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  1. Hey @tracyringo Things went ok. The GI doc I saw is in a totally different state and health system then my bariatric doc. He was not keen about revision surgery. He wanted me to get an endoscopy to see where things stand at the moment with my GERD. I scheduled it, but then they called me to tell me it would cost $1600.00 I think that's ridiculous ( we have good insurance and pay about $900 a month on top of what my husband's employer subsidizes. So I canceled it. I'll have to stay on Nexium for now and hope for the best! Thank you again for checking in on me
  2. omg you look stunning, Trish. and like a little kid. look at that baby face! xo
  3. hello @Kio! so nice to hear from you thank you for your kind words. I see my GI doc tomorrow. I live in a different state now so I will be going to a different practice. I'm nervous about it all but I have to push through to take care of things before things progress. Barrett's esophagus is indeed very dangerous and I'm glad you took the steps you need to heal it. Scary stuff indeed! In a way, though, it has saved you from my plight. I was so bent on not having bypass that i didn't look at the big, long term picture. Ah well, you live and you learn. Thanks again for the encouragement xo
  4. hey there CJ!!!! thank you so much! i was hoping my GERD story would be like yours. Sadly it's not. I see my GI doc tomorrow! congrats on your success with the surgery! your waist is tiny!!! xo
  5. i'd bet that you could find another sweet baby that your son could help care for as well. i know. i'm terrible! i'm projecting- i want a pooch so bad but my husband is absolutely terrified of dogs and is from another country- they don't understand why people have animals in their homes. it's just a culture thing. so, if nothing else, get one for me! and post LOTs of pics!
  6. omg you poor baby. i feel that pain. i always joke that the fastest cure to a broken lost pet heart is to get another, or even two! but i know that is not practical for everyone. having said that, get another! haha. dogs are the best. i'm so sorry you lost your sweet girl. xo
  7. @nana trish ahahahahahahaha I didn't know that was a snapchat filter!!! omg that's hilarious. I thought you were really feeling your new self and went all out! omg duh! that still doesn't change the fact that your face is slim and amazing. you are just amazing. xo
  8. i'm so sorry to hear of your loss. losing a pet is so painful. borrowing your son's dog could be your best bet for now. big hugs to you .
  9. @Cindy Lou Who the grinch is one of my fave movies of all time, i love your handle! THANK YOU for the sweet words. it's been so nice hopping on here and feeling the love. @msmarymac haha for me it's oh, menopause, how i hate thee! it's amazing how just like the weight just flew off post op, it just suddenly flew back on! it's maddening but i am grateful i still fit in my clothes. i do believe some of it was much needed muscle, but i sure would like to come down a bit more to feel comfortable. I hope you're able to figure out the best decision for you as far as your GERD goes. I have a feeling my endoscopy will look a lot like yours and i'll be in the same boat of having to figure out what the next step is. how excellent that you went on a medical mission! i can't imagine not having nexium though. omg. keep me posted on your GERD situation! i'm so happy to hear from you !!! xo
  10. TRISH! i almost cried tears of joy seeing your pic! you have smashed your WLS in spite of the many obstacles put in your way. I am beyond happy for you!!! ps- you look so stunning!!! thanks so much for the kind words of support. there is a saying in spanish- take it easy, but take it. that's what i'm doing. putting one foot in front of the other and pushing through. trying to remain grateful for the things i have. my boys are amazing. my husband is great. i have a roof over my head and clothes to wear. i have to be grateful. i will keep ya'll posted. it's so nice to hear from you guys. i've missed you !
  11. @Jen581791 hey!! congrats on your amazing success story! i'm humbled that you find me inspirational xooxoxoox
  12. I'm on a new antidepressant that is weight neutral in studies. i haven't found it to affect my appetite like celexa did many years ago. with celexa, i could not stop eating and gained 70lb in 6 mos!! this time i am very very aware and if i find my appetite to be uncontrollable, i will ask for a different medication. i believe menopause is the culprit. I'm so glad that life is good for you! autumn is my favorite but i wish we could skip to spring right from there! sunshine is lovely, isn't it!!!? Thanks for checking in with me, I've always been so inspired by you xo
  13. @tracyringo for my GERD: i was on 3 different meds post op, it was so bad- zantac (max dose) nexium (max dose) and even reglan, an anti-nausea med. I was very slowly able to come off of zantac and reglan. i have tried many times to wean off of nexium but just cannot. I tried to replace the nexium with zantac which also didn't work. My concern is long term use of nexium. I've been on it for 14 years. It's not meant to be taken that way, and there are more and more studies coming out highlighting the problem of taking nexium long term. My bariatric surgeon suggested gastric bypass as his first choice for me because of my GERD and its severity as seen on my endoscopy. I really, really, really didn't want a bypass so i kind of plead my case for VSG. he had hoped that once my weight came off that there would be less interabdominal pressure, therefore no more GERD. I should have known better. I take a lot after my grandmother, who was a little peanut and had GERD no matter what she did. Long story long, I am very concerned with the fact that i am unable to survive without nexium, which is not recommended for long term use. I also continue to have symptoms (like right now) even though I am on the max dose. I am going to have an endoscopy done, probably this month, to make sure I'm not eroding my esophagus so much that i'm at risk for cancer. that's why I a have revision surgery on the brain. xo
  14. @BurgundyBoy and @Res Ipsa thanks gents. i have a special soft spot for new englanders (sigh- first love) you guys are no exception! thank you for the kind words. means a lot. xo
  15. thanks for your reply, tracy! YES YES YES i believe that most of my current issues with depression and weight gain are because of menopause. I do believe that some of the regain was muscle that I needed, but at this point it is far beyond muscle. It is incredibly frustrating. I hope you don't need revision, either!
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