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  1. bellamoma's surgiversary!

  2. I Need Maintenance Help.

    @stephtay you're kidding? how awesome! i love the cafe concept. it's a great visual. maintenance for me has been tricky. i had a spell of having zero interest in food and not really wanting to bother to eat or to cook for myself. that passed by around 18 months out. a Now i feel like i want to eat quite often, many days. @ResIpsa's post actually helped me just now. I need to change my mindset to believe and understand that the new me is permanent- my days of up and down are over. i need to do the headwork needed to accept that and plan accordingly. i'm sorry i don't have big gems of advice for you, but i'm glad you posted this. it's a challenge!
  3. Hey ^_^

    welome, mike! you're in the right place! here's to a smooth recovery!
  4. new beginnings :)

    thanks you guys!!!!!! i love every supportive word here, believe me! nerdy, i was going to go back to school for nurse practitioner, and realized after i was having nightmares once i applied that maybe it was not the path for me. i can imagine the stigma with withdrawal from a doctoral program. I have to say, i am so happy i finally just did this. it is a challenge- it's a full time program that is surprisingly labor intensive (like, really? yes! really!) and i have to balance my family with school. i sure am tired. but so happy i am doing this. i'll keep you all posted!
  5. new beginnings :)

    so if you've been around a while you might remember that i've kind of been having a career crisis. i've been a nurse for 16 years, was a social worker before that. although i'll never regret getting my RN, i really wanted to change careers. ever since i was little, i loved doing hair. i have cut people's hair since i was 13. i even ran into someone who used to date my BFF and he was like, you used to cut my hair (25 years ago!) i love everything about beauty- skincare, makeup, hair, fashion. i always have. The problem was i guess the stigma that comes along with the industry, which is thankfully changing. "Beauty school" was for the girls who couldn't get into college. then, of course, when i gained a bunch of weight, i didn't have the confidence to put myself out there as a stylist. Losing my weight hasn't changed me at all- it has allowed me to really be who i was under layers of fluff. i am much more confident now. I know that not only can i physically handle the job of the stylist, but i can emotionally handle it. I finally had enough confidence to say i don't care what people think, i'm going to do it and change people's minds. they're going to see that you can be smart and savvy and make good money doing what you love. i finally feel good enough to follow my heart. so this past tuesday, i started cosmetology school! i am super excited about it and hope to take you all along on my ride as I switch lanes at age 46! I'm determined to turn the industry on its ear. just you wait!
  6. new beginnings :)

    Oh! And if anyone in the field has advice for me, I totally welcome it! here's me on my first day. we have to wear head to toe black. Bummer!
  7. Depressed

    i hear you. even though i am considered a "light weight", i have pretty signifiant hanging skin on my arms and my butt. my butt, omg. there are times it bothers me so much i could cry. i totally understand how you must feel. i'm so sorry. please don't give up. stephtay gave an awesome suggestion. where there's a will there's a way. can you take on an extra job and sock away the cash? vow to skimp everywhere you can so you can save up? I hope you're able to. you've done a crazy good job at this weight loss thing, i hope you feel super proud of yourself, at least sometimes?
  8. Me 6-month post op

    whaaaaaaaat? you are a totally new person. awesome job!!!!
  9. Hi. New here.

    welcome!!!! i happen to believe that being nervous is a good thing. This surgery and recovery is a big, big deal. you are altering your anatomy-in my case, permanently. do your homework and do the head work, which is so very important, and your chances of success are great!
  10. what are your strategies for massive temptation?
  11. You guys, thanksgiving is coming and i love stuffing.

    i love all of your stories of thanksgiving day! you all definitely did better than i did on both thanksgiving and friendsgiving day. i actually ate enough for my husband, who polices NO ONE on their food consumption, ever- to say "wow, are you ok?". that was enough to snap me out of it. there was stuffing, there was beans and rice, there was more stuffing, there was even some pie, which is not ok for me. not. ok. i said i wouldn't weigh myself until today (sunday) but have been back on track since saturday, and i don't want to discourage myself by weighing and seeing something i don't want to see. mental gymnastics, indeed. for this year, my strategy has to be to forgive myself, shake it off, and get right the @#$% back on the wagon. and so i am.
  12. It’s really working!!

