. Having varieties of things is what's helping me. I made some super yummy chicken broth and it gives me that savory taste I've been craving. SF jello and SF popsicles are also a definite yes! I throw my Propel in the freezer until it's slushly-like for a little different consistency. Try some different things with what you have--hopefully that will make it easier to deal with. Best of luck!!
  12. Woohoo! Beautiful lady, great work! Congratulations on getting out of that stall and hitting goal!
  13. Congratulations on all your hard work! Your story is so encouraging :-) Keep it up!! :-)
  14. Wow! Your transformation is incredible! Thank you so much for sharing your progress--what an inspiration! I'm sure your little boy is super happy, too! That's one motivating factor for me--I want to be able to have kids AND keep up with them the way I'd love to!
  15. I'm so grateful for the time everyone put in to respond! Your advice has helped tremendously! I thought I'd be fine with the water and protein drinks, but nu uh! We still need some variety. SF popsicles and SF jello are a life saver, for sure. I've never liked ginger, but I made some ginger tea recently and was surprised by how much I loved it! The other thing that helps, especially when the family is cooking, is broth. I made homemade chicken broth a week or so before the surgery and froze it and it gives me that savory taste and fulfills fluid requirements, too! I'm healing very quickly and am feeling great 6 days post op! I did decide to skip out on the Reno Air Races though :-( Doc said it'd be fine so long as I walked every hour and remembered my fluid and protein drink requirements, but I ran a few errands yesterday with some help and felt like I got hit by a truck and passed out for 4 hours after I got home. I have to remember to take it slow. 200 calories a day is just not enough energy to have a full day at an air show without needing to nap through half of it :-\ Oh well, there is next year and I can only imagine how much better that will be at a healthier weight!! :-D So yeah, 6 days post op and 6 FABULOUS pounds down Thanks again all for the input!