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  1. I started this journey nine months ago....it took me longer to get both my weight and my A1C down to where they both need to be, but I finally did it! My EGD is scheduled for this Thursday, and surgery date is June 8 at 8:30. Who else has a June date???
  2. Good Luck! Hope everything goes well for you. Let us know how you do!!
  3. No, no special preop diet. The nerves are really starting to kick in now, which surprises me because I never have gotten nervous before surgery before.
  4. Hahaha....was that creepy enough? I got my date (yay!) and and having RNY on 6/8/16. I wanted to see if there was someone having the same procedure around the same time so we can help each other through this journey.
  5. Just an update for everyone who has given me suggestions. Ive cut back on my calories, am around 1100/day and am trying more of a post op routine, protein shakes, fluids, low carb and low fat, and have lost 2 pounds this week. Only 4 more to go! I have my next appointment on March 16th, so other than feeling like I am starving to death, i think i will make it! Haha!! I know its worth getting there, so I am sticking with it regardless. Thanks everyone!
  6. I am trying to taper off my insulin, I thought that my requirements would go down since I cut out the carbs, but they really havent changed. Blood sugars are looking better, though. I have cut out all the bad carbs, the majority come from vegetables and the "hidden carbs" in dairy, salad dressing, etc. I think that dropping the calories WILL help me a lot, but I always feel hungry now (been around 1400-1500 the last few days) so any tips on curbing hunger? I have increased my water intake, and cut WAAAY down my caffeine (usually one diet soda or cup of coffee a day). Thank you all for your hel
  7. I bought an elliptical/bike and do that plus a walking video since it is too cold out right now. I am staying under 1600 calories, which is significantly lower than what I am used to. My endocrinologist has me taking Symlin injections to help with appetite, but it just makes me nauseous and once the nausea wear off I am hungry again. I also always fast before weighing in, and try to wear the same outfit to my weigh in appointments. I will try the glutamine, thanks! Cheesehead, I hadnt thought about that, I will look into it though!
  8. I have just finished the six months of weight management required by my insurance. I am still not being cleared by the doctor yet to see the surgeon because I havent met their 5% body weight loss requirement (still have 6 lb to go). I dont know what else to do! I am tracking/watching my food closely, am only taking in 30-50 g carbs a day (I am type 1 diabetic and trying to get my A1C down for surgery as well), and am exercising more than I ever have in my life. I am down 8 lb total from when I started six months ago, but the scales are stuck. The doctor said he knows its going to be harder for
  9. kekkyz

    Chin Skin

    Thank you! You look great, and if that's what you call a turkey neck Im not worried at all. I guess I am just imagining it worse in my head.
  10. kekkyz

    Chin Skin

    I am early in the pre op stage and new to TT, so I apologize if this topic is posted somewhere else. One of my fears is losing a lot of weight in my face (especially my second chin) and looking like Fat B****** from the Austin Powers movie. Jk, but remember when he runs into him at the end of the movie and has that turkey wattle neck after doing the Subway diet? Does anyone have any face comparison pics that show how well, or not so well your double chin went away? I'm not worried about extra skin anywhere else....just hope it's not the first thing I notice when I look in the mirror. TIA!!
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