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  1. This resonates with me so much. I am in a size 10/8, and I have been there since about May, but my daughter (who is a girls size 12) and I can share my Christmas t-shirts and tunic tops I got from The Loft in a size small. It's just weird to raid her closet or have her in my tops. It doesn't feel real. I definitely still feel chubby -- and truly -- I am continually amazed that at this weight/size I can see so much "fat" left to go -- not an anorexic by any stretch -- I can grab a lot of fat -- but I "get to" my ribs now -- which is amazing.
  2. These are just about a year apart -- Before = 1 month prior to surgery. My HOCO pictures are my son's homecoming pictures and someone suggested we get pictures of us. They are 13 months and 8 days.....and a normal BMI (barely....but normal)....still workin'. Incidentally, these are my first ever homecoming pictures -- never went to a dance as a teen.
  3. My sister suggested I purge the closet again of any lurking clothes that I haven't felt safe enough to part with... And donate them
  4. So next month is my surgiversary (Sept 1), and I am officially 0.2 away from a normal bmi. How do we celebrate?
  5. Lol-update: 5'5.5". That puts me 0.2 away from a normal bmi! So I have my physical in the morning. I was always 5'6" until I got big, then magically I was 5'5". I know I have osteopenia from a test a few months ago. Maybe I am 5'5", but I am hoping that losing all thus weight makes me stand a little taller.....if I am 5'6", then my bmi is 24.7....if I am 5'5.5", then it is 25.1. If I am 5'5", then I am 25.3. I would so love to be under 25.....regardless, I am 5 weeks away from my surgiversary.....and I am hovering at a normal bmi...thought that might happen, but never really believed it would.
  6. Yes! My boyfriend from college had sciatica pain pretty bad from volleyball and I never really I do (ouch)
  7. Sorry for a second nsv body shaper is too big. Lol. Never thought that would happen. Not stretched out....just fit like it was supposed to be a yoga briefer or
  8. Hey. We have church on Saturday nights near a section 8 housing set aside for quads and paraplehic residents. Tonight, Judy who has CP and uses a joystick controlled wheelchair let me know she needed help getting back yo her apartment because her controller had come disconnected and she could not steer her chair home. So I walked with her holding the controller do she could control the chair. Over a heels...with a thunderstorm approaching. It wouldn't have been so far but the site is at an old catholic orphanage and the wheel chairs have to use special ramps and paths. It was difficult only BC it was awkward holding the controller correctly so Judy could manipulate it. Back at her house I found some electrical tape and "fixed" it and then I called a neighbor who will be able to gettbe right people involved.
  9. Still at my sisters -- looking for a coffee cup, and was looking for the smallest one, because, wasting coffee is a sin. I used to get the biggest mug available. Now I'm looking at those cute tea cups from 100 years ago and thinking, "I wonder if scientists could look at the stomachs of our ancestors, would there be a difference?" I swear there has to be a connection and an "event" that created a monster of my belly. There must be, because now, although I eat very little (and cannot figure out how to eat in public, without being so obviously off the mark -- poor waiters everywhere wonder if the meals are bad, so I overtip to make them feel better -- that's not sustainable..), I think my stomach is going to be about the size it should have been all along. Plates used to be smaller, cups and bowls used to be smaller. Portions had to be smaller. You know, we laugh and say, "our ancestors are the ones who would make it through a famine" but so many of us were malnourished *and* fat..... NSV = I'm getting mindful on the front end of consuming, and I'm choosing the right portion from the menu and the right amounts at home. That's pretty good for me.
  10. To be perfectly honest, I had a friend who moved away and wrote me that she started as a Younique consultant. I wanted to support her new start and so I had an online party -- my friends and I fell in love with the stuff. I love love love the lipstain - I swear I have 3 colors that cover everything I own, and the I love the eyebrow brush/color -- who knew that even I could have eyebrows? Not a sales pitch, but possibly a PSA. I think Younique, although quite expensive, is the best kept secret in the make-up world. People like me, who have never really had the opportunity to be "girlie", but instead prided themselves on being "Classic" (as a partial coverup and excuse to wear minimal makeup) and who have now lost a significant amount of weight, are exploring all kinds of territory -- like heels, and dresses without hose, and ... heck dresses! Makeup and earrings and all kinds of things that allow us enjoy things we have neglected. If you haven't given Younique a shot -- I kinda think you should. But I have my own friend who sells it, so I'm not interested in getting another consultant
  11. It used to be when I travelled, I wore sneakers, brought a pair of black flats, and maybe something else, like Keds. This year, I packed 8 or 9 pair of shoes -- my favorite are a nude pair of 3" sandals with an ankle strap -- sooooo pretty. We went out to see Celtic Woman in concert in Providence (on my trip), and normally just walking from the parking garage to the show would have killed me. NOPE, and I didn't wear hose, and my dress was rockin' (navy sheath dress from Talbots!) and my feet didn't hurt all night -- I don't remember that happening before surgery.
  12. I became a huge fan of those individual hummus or guacamole dips -- the ones that come in little round containers that hold 2 ounces. I swear 1 was an entire meal -- and I savored every bite, but was glad the portion ended as my appetite slowed down. Like some of the above people, I couldn't handle the sweet after all the shakes. I thought I'd be in shake heaven, but WOW, that gets old. Eggs were not interesting to me for a few months, but for the past 3 or so, I love love love eggs with cheese and kale, or spinach. All I can ever eat is 1, so my husband and I make, basically, a crustless quiche and dig in.
  13. I have to second what Res Ipsa has to say. That caffeine headache is so much worse when you are dealing with those first few days post op. You don't need to do that to yourself. I also have to say that not drinking with meals has been the biggest change for me. Truly, it is hard to imagine now, almost a year out, just how much volume my stomach used to hold. I could easily drink a couple of iced teas (sans ice, even) with a meal, and my meal would be 4 meals today. You are in for such an exciting ride. You are going to amaze yourself. Congratulations! And we look forward to hearing from you as you do, in fact, amaze yourself.
  14. Goodness -- I seem to be racking up the NSVs -- I think after having a pause of a few months while my body just stayed between 160-162 that I'm just excited everyday I get up! Recall I had purchased my first pair of walking shorts -- ever -- a few weeks ago -- well it was 2 pair, both size 10. The white chino fit like a dream and the belt was able to be tightened nearly to the last loop. Well the denim pair fit more snuggly, and I have plain rationalized myself to death that different materials, different cuts, and even though these came from the same manufacturer (I didn't aim expensively, b/c I hope I am still in transition, these are wrangler shorts from Walmart, but very pretty), I know rationally that there is no reason to expect them to fit the same. And they did not. The leg on the denim pair was smaller and when I sit down my leg fat gets a muffin top. (sigh).... BUT today, while at my sisters, I was doing laundry and turning things right side out, etc, and I noticed this pair said "size 8". So this girl is okay with a little muffin leg (when sitting)....