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  1. bellamoma

    Thoughts on 2 years out!

    i hear you, and understand that it seems crazy, but it's true. i have zero interest in cooking for myself. it's a greek yogurt with a protein bar crumbled into it. it's delicious, filling, and fast. i don't want to cook every night, and if i cook something, there is just too much left over and i end up throwing it out. i will occasionally make a bacon egg and cheese sandwich, or fries if i am PMSing, very occasionally have a pancake with bacon. sometimes i will have naughty foods, usually when i'm battling pms. but yes, day in and day out i eat the same thing. i don't mind a bit, honestly.
  2. bellamoma

    Thoughts on 2 years out!

    I do not find that to be true for me, now at 28 months out. If I had not had the surgery, i wouldn't have gotten into the 130s at all. I had tried very hard to lose the weight with Weight watchers- following it religiously- and only lost 18lb. The lowest I could get pre-wls was 185lb. I feel i can pretty easily maintain between 137-145lb. I have a favorite food that I eat 3x a day, with one snack. if I do that, I can maintain just fine. I travel up to the 140s usually during my PMS weeks and then come back down during the repentant part of my cycle, lol. I truly do not think that it would have been possible to lose as much weight as I did without the surgery. Getting down to a healthy weight is a big part of the battle. Maintaining it is the other half. But I do believe it is possible. The biggest mistake is thinking you can go back to your old eating habits and maintain your weight loss. you can't. it's a forever change. you still have to do your part. i hope this helps answer your question. sorry for the delay in reply! xo
  3. bellamoma

    Thoughts on 2 years out!

    @TammyP, absolutely my weight loss had a role in my career change. let's face it, the beauty industry is ugly. we've all experienced being treated differently because we were fat. it's just the truth. you have to sell yourself and project an image that will attract the type of clientele you want. for me, i wouldn't have felt confident at 217lb to project the image i wanted to. plus, it's a lot of standing and other physical work that would have been really unpleasant at 217#. plus i can wear way cuter clothes now something else that came to mind- loose skin. when you first achieve your new body, the loose skin can be pretty devastating. at the very least, it's annoying. i will say that over time, i've gotten more used to it, more accepting of it. that's not to say that if i won the lottery i wouldn't be booking a full body lift with the finest plastic surgeon around, bc i TOTALLY WOULD. but just like you don't realize how limited you are when you're overweight and you kind of get used to certain things with a bigger body, you will also get used to some things with a smaller body. I think that's why the NSV thread is so important. After a while, you forget about the things you couldn't do when you were bigger. just yesterday i was painting my toenails. i was contorted because i'm very near sighted and needed to see what i was doing. i remember at my highest, i couldn't paint my toe nails! it's the little things that we always have to remember! xoxo
  4. bellamoma

    Thoughts on 2 years out!

    thanks as always, res. you're the bees knees.
  5. bellamoma

    Thoughts on 2 years out!

    Hello everyone, Thanks to those who sent me emails. Life has been so busy lately that i've fallen off. I'm so sorry, I still see NSVs and some other topics I follow and love to see how you all are doing. School is busy and challenging (believe it or not, hahaha). Not to mention the emotional impact of switching careers at 46 and being out of the house for full time hours (without full time pay) while raising a family and keeping my husband happy! Here's my thoughts on 2 years out. I write this because when i was pre-op and in the honeymoon phase, I wanted so badly to hear from folks who were further out to help me know what to expect. Lots of us fall off the further we get out, for many reasons, so we don't get to benefit from hearing from many who are further out. (Of course there are the wonderful exceptions of cinwa, tom, res, gaviv, stephtay, clickn, etc). Anyway, here we go: The threat of regain is real. your appetite comes back more than you would think it could, as the sleeve relaxes as it heals. If you're relying only on the feeling of restriction to maintain your weight, you may be screwed. My theory is that your honeymoon has more than one stage. There's the immediate post op stage, where it's impossible to eat and you are miserable. The swelling in your pouch/sleeve is the most it'll ever be. I also believe that there is a malabsorption factor during the healing stage (yes, even with sleevers) that helps with the rapid weight loss. For me, at about 7-8 mos post op, I thought my honeymoon period was over. I was able to get more in my sleeve and my appetite increased. A lot. But, i continued to lose and got 5lb below my low goal weight of 135. i believe it's because there was still swelling and a degree of malabsorption. By 14-15mos out, my appetite was fully back and I found I can eat much, much more than I could before. Of course, just because you can doesn't mean you should. if you spend any time on these boards, you've seen that expression time and time again. So, where i was maintaining 130-133 pretty effortlessly for a good while, at 14-15 mos out i had "regain" to 137-139. I started changing up strategies but found myself hungry a lot. I believe my sleeve is fully healed now, allowing for more room, and the malabsorption is over. That, along with larger portions, have been my struggle. If you add to that the stress of a major career change, I am struggling. Every day I struggle. Every. Single. Day. Today i weighed 140.5. I wonder if there is a nadir we reach, where we're the lowest we'll ever be, and then a rebound weight gain as we heal of about 5-10lb. I wonder if 130 was too low for me. I am still slim and can fit into all but my smallest clothes (just one pair of jeans in a size 2 don't fit comfortably. my 4s do, just not quite as nicely). I did notice that my terrible tailbone pain is finally gone, after a year of awful pain- but i wonder if it also has to do with the bit of extra lbs i have on. So that's where I sit at 25+ mos out. In many ways, you can forget you ever even had surgery. This is good and bad. I get back on the horse every day. Thinking of changing my goal weight from 135 to140. Menopause is in full effect and I'm sure it's doing me no favors. For those who may think I am obsessing over 5lb? Yes, yes I am. I think we all know how quickly 5lb can turn to 20 or 40. I have to keep fighting. My therapist once said my weight will always be my bear in the woods. She was so right. I'm proud to say I'm still in the game, maintaining as best I can, and STILL DO NOT EAT SWEETS! Hooray! WLS vets, please feel free to add to this!!!! Everyone else, tell me how you're doing!!! xoxoxxo
  6. bellamoma

