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  1. Has Gastric Bypass in Feb 2016. In recent months I have started developing a serious gas problem. Not only am I passing gas frequently ( particularly in the evening and night) and it is foul smelling to the point that I am extremely anxious to be in a car, go for a movie or get on a flight with company. My social life has been greatly impacted. The Bariatric surgeon referred me to the GI. The GI doc put me on two doses of Xifaxan ( for SIBO). Helped for a few days then right back to where it was. He then started me on Creon (prescription digestive enzyme). That was of no help at all. I am seeing the GI doc again next week. I am at a loss as to what to do next. I have done relatively well after the surgery but I also suffer from episodes of Late Dumping where my sugars drop to 70-50. Trying to manage that through diet. Any advice will be much appreciated.
  2. So now my sugar levels are back to where they were prior to starting to Proglychem. Getting 2-3 Hypoglycemic events per week and for the most part I can relate it the Carb intake prior to the Hypoglycemia (even though the carb intake was not excessive). It would appear that If I managed my carb intake very strictly I would be able to avoid the Hypoglycemic events. However, in reality I know that will be very difficult for me to monitor it in that fashion for life. I am meeting with my specialist next month to explore the very limited options remaining ( i believe calcium channel blockers is a poor option but it could help).
  3. Hi Aussie Bear, So far not bad. Sugars have certainly come down but definitely not down to Hypoglycemic levels. Two things, it takes about 6 days for Proglycem to get out of your system and 2) I had a Right Knee Arthroscopy on April 19 (Drugs used during procedure and no real focus on diet on my part post surgery is probably not providing an fair reading on my sugars). I am hoping that the next two weeks will be a more accurate representation of my sugars. After that my specialist will recommendations based on what she sees. Sorry to hear about your issues. If you are worried about your sugars tanking at night you may want to consider wearing the Dexcom CGM unit at night. Among other things it will start beeping if your sugars goes below a set threshold. I used it for years. Not sure how your insurance works in Australia for getting it covered. I wish you the very best. Duffy
  4. Met with my Specialist Endocrinologist. She is also a bit confused about my situation a little. She has 13 patients that she has manages with "Post Gastric Bypass Hypoglycemia" and all of them are on Proglycem and all are doing well (except that everyone hates the taste of the medication). She is thinking that I may not have post gastric bypass hypoglycemia given my reaction to Proglycem. She is leaning towards that I may just have "Late Dumping syndrome" except for the fact that my sugars actually go down to 40-50 when I have the events. SInce this a a field that has not been studied much, you have to keep going at different options. Here are the directions she gave me. 1) Stop Proglycem and monitor sugars to see if they back to Hypoglycemic levels prior to starting Proglycem 2) Be very vigilant about managing Card intake 3) Add more Protein to my diet. If my sugars start tanking to add Acarbose to meals ( which i know will be disastrous to my stomach given past experience) 4) If my sugars do tank, she may put me on a calcium channel blocker ( see it lowers insulin production) to see how that works. Bottom line, everything is work in progress with no resolution or final diagnosis. My specialist is awesome and very patient and smart. I believe in her and I believe will be able to come to a resolution to this matter.
  5. Thank You Aussie Bear and Cinwa for your responses. After I meet with my specialists, I will post the the follow up. I wish I had kept measuring my blood sugars prior to starting Proglycem and prior to getting the Epidural steroids. That would have helped a lot in analyzing the root cause. Aussie Bear, you are absolutely right that Proglycem has the potential to increase your sugars and so does Steroids. Unfortunately, I am in a zone where I may have to wait it out to understand what happened. One easy and direct way to do that (will discuss with doctor first obviously) is to stop Proglycem and monitor sugar levels for 2 weeks or so to see if I return back to hypoglycemic levels. The other options is to keep monitoring sugars for about 2 weeks more ( to let the steroids completely get out of my system) and seen if my sugars come down to reasonable levels. Serious lesson for me (and advice to others with this condition) is that always keep taking random sugars 2-3 times a week even if everything is going fine. If you ever start any new medications or go in for any procedures that may involve steroids/other medications, start taking more sugar readings so that you and your doctor have more data to arrive at a reasonable solution if your sugar gets whacked after the new medication or procedure.