    you're just getting warmed up. you won't believe how fast you'll lose and how much. some of us lose slower, but in comparison to how things went when we were pre-op, it can feel lightening fast. I'm happy for you and your amazing progress so far. Keep it up!!!
  13. Hi! New Here!

    welcome! my son's birthday is january 8th, so the universe dictates you will have an easy surgery and recovery!! welcome to thinner times!
  14. You guys, thanksgiving is coming and i love stuffing.

    well i hosted thanksgiving so it i was too busy to follow up on this until today!! gretta, how did that cauliflower rice stuffing turn out? i didn't do so great, although my sister in law's stuffing was such a hit, i only got one small serving. : / that didn't stop me from compensating with beans and rice. today is friend's thanksgiving at my bffs house. i still abstain from sweets, but will have stuffing and cheese and leeks casserole (it's just cheese and leeks and it's delicious). my plan is to not weigh myself today and tomorrow, and then saturday i am back on the wagon. i start school on tuesday, and i have a game plan for my meals and thermoses on the way to hold my pre-portioned, pre-packed foods. thanks all for your input. i hope you had an awesome thanksgiving!!
  15. Before and After

    here are some pre-vsg pics. like many of us, i hated getting my picture taken, so i have ones that my husband would snap while i wasn't looking. yes, he got in trouble every time. then there's one post op.
  16. Thanks for keeping my seat warm!

    congrats! you've officially reached your drama quota. time for some fun!
  17. 6 Years Later

    my goodness, AWESOME!!!! 6 years! you're my hero!!!!
  18. Stressed!

    how awful for you and especially for your friend. sounds terrifying. i am sending healing energy her way. i can't add any more good advice to what you have above. every person is different. you can have two people who seem exactly the same on paper, but one will do fine and the other will have complications. you can mitigate your risk by changing what you can, research your surgeon and the hospital, and make sure you're in the best possible condition before the surgery. keep us posted and good luck to you.
  19. What Are You Wearing Today?

    @Trish1967 unbelievable!!!!!! your transformation is just inspiring.
  20. What Are You Wearing Today?

    @Keligirl12so you had your son when you were like, 5? haha @Clickin you are hotter every day! love the blouse, looks awesome! @JulieW oh my goodness, you look so very beautiful!!!!
  21. Hello

    hello donna! wow, losing the regain is no easy feat. so happy you're here to join us and share your journey with us!
  22. Drinking with Meals

    @Jen581791 happy to help. it's strange to me that i'm now "further out", but i guess i am! in some ways i feel like a newbie and in others i feel like the big me was a lifetime ago. i am defintely still learning as I go, with the help of folks here who are even further out. I learned from others here that if it's not in your house, you can't eat it. we all have our achilles heel, i don't think there's any shame in recognizing that and removing the source of trouble. not only do my trigger foods have no real nutritional value, but some cause me to break other lifetime rules (like drinking while eating the pb pretzel nuggets). when i stand back and look at it, i see that it's that ugly cycle that can only lead to undoing the good the surgery has done for me. here's a pro tip for those who have not disclosed surgery to others- i always have a glass of water with a straw with my meal. sometimes i pretend to take a sip. then they don't start asking why you never drink with your meals.
  23. Day 1!

    ok i did NOT mean to "sad" react to your post. i am happy for you!
  24. Day 1!

    yay! i'm so happy to see you are safely post-op! sorry to hear you've had some bumps, it'll all be a fuzzy memory soon. buyer's remorse stinks but does pass. if it doesn't, be sure to reach out to your bariatric team. congrats and i'm so happy for you!
  25. Coming up on 6 months

    omg! wow! you are killing it! congrats and well done!