    "At goal" pics

    wow, wow, wow!!!!!!!!! LOVE these pics. you are just amazing. so happy for you, trish!!
  7. bellamoma

    bellamoma's surgiversary!

    Helllooooooo ladies! thanks so much for the greetings! i will post an update soon. Life has been busy but good. couldn't have done it without you guys!!!! xoxoxo
  8. bellamoma

    I Need Maintenance Help.

    @stephtay you're kidding? how awesome! i love the cafe concept. it's a great visual. maintenance for me has been tricky. i had a spell of having zero interest in food and not really wanting to bother to eat or to cook for myself. that passed by around 18 months out. a Now i feel like i want to eat quite often, many days. @ResIpsa's post actually helped me just now. I need to change my mindset to believe and understand that the new me is permanent- my days of up and down are over. i need to do the headwork needed to accept that and plan accordingly. i'm sorry i don't have big gems of advice for you, but i'm glad you posted this. it's a challenge!
  9. bellamoma

    Hey ^_^

    welome, mike! you're in the right place! here's to a smooth recovery!
  10. bellamoma

    new beginnings :)

    thanks you guys!!!!!! i love every supportive word here, believe me! nerdy, i was going to go back to school for nurse practitioner, and realized after i was having nightmares once i applied that maybe it was not the path for me. i can imagine the stigma with withdrawal from a doctoral program. I have to say, i am so happy i finally just did this. it is a challenge- it's a full time program that is surprisingly labor intensive (like, really? yes! really!) and i have to balance my family with school. i sure am tired. but so happy i am doing this. i'll keep you all posted!
  11. bellamoma

    new beginnings :)

    Oh! And if anyone in the field has advice for me, I totally welcome it! here's me on my first day. we have to wear head to toe black. Bummer!
  12. bellamoma

    new beginnings :)

    so if you've been around a while you might remember that i've kind of been having a career crisis. i've been a nurse for 16 years, was a social worker before that. although i'll never regret getting my RN, i really wanted to change careers. ever since i was little, i loved doing hair. i have cut people's hair since i was 13. i even ran into someone who used to date my BFF and he was like, you used to cut my hair (25 years ago!) i love everything about beauty- skincare, makeup, hair, fashion. i always have. The problem was i guess the stigma that comes along with the industry, which is thankfully changing. "Beauty school" was for the girls who couldn't get into college. then, of course, when i gained a bunch of weight, i didn't have the confidence to put myself out there as a stylist. Losing my weight hasn't changed me at all- it has allowed me to really be who i was under layers of fluff. i am much more confident now. I know that not only can i physically handle the job of the stylist, but i can emotionally handle it. I finally had enough confidence to say i don't care what people think, i'm going to do it and change people's minds. they're going to see that you can be smart and savvy and make good money doing what you love. i finally feel good enough to follow my heart. so this past tuesday, i started cosmetology school! i am super excited about it and hope to take you all along on my ride as I switch lanes at age 46! I'm determined to turn the industry on its ear. just you wait!
  13. bellamoma


    i hear you. even though i am considered a "light weight", i have pretty signifiant hanging skin on my arms and my butt. my butt, omg. there are times it bothers me so much i could cry. i totally understand how you must feel. i'm so sorry. please don't give up. stephtay gave an awesome suggestion. where there's a will there's a way. can you take on an extra job and sock away the cash? vow to skimp everywhere you can so you can save up? I hope you're able to. you've done a crazy good job at this weight loss thing, i hope you feel super proud of yourself, at least sometimes?
  14. bellamoma

    Me 6-month post op

    whaaaaaaaat? you are a totally new person. awesome job!!!!
  15. bellamoma

    Hi. New here.

    welcome!!!! i happen to believe that being nervous is a good thing. This surgery and recovery is a big, big deal. you are altering your anatomy-in my case, permanently. do your homework and do the head work, which is so very important, and your chances of success are great!