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  1. ..and the stall lasted 5 weeks. Scared me.. But my body caught up and is losing again.
  2. I tried losing weight for 5 years ( really trying) I went organic .. I tried vegan.. I did green juice fasts.. I did water fasts... I got healthier. My improvement of my blood work astounded my regular doctor. I went from pre diabetic to normal. Cholesterol improved, I never got sick all around much healthier.. But I only lost 8 lbs!! 8!. I was so upset that these true efforts. I mean I stuck to my plan .. Didn't provide results. I'm now almost 3 months out and have lost 40 lbs since surgery ( 42 as of today) and almost 80 total.. ( my preop liquid diet was 6 wks long because my bmi was 54.) I would say even if I stopped losing now ( and really my loss just started) that it was totally worth it... I hope you give it a shot. I considered the surgery for a long time and my only regret is that I procrastinated.. I should have done it sooner..
  3. I had blood work done. Psych evaluation. An upper GI X-ray with barrium an ultrasound of my liver an echocardiogram and a metabolism test ( breath in a tube for 15 min )before surgery. They also did a breath test for h pylori ( a common stomach bacteria that could lead to infection) ...
  4. yes. I had just had my nails done and my last preop class was day before surgery and my doctor office noticed them and said they must be removed because of the pulse ox monitor. My nails were clear gel and i own a pulse ox and it never interferred with the readings... But when doc said that the anethstisia personnel went to do their job they may refuse and i might not get surgery i had them grinded off.. Waste of a beautiful $ 50 manicure. But 3 months post op now and i gotta say it doesnt matter. Im glad i had them off and got my surgery. It really upset me at the time though.
  5. yes.. A tsp of real sauerkraut has more good bacteria than a whole bottle of probiotics. BButthe stuff in the store like vlassic are not good. They pasturize it killing the good stuff. Health food store for purchasing is your best. I make my own at home with starter pack.. You can do it without the pack but its so salty in the brine.
  6. Any surgery changes the bacteria in your gut. My biggest concern going into surgery was the antibiotics killing my immune system. I'd worked so hard to grow it. Our belly bacteria is always changing. I drink kombucha. Eat real sauerkraut and induldge in some good belly now and then. I don't take supplements. Any real fermented food has billions more than the overpriced supplements.. But they are convenient for those who don't ever do fermented.
  7. i understand your concern and I can't give you a long term success story because I am only 10 weeks out. i think you should consider the sleeve. like others said if it doesn't help it will leave you more options. im into nutrition and bypass was a no go for me because of absorption issues. but my dad had rny in 2001 and went from 400-200 lbs. 14 years later hes kept it off. his farts are bad and I would be lying if I said that it didn't make the sleeve more desirable for me. i dont have any issues with my sleeve and at almost 3 months out its like i never had the surgery at all.. except i eat small portion sizes. i eat bread. i had Christmas cookies and even mash potatoes with gravy. im not up to the status quo diet of post sleevers and im sure they would love to tear into me. but this is real life and im a foodie and no surgery didnt change that for me. but heres the thing. i do eat my protein first, then veggies after that the carbs are fair game for me. the thing is at this point im full anyway and don't get much of these "bad" foods at all. i dont feel deprived and when there are cookies i eat 1 maybe even 2 and i enjoy it. before I could have ate 10 or more cookies. im losing. im feeling great. i chose vsg i didnt become my surgery. and you don't have to either to get healthier.. making simple swaps here and there can make your diet good and still very yummy. nothing has to be off the table forever. if you concentrate on what you wont have you will never see what you could be. take the leap my friend. its ok if change is hard but that doesn't mean its impossible. you will find simple healthy foods are much more tastier than you ever imagined once you get through the post op diet. it resets your tastebuds. you definitely need to change your mindset. any of us can fail. i know i fear it especially because i eat bread. like you i don't want to not enjoy food. i do and always will love to cook and eat. im just eating less of the bad and more of the good and even though I induldge its so little im still losing. there is no right way. some people feed on the new outlook from surgery. i want to live and enjoy my life and that is what im doing and im making progress. you don't have to give upall that you love. you can be successful. i look forward to hearing how it goes
  8. So my vsg was 10/19/2015. I've lost about 80 lbs. Since I began. My highest weight was nearly 375!! On surgery day I was 325 and today I am 284. I have recovered very nicely. To be honest, I feel so normal its like surgery never happened. My loss has been a little slower than I hoped for., but I'm feeling better everyday. The only real difference is I can't eat very much. I know that I will hear a lot of crap about goals and diet and being honest with myself. But that's the thing I am honest with myself. I have not changed my life much at all. I healed and did well with food pretty quick. No food is completely off the table for me. I ate cookies and bread throughout the holidays and I enjoyed it. I noticed that I cannot eat beef two days in a row or my digestive system gets sluggish. And some foods just sit a little heavy like potato. But I have not thrown up or felt sick from anything. I have not vomited once since surgery. Have not had the runs or constipation. No heartburn. No indigestion. Nothing. Nothing has changed for me except the size of my stomach and 5 small puncture scars on my upper tummy. I eat my protein first. But I am not on a "diet" anymore. Im aware to get the most weight off a diet would serve me well.. But I'm trying to live a normal life. I am a foodie. I like to cook. I like to eat. Surgery did not strip me of this. Vsg is what I did, not who I've become. I don't drink soda. I don't do caffeine. I don't fry food often. I don't eat fast food. When I