  6. Need your Advice/Ideas: Quick Background: Had my Gastric Bypass Feb 2016 primarily to get rid of my Type II Diabetes. Almost everything went well. Type II Diabetes-Gone, CPAP-Gone. All other Blood Tests Perfect. However, within 3 months of surgery, started having hypoglycemic events. My endocrinologist referred me to a Specialist Endocrinologist at a University Hospital. Got admitted to a Hospital for Insulinoma Testing. Results-Negative. Was diagnosed with "Post Gastric Bypass Hypoglycemia". Was told to manage through More Protein and less Carb diet. Have played around with diet for past 18 months but no significant improvement. Kept getting hypoglycemic events 2-3 times a week. She started me on acarbose but my stomach could not handle it since the Gas in my stomach was making my daily living miserable. On Feb 23 of 2018, my specialist put me on Proglycem (diazoxide) suspension. 2.5 ml (Twice Per Day). Magic happened. Not even a single incident of Hypoglycemia. Medicine tastes awful but more than happy to take it. Well since things were going great, I had stopped measuring my sugars. I have having an Arthroscopy later next week and I had to go in for some pre-Op blood testing. My primary said that everything was fine except that my sugar was 282! Huh! I thought it was because I took the blood test without fasting. But then I have taken about 6 random blood sugars including early morning fasting. They are all above 200!! What a reversal from Hypoglycemia to High Blood Sugars! Question: Is my high blood sugars because of Proglycem? Seems logical. Has anyone has kind of experience taking this medication? Any alternative medications? The only thing that comes to mind is that on March 27, 2018 I had an epidural injection of steroids in my C4-C5 for neck/migraine pain management. I know that steroid injections definitely increase blood sugar but it has been two weeks. Would the effect of high blood sugars from steroids remain there for 2 weeks? Anybody have this experience? I have an appointment scheduled with my specialist next week but I feel gathering additional information from this splendid patient portal site is always a great idea. Thank you In advance.
  7. I wanted to post this so that it could help someone else on this blog if they going through something similar. I had posted privately to some members about this topic about a month or so ago. Thank you for all the individuals who replied. I had Gastric Bypass ~ 4 months ago. I am at 165 pounds today and I have lost about 45-50 pounds so far. At first when I saw my sugars go down I was very happy. Unfortunately after a while I noticed they were always 70 and below barely 1.5 hours after eating. In some instances I started feeling the trembles and confusion. My sugars at night remains constant at around 80 since I do have a CGM device. My endocrinologist has asked me to get admitted for insulinoma testing at the hospital and also referred me a to a Specialist at the University to follow up after the insulinoma testing. Honestly, I went through some very anxious moments and it completely ruined my high from the weight loss and more importantly getting rid of 6 diabetic medications including 2 insulins. So I had the 72 Hour Fasting Insulinoma testing at the local hospital. Water only for 72 hours with blood draws every 6 hours or less. Followed up with the University Specialist a couple of weeks ago and Wonderful News. I do not have Insulinoma or nesidioblastosis. What a Relief!! The bad news is that I have what the specialist calls" Post Gastric Bypass Surgery Hypoglycemia" ( She does not like to call it Reactive Hypoglycemia since that can happen to individuals who have not had Gastric Bypass Surgery). It had everything to do with having too many carbs in my diet and not enough protein. The carbs would spike my sugar and but then also make it tank. I also met a very specialized Nutritionist from her staff and worked out a dirt that is 80% protein. In the last two weeks I have not had one episode of hypoglycemia symptons. I have stopped eating bread, spaghetti, cereal, rice and so called protein bars. (even though they were very small quantities). Introduced some milk with high protein and standard protein foods.( I cannot tolerate chicken, pork or beef yet). Still working to continuously adding more new protein sources. The Specialist told me to yank the CGM device and forget about it. It gives too many false low sugars according her. She even told me to not to do finger sticks to measure my blood sugars. She told me to do a finger stick ONLY if I had hypoglycemic symptons and then chew on 4 glucose tablets. She is very confident that ultimately all my diet changes will completely manage my hypoglycemia. God Bless Her!! She believes that my new diet will become the norm for me over time and I will do very well. I do hope for the best and I wanted to share this with the group because there may be several people going through similar conditions. I will seek out more advice from this group on diet changes since I am still on a very limited tolerated menu. If anyone has any comments, questions or suggestions I welcome them because I am still learning. Thank You
  8. WendyH you are God Sent. Yes, I had a cortisone shot in my knee for pain on March 30th and that's exactly the day my sugars started getting whacked! It all makes sense now. I am so releived that there is actually a very reasonable explanation. It did not even strike me to think about steroids. Thanks a million for responding to my post. Now I can go back feeling a bit relaxed and focusing on other aspects of my recovery!.
