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  1. Hey @tracyringo Things went ok. The GI doc I saw is in a totally different state and health system then my bariatric doc. He was not keen about revision surgery. He wanted me to get an endoscopy to see where things stand at the moment with my GERD. I scheduled it, but then they called me to tell me it would cost $1600.00 I think that's ridiculous ( we have good insurance and pay about $900 a month on top of what my husband's employer subsidizes. So I canceled it. I'll have to stay on Nexium for now and hope for the best! Thank you again for checking in on me
  2. omg you look stunning, Trish. and like a little kid. look at that baby face! xo
  3. hello @Kio! so nice to hear from you thank you for your kind words. I see my GI doc tomorrow. I live in a different state now so I will be going to a different practice. I'm nervous about it all but I have to push through to take care of things before things progress. Barrett's esophagus is indeed very dangerous and I'm glad you took the steps you need to heal it. Scary stuff indeed! In a way, though, it has saved you from my plight. I was so bent on not having bypass that i didn't look at the big, long term picture. Ah well, you live and you learn. Thanks again for the encourageme
  4. hey there CJ!!!! thank you so much! i was hoping my GERD story would be like yours. Sadly it's not. I see my GI doc tomorrow! congrats on your success with the surgery! your waist is tiny!!! xo
  5. Haven’t been here in a while

  6. Helllooooooo ladies! thanks so much for the greetings! i will post an update soon. Life has been busy but good. couldn't have done it without you guys!!!! xoxoxo
  7. You can't receive messages, please fix.

  8. You can't receive messages and I want to send you one. Please adjust your permissions.


    1. bellamoma


      Hey Tom,

      Here? on on fb?



    2. tmcgee


      On FB, send me a friend request and that will fix it. Tom McGee Braintree, MA

    3. bellamoma
  9. surgiversary!
  10. Trish, your NSVs make y day. I always saw you as beautiful, and when i see you transforming, it makes me smile. Your happiness is shining through! xo

    1. Nana Trish

      Nana Trish

      Bellamoma, that has got to be one of the nicest things anyone has said to me ❤️ Thank you so much for your kind words! :) You're so sweet :wub:

    2. bellamoma
    3. Nana Trish

      Nana Trish


  11. Hey y'all! How the heck are you??????

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    2. bellamoma


      Yay! I'm happy to see you're doing so well. Living the post WLS dream :)  

      I'm doing well. In full on maintenance which is harder than I thought it would be, but I'm doing it. I keep myself in my safe weight zone (no more than 135). Great thing is, my kids are home for the summer and we've been busy and active! I can honestly say this is the first summer ever we've been so active together. 

    3. Jen581791


      I can imagine maintenance is hard - it's the part we spend much less time preparing for, and all of our WL mentality fights against it, I suppose. Glad to hear you've been having an active summer! That's its own reward :) 

    4. bellamoma


      Maintenance is easier for some than others, I think? It is constant mental gymnastics for me. I fall off, I get back on. Over and over. I'm still finding my way. I keep fighting, though. This life is too good to just blow it! Keep up all of your good work! Xox

  12. It was my birthday on Friday! Forty. Six. I just can't believe it. I'm so happy to say I feel better now than I did at 26.  No cake for me, but I truly enjoyed my day all the same. Can you believe that? It's true!


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    2. Clickin
    3. Cheesehead


      Thanks!  Did you do anything special?  

    4. bellamoma


      Thanks clickin! 

      Cheesehead, I went out to eat with my family. It was lovely! 

  13. bellamoma

    Hiking, and image dump!

    amazing pics and amazing post. i am so happy for you and your family!
  14. bellamoma

    Gretta's Surgery Date

    Good luck today, Gretta! Let us know how you're doing when you can!!!!
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