do eat something sweet or fattening its from scratch. I even bake my own bread. My overall diet is pretty natural and healthy anyway. I don't do aspartame or other chemical sweeteners. I use sugar and honey. I quit the protein shakes and don't plan revisiting them unless a blood test shows I'm deficient. I still put carbs on my plate. Once I eat my protein and vegetables there isn't much room for more than a bite or two. I don't graze I eat 2 meals and 3-4 small snacks a day. I drink mostly water. I don't feel deprived of anything. I feel that I have completely adapted. I don't even notice how little I actually eat until someone voices concern that I'm not getting enough. My small portion is my new normal. The hardest part was teaching myself that it's OK to not finish my plate. I waste food every night. I don't plan my meals by protein grams, I naturally gravitate to high protein Foods and I believe that my overall protein and vitamins/ mineral needs are being met with my whole food approach. Considering my surgery was at the beginning of The holiday season ( food season in my family) I am very pleased with my progress. My loss is weird. I lose 10 stall , lose 10 stall etc. I literally drop 10 pounds overnight and then stall till my next 10. I find it strange and it seems physically impossible. I lose inches during my stalls. All this being said. It is new years and for as long as I can remember losing weight has been my resolution. Not this year. My resolution is to go out and do all the things that I have not been able to because of the pain of my size in the past. I still have a ways to go.. But the current me could run circles around the 3 month ago me. But still I am geared towardss heath this time of year from the past. I guess it's become a tradition. My next doc appointment is at the end of the month and I will finally be cleared to workout more than walking and I can't wait to see how the pace of my loss is once I can do more strenuous activity. I'm getting jiggly in places that have deflated and I can't wait to tighten it up some. I will be eating closer to the surgery status quo minus the sugar free chemicals, and I will be focused on taking myself down to healthy. I plan on getting as much out of this honeymoon phase as possible. I can't wait to see what 2016 has in store. Im excited about the future and finding myself again. I'm excited to shed this fat suit. I hope you are all well and making strides in your journey.
  9. dont be too nervous!! I was so surprised at how quickly I recovered. I had mine mid October and I feel like it never happened. I mean I feel so normal. I don't have any lingering effects at all except I get full fast and am already smaller than I been in 5 yrs. Everybody is different.. But I have no food aversion or anything. With the holidays I even ate a lot of no no's. Nothing makes me sick. Good luck. It will be great!!
  10. I'm officially 6 weeks + 2 days post op. I got on the scale this morning and my 4 week stall is over.... Down another 6 lbs. I was getting really scared because I quit losing after only 2 weeks. I knew stalls were normal but with everyday the scale stayed stagnant I got more and more concerned that the surgery was not going to help me lose weight. I was beginning to get super stressed and pessimistic.. My newly found hope of getting healthy and mobile was disappearing. Well I'm feeling much better and a little bit more at ease. I was dumb founded that I could eat so little for an entire month and not have any results. Hopefully the losses keep coming for a bit before I hit my next stall. For being 6 weeks out from surgery, I feel wonderful. No pain. ( my side only feels sensitive if I bend real deep) . my back is hurting much less and I'm already able to spend more time on my feet. I feel the prison walls around me crumbling and I finally believe that I may be able to get my old self back. My portions are very small and I get full quickly. I still have lots of cravings but I'm not really hungry.. Mostly just fighting head hunger. I've tried a variety of foods and textures. Nothing seems to upset my sleeve. Well except getting too full if I eat too fast. I'm trying to be mindful and slow myself down and savor every bite. Beef doesn't upset my tummy but it does sit heavy and seems to digest sluggishly. When I had some hot sauce it kind of burned inside my tummy. A strange sensation I've never felt before. Not like heartburn or indigestion.. But hot like it is on your tongue but in my belly. It was strange and as much as I love the spicy spicy I'm avoiding it for a few more weeks just in case it is a bad thing. I've only been upset about not being able to eat a lot once. It was when I went to sushi with my husband. I LOVE sushi and was a little disappointed when I could not even finish one roll. I don't get to go to sushi often because I live in a small town with out a sushi bar.. So I usually pig out on these occasional dates. I've put away almost 4rolls plus nigiri and mussels in the past. Now that seems like an un godly amount and I don't know how I did it. I find myself watching others eat and wanting to slow them down. It's crazy how fast and how much I watch people put it away. It is kind of gross and really turns me off... And I use to put it away as good as any of them. Yes my relationship with food is definitely changing. My recovery is awesome. My mood is improving and my sleep is slowly returning to normal. My clothes are fitting much better and I'm looking forward to ditching my current wardrobe for a smaller one. Right now I'm just grateful for the end of my stall and the depression that came with it. I'm taking it one day at a time and trying to remain patient and positive.
  11. Me too.. It's messing with me mentally. I know where I have made some poor choices and hopefully going ala liquid will get things going again and restore my morale and motivation. It just really has me wondering if I'll ever even get close to goal. I know its early in the game... But I think that's what has me so worried. I'm trying to stay positive and remind myself it won't always be lose lose lose.. It just seems it should have took longer to start.. Even when I ate things I should have avoided.. I didn't eat much. So the effect is freaking me out big time. I'm only weighing every 3 days.. Mostly to make sure I'm not gaining, but always praying to see the end of the stall..
  12. The problem is we HAVE to eat. Everybody gained