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  1. Thank you for the kind words. I'm glad your wife has found hair pieces that work for her. That alone is challenging and I'm researching hair pieces already. I've slacked on vitamins a couple months but started back. I've read a low ferritin can contribute to hair loss. Mine is low normal (13). Taking iron is the treatment. I'm already getting iron in my multivitamins and am afraid to take even more iron. I'm going to see a dermatologist. It's been devastating.
  2. Hair loss again?

    Yup I'm still losing hair 3 yrs post op too.
  3. I'm 3 yrs post sleeve and STILL losing my freaking hair!! My temples are almost bald as well. I used toppik to disguise the thinning areas. I don't want to live sometimes. I sometimes regret having WLS but I know overall it was for the best....I think. I know ur pain. Ur not alone.
  4. Iron Levels?

    Stop donating blood.
  5. I'm 3 yrs post sleeve and I'm still losing hair. I take chewable bariatric vitamins and drink at least one protein shake a day. I take biotin. So far no success. I envy those who have barely lost hair. I just don't understand why this is still going on. Very difficult to go thru this trial.
  6. Has anyone else's hair loss continued this long? Is there any hope this will end. My temples are almost bald and my hair line is so thin my scalp shows.
  7. I thought this hair loss was eventually going to stop. It seemed to slow down for a little while and even grew back a little but now I'm losing it again!! I'm having to use toppik hair fibers to disguise the balding areas. My temples are almost bald and you can see thru my hair line. Has this happened to anyone else. I have slacked on my vitamins a little. This is killing me inside. It's destroying any self worth I have gained from the weight loss. The most I've seen hair loss last on this forum is 2 years. No one has reported hair loss after 2 yrs post op. Just looking for someone else who has experienced this.
  8. Hair loss!

    Boy I hope that's me too
  9. Regrowth finally! But still losing hair

    I'll be bald if its lasts that long lol. Did u have any bald spots?
  10. Regrowth finally! But still losing hair

    Rogaine only works if hair loss is androgenic alopecia. Weight loss surgery related hair loss is called telogen effluvium and rogaine only makes it worse.
  11. Regrowth finally! But still losing hair

    That's what I thought but I've talked to a couple ppl that had hair loss as far as 2 yrs out. Also I know a lady 2 yrs out and still losing hair. I started of with tons of hair but its getting bad. I've bern shedding for 12 months straight now. It's less but still losing too much. I Started to worry around month 8-9 when it didn't stop. I'd give it a year before worrying too much. So u have time. I think the surgery just affects done of us more than others unfortunately.
  12. Regrowth finally! But still losing hair

    Glad to hear ur hair is still there. Lol. I just started seeing regrowth around 16 months after surgery!! But it's still falling out. I'm about to hit the 17 month mark post op and this seems endless. My scalp has started itching and tingling more recently as well. I'm going to a derm soon for a scalp biopsy. Hoping all is ok and this is just temporary.
  13. ok I'm about 17 months out of vsg. I just noticed regrowth about a month ago but I'm still losing a lot of hair. Is this normal before the hair loss decreases? Did anyone see growth but still shedding hair at the same time? This has me so down.
  14. Hair loss!

    I'm almost 1.5 yrs out and STILL losing my freaking hair!! I take all the vitamins and protein and extra biotin. Now my scalp even itches and has flakes!! I'm literally seeing bald areas now. Im going to a derm for scalp biopsy to see if anything else going on. This has been devastating for me as a woman. I looked at hair pieces today too and ordered scalp concealer. I'm just sick over this! I do see my hair finally growing back thank god!! BUT it's still shedding!! The loss of hair outweighs the regrowth for sure. I'm thinking I'll use rogaine if I am found to have some androgenic alopecia (I think my mom got this after menopause). I'm just tired of the hair loss.
  15. Prayers needed. Losing hair still

    agree. Im sure stress is playing a role