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  1. I think many of us are here as the result of using food to self-medicate. I tried MANY disappointing anti-depressants with nasty side effects until I found bupropion. I expect to be on it the rest of my life. Also have a great talk therapist. Having said that I am 9 months out, down 90 pounds and haven't lost an ounce in months. It's not all in your head but much of it definitely is. My nut has been tweaking calories and ratios to try to help me get back on the loss train to no avail. The only knobs I have to turn are calories and exercise. I still get 500+ calories I don't need in night eating to reduce anxiety, Just a bowl or two of cheerios with milk but there you have it.
  2. Trust your gut (no pun intended). I have found that if I am not able to weigh, using small plates, bowls etc. helps me avoid taking too large a serving. Being brought up in the "clean your plate club" was a big mistake.
  3. I have read that bariatric folks that track/record what they eat have better outcomes than those that don't. In any case I am in the habit now and MFP really helps me avoid mindless eating and make better decisions about what to eat. My little Soehnle scale really helps too. I keep it right on the counter and weigh everything that goes in my mouth (with the exception of the shots of bourbon on Friday and Saturday nights) I like the idea of "budgeting" 200 calories for my night time rambles..Thanks!
  4. Okay so now I am 20 weeks out, down 80 pounds, feeling pretty good about things, no more food restrictions. Actually lost a couple of pounds over the holidays! But now I am on my third week of plateau/stall. I count calories like crazy on MFP, trying to keep it between 1,200 and 1,400 but with a few carbs in the mix now that is somewhat harder. But here is what's bothering me. One of my old bad habits is creeping back. I have suffered from insomnia for most of my life and one of the major contributors to my weight problem was eating in the middle of the night to "calm down" the anxiety/whatever that was keeping me up. Typically a bowl of cheerios with milk would suffice. Ambien only made these night time chow downs worse. Anyone dealing with this? My nut says try to eat protein instead of the cheerios, and an ounce or two of hard cheese kills the craving but it is also 200+ calories. I can deal with the stall ( I think) but want to nip this night time business in the bud.
  5. Don't know if you can get out of the office but I just discovered the perfect bariatric lunch. Whole Foods at lunch time on weekdays is deserted and has lots and lots of delicious free samples. Today I had two ounces of freshly baked rockfish, an ounce of broiled skirt steak and an ounce of fresh guacamole. That's 29 grams of delicious protein for free!
  6. I don't think decaf necessarily tastes bad although like caffeinated coffee some taste better than others. I just love what we used to call the "two bit rush"
  7. My surgeon also doesn't mind caffeine in moderation. At eight weeks out I have started drinking one cup in the morning with no GI problems and a nice bump emotionally.. I tried many different types of decaf but for me it's like kissing your sister.
  8. I am not sure why my sleeve would affect my thyroid at eight weeks but in the last week I have started to have returned hypothyroid symptoms, scaly skin, depression, muscle aches and pains. I'm going to go get my levels checked on Wednesday but I just wondered if anybody else had had similar experience.
  9. At seven weeks I appear to be in my first stall. Lost only two pounds last week and NONE this week. No matter how much one reads about how common this is, it doesn't prepare you for the discouragement. I track my intake religiously and run about 1000 calories. Wondering if I should cut back to 600-700 but I should be losing 4-5 pounds a week at 1,000. I am going to up the exercise. Grrrr
  10. I went through a lot of ice chips the first few days. Kept me moist but not too much volume.
  11. Jolls, Could you elaborate for a newbie on how you went off the rails? Is it because your sleeve could accommodate more or because you started eating sticks of butter? Eating between meals? All of the above? Thanks
  12. I am down 52 pounds in five weeks. I went to first post-op meet with surgeon last week and she is happy. She did increase my protein from 60-80 to 80-100 grams per day. I have turned into a My Fitness Pal fanatic for tracking calories and protein. I am getting about 1,000 calories a day, give or take 200 calories. If I have a prohydrate in the am and a Syntrax shake made with milk as a 4 pm snack I am at 66 grams and picking up another 30 is not difficult. Did your doc tell you to eat differently?
  13. On the subject of thyroid replacement. I have been taking these for twenty years or so and just learned at my first postop check that one should NOT take thyroid replacements within two hours of taking multivitamins or calcium. According to my dietician folks and subsequently a lot of on-line reading, the iron and minerals in multivitamins can interfere with the body's uptake of the thyroid replacement. Statins are also a potentially interference. So, now I take the big handful o' pills including levothyroxine in the AM and the multivitamins at bedtime.
  14. I am down about 45 pounds at 5 weeks. When people ask if I am losing weight I tell them I have a touch of ebola. It usually ends there. I have read the stories of many WLS folks who even after enormous weight loss still see themselves as fat in their mind's eye. It is the opposite for me, I never saw myself as fat, probably a major contribution to my problems!
  15. I have had very good luck with a drink called Pro Hydrate. 20g of protein,, two flavors, orange mango and raspberry lemonade. I take my vitamins with them in the AM. The only shake mix I have found that I like is Nectar Chocolate truffle mixed with milk. (24g), usually a late afternoon snack. I also like cottage cheese spiked with very good balsamic vinegar.