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  1. I did a little reading last night. They said when we are fat we have extra warm padding, and our metabolism has to work extra hard so we are always warm. When we lose weight we lose the padding, but even more importantly our metabolism slows down because it doesn't need to work as hard. I wonder if daily workouts would help… hmm. It's interesting to hear from everyone even people years out that they are still cold.
  2. I'm 1yr and 3mo out. I'm thin 5'11, 166lbs, but still continue to lose a few pounds. The last few months I've been freezing. Especially in my fingers and toes. I know it's been colder than normal in northern California, but I cannot get warm no matter what. I keep telling myself it's just from losing all the weight. Did anyone else ever stabilize? In a few years will my body stabilize? Can I do anything to speed up not being cold? Exercise? Thanks!
  3. I had a stall right before 12 months. I figured the honeymoon phase was over. I stayed at 169 for probably 2 1/2 months. All of a sudden I'm dropping again at 1yr 3mo out. Don't worry to much, focus on eating healthy. Sometimes increasing you water intake a lot will kick off the weight loss again.
  4. Try going crazy with the water/drink and take a scoop of protein every morning. Everytime I hit a stall and would freak out, I'd start drinking crazy amounts of liquid and taking my protein first thing when I woke up. Seems like the stall would break in 2-3 days everytime with this trick. Hope it helps!
  5. I know exactly how you feel. Some of my favorite foods used to be cottage cheese, humus, tuna and so on. I'm 10 months out and haven't eaten any of them again since the first few weeks. Try to mixup it up as much as possible. It won't be too long and you'll be past this stage. I also probably spent around $1,000 trying every single protein powder I could get my hands on. After trying probably 40+ I've only found one that has no taste, or globby texture. It's Musclegen Research - Genepro Medical Grade Protein. I put one package of low-sugar outmeal in and my small scoop of that in my oatmeal. It helped me get 30grams of protein first thing in the morning. Try every brand of yogurt, don't stick to Dannon (not technical even yogurt), and different brands of your favorite soft foods. You'll be out of this stage soon enough. But I was totally over the soft foods after 4-6 weeks. I was never a big fast food person before surgery, but after surgery someone recommended Wendy's Chilli. It was amazing. I think I got that at the drive through more in the first 2 months after surgery than I've gone to fast food in 10 years.
  6. Does anyone here meal prep? I could really use some tips on the types of foods to buy from the grocery. I'm at 10 months post op. I'm 10lbs away from my goal weight, and I've been bouncing up and down with my weight lately. I think often I don't have stuff made up in advance, so I will let me self keep going back to the fridge to get small bites of stuff. This ends up in my snacking all day. I've decided to fight this with meal preps. I've got all my containers, and I've been trying to make a spreadsheet of meats, veggies, and fruits I can alternate between to make 3 small meals and some snack for food each day.
  7. I've finally hit this spot. I'm going between 169-172. When you get close to a lower number weight loss becomes harder. It still scares me though because I've been losing for so long. Lately I feel like I've been eating a lot. Guess I'm gonna track my calories.
  8. So what does everyone at work think now? You made your goal weight. Amazing!
  9. Everyone looks amazing. Is it still very surreal for everyone to look at a picture of themselves and realize how much smaller they are? Have a great weekend.
  10. I do want to keep losing weight. I am a little fearful that at 155lbs, there will be more noticeable loose skin and I won't like myself. Right now you can just tell the skin isn't as tight as normal. The reason I want to keep losing a little more weight is this: When I was in college I weight 135lbs and had 5% body fat and was on the swim team. Many people commented how under weight I looked, but I have to say that it was the best feeling in the world. I remember feeling like a floated and walked on air because my body was so light and free. I was so healthy then. Even though family and friends joked that I should eat something. There's also some science that shows that people taking in about 2/3 the calories of normal people and weighing less than doctor recommended can increase their lifespans. I'm not recommending this! These are just the reasons I feel that maybe it's better for the human body to not store fat on it. I just get the hunch that in the future we will find that human bodies are healthiest when they are lower weight than what we consider "healthy" today. It's just a hunch from my personal experiences, I'm not a doctor. So for me personally I'm going to try to go another 10-20lbs, and see how my body looks. I think 10lbs more to start and then we will see. When you decided you were done losing weight, how did you stop? Or was it near the end of the honeymoon period?
  11. Here's some photos. Just little stretch marks. No real loose skin so far. I'm very lucky. Sorry for the shirtless fat guy photos.
  12. This is what I'm wearing. Nothing exciting, but it's size 34! and the large shirt is baggy!
  13. WendyH, GAviv you both look amazing! I'll go take a picture now…
  14. Today I hit 175lbs. I'm no longer considered overweight. I'm at about 8 months post op. I can't believe how good I feel and look. I mean I felt great losing 70lbs. But once you get towards the end of your weight loss the change is so much more apparent. You feel amazing. I love walking, I'm excited about life. It felt like I would never get here, but the time flew by. To those of you considering VSG, it was the best decision I ever made in my entire life. I was skinny most of my life until about 22-24 when I started putting on the weight. I'm 5'11 and got up to 267lbs. I didn't feel like myself. I've lost 92lbs today. I'm still in disbelief at how much extra weight I had on my body. I'm wearing men's 34 pants right now, but it's clear that I need smaller pants. The idea that I can fit into 32 pants is surreal. It doesn't feel real. All of this feels like a wonderful dream. I guess I should share some pictures. Let me see if I can find any that won't include my face. In 2015 I said I was going to take my health back, and for the first time in my life I followed through. It wouldn't have been possible with VSG. Life is too short to live it in misery. Edit: For those of you that despair about the cost of the VSG surgery. Don't let that keep you down. I went to a high quality reputable doctor in Mexico and spent $3000. I actually got better care and support than I would have here in the states. It helps to keep it in perspective that no matter what your US insurance says you will be able to afford the surgery. Thanks to everybody for being so supportive at this community.
  15. I would love to chat with you more about your surgery. Are you on Facebook? If so, would you add me? Crystal Walters Lane, Charlotte NC

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