  9. Approaching 8 weeks of my Gastric Bypass Procedure. Overall everything is good. I have lost about 25 pounds. Couple of questions I would like to pose to the Forum 1. I am a Type II Diabetic and prior to the Surgery I was on Lantus, Affreza, Janumet, Invokana. All Type II medications were stopped during the day of the surgery. The first 6 weeks post surgery was like a dream. My blood sugars were in the 70-90 range!! (including first thing in the morning). When I did have some food, I would see my blood sugar rise ( on my CGM device) to about 150-250 but within 2 hours the glucose levels would be down to 70-90. It was awesome. However, about 8 days ago I noticed that my blood sugars would take longer to come down quickly and when they did it would be in the range of 130-160. The was no change in what I was eating. I am guessing that my liver may be generating glucose that probably needs to be controlled via bringing back on oral med ( like Januvia). I am seeing my endo in 2 weeks. I am not terribly worried but I wanted to see if anybody on the forum has had any similar type experiences. 2. I am having a little hard time trying to consume 60-80 grams of protein a day. I used to love eggs and now I feel a bit sick when I look at them. Even Protein shakes make me feel sick by just the smell. I have tried Fish and lean chicken but did not do well on it. I have lot muscle on my butt, thighs and arms. Always looking for new sources of protein. Have started walking 3-4 miles a day to keep my muscle tone. The only foods that go down easy is cereal ( not very high n protein though), Yogurt, Lentils and canned vegetarian beans. If anyone has any advice on any new sources of protein that may be easy on the stomach I would appreciate it. I have talked to the nutritionist but most of the things she recommends I cannot stomach well currently. 3. What is the recommendation when one can start lifting some weights to build some muscles post Gastric Bypass ? Thank you in advance.
  10. Thank you all for your kind responses. My gastric bypass surgery was done on 2/12/2016. Requesting some opinions on: 1. I had to sneeze a couple of times and I swear I felt like a electric current went through the left side of my abdomen. I started thinking if that could cause any damage to the staples in the surgical sites inside the stomach. Is it possible to do some damage because of sneezing? Is there a technique to sneeze or cough? 2. Last 2 days I went to sleep around 10 PM or so. I wake up at 4 AM and then I cannot go back to sleep. Does this surgery have a temporary impact on your sleep pattern? 3. I have not pooped last 3 days. In fact I started blended foods 2 days ago so I know that food is going in. Normal? Any recommendations on how to solve without calling the doctor Thank You
  11. I am in Day 5 post Gastric Bypass surgery. I am experiencing a lot of gas running through my bowels. It is loud and gurgley. I end up in the bathroom sitting for 15 minutes to pass it. When it passes it is embarrassingly loud and is followed by a water like stool. Sorry for the details but here are my questions: 1. is this Normal? Is this Gas that entered my system as a result of the Lap procedure? 2. If the gas is in my bowels NOT part of the Lap procedure ( since it has been 4 days surgery) where is so much gas entering my system? Am I eating something that is wrong (all liquid diet)? 3. Are there any reasonable solutions to get rid of the gas? Will this come to and end at some point? Thank You
  12. Phew! It is DONE! Kept my focus on all the positive things that will come out of it (and the anxiety meds helped too). No issues during the surgery itself. However I could not urinate by myself so they had to reinsert the Foley. Very Very unpleasant. They also gave me two IV doses of Potassium and that really burned when it enters the blood stream. Other than that all was good. I came home on Sunday Night (2/14) with a medical drainage bag attached. I am experiencing "normal" pain for which the drugs really help. However until yesterday I felt that there was a continuous Indy 500 taking place in my lower bowels, Very loud gurgling sounds and I would end up in the bathroom sitting for 15 minutes to either pass gas or have water like stool. Today stomach seems calmer. I suddenly get cold shivers once or twice a day where my teeth start chattering. I am urinating fine now I am trying to do the diet by the book but with liquid only it is not easy. I have started the bariatric vitamins (except iron which I want defer to after 6 weeks) All My 4 medications for Type II Diabetes have been stopped until I see the endo again (Afrezza, Lantus, Janumet, Invokana) That itself is such a big win Questions . Instead of sipping plain water, can I substitute it with Crystal Light lemonade? If I take 4oz of Real Apple juice would that trigger a dumping syndrome ? Whne they don't take sugary substances what kind of a number are they talking about. My popsicle has 2 gms of sugar for example. THANK YOU to all of you for being so helpful. My journey has just started and I look forward to learning from all of you along this journey
  13. Scheduled for Gastric Bypass on February 12. I have never taken Prilosec (or any similar medication) before. The surgeon has given me a prescription for it. Is it a requirement for everyone to take this this medication post gastric bypass? Why? is it temporary or for life? . Also, I was told to ask for Prevacid (sublingual) instead of Prilosec capsules. Thanks in advance.
  14. My Gastric Bypass surgery was finally approved by the Insurance company after several appeals. I am scheduled for the surgery on February 12. Very Anxious and Scared but determined to go through it (Xanax does help!). Since I am a type II diabetic, I do run into low sugars particularly in the 2-4 AM time frame. I have a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) attached to my belly and honestly that has saved me many a time from going into the danger zone. I was wondering if the Hospital/Surgeon would allow me to have keep my GGM device running post surgery during my stay at the hospital since I depend on it to monitor my blood sugars 24/7. Has anybody done this or have any advice to offer up? Thank You
  15. Is there a volume of Fluid one is restricted to for life ? How much fluid will I be able to take in at any given time ? What Types of Fluids can I drink and CANNOT drink? For Solid Foods, are there any " Absolutely Do Not Eat" foods ?