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  1. I hope you love Legoland! We love taking our son there (we are north of Winter Haven by about an hour)
  2. @heddi, Thank you for posting this. This is an accurate depiction of how I feel, but I am not good with words!! I did want to add that I do share that I am exercising a lot, eating high protein and low carb diet... but also that I am eating small meals throughout the day (about 5 times) and a fairly low calorie diet because at this point I am not getting very many calories still. I really appreciate you being able to word this so perfectly.
  3. @Cheesehead & @Clickin Are their sizes comparable to a brand you know? The store in my town is closed - not really another nearby. Anyhow... I like a lot of their clothing online! I am getting back into non plus size, but currently only know my size at Gap, the Loft, New York and Co or Old Navy sizes...
  4. Congratulations and glad you have come back to the forum!!
  5. I have NEVER heard of this store - and apparently there is one in my town! The Lace Trim Cami - LOOKS PERFECT and in EVERY COLOR EVER! Thank you!
  6. Today, I'm unsure of the top but love my pants. They are quite old but hardly worn! I get razzed at work for the plaid design but I like it. The top is gap size large tank top is old navy size xl (I love these lace bottom tanks - they are also very old and getting too big I cannot find them anywhere) pants are New York and Co 16 P Cheap 1" heels so my pants don't drag - size 7.
  7. Hello and Welcome! You are so close. I know it seems hard but I found as the days went of following the diet, the easier it got. Every day will be a learning process. After you get through the carb withdraw, you can do anything! Best wishes for success on your journey!
  8. Welcome! You are making the right choice. At 36 I even wish I would have made this decision sooner. I let food and weight take over too many years of my life. I think nerves, doubt, all the bad thoughts.. are all normal and a way of coping. You are at the right place!!!
  9. Congratulations on your surgery! Hopefully you are recovering just fine! I recall having second thoughts and even a little regret after.. also a little of not believing they really did anything to me but .. clearly 80 pounds & 6 months later I am feeling great! You will too! Welcome to the losers bench!
  10. Welcome! Congratulations on starting your journey!
  11. Welcome to TT and I wish you the best with this process! It has changed many people's lives and I am sure it will change yours too! You came to the right place!
  12. Hi Savanna! Welcome! I found this forum so helpful in preparing for surgery and also after. I think most every possible scenario has been shared by people in this group. There are the good and the bad. I think that you should listen to the informational seminar and jot down any questions you may have come up and ask. So far what everyone has said is all great advice. For me, once I had my date, I started trying out different protein powders. I found the vitamin shoppe near me sold individual packets so I was able to get a good variety in. Post op, sweet things have been hard to tolerate, so I do enjoy Unjury Chicken Flavored Protein powder. Also, for prepping for surgery I would suggest being active - even a little every day. Post op, the more walking you can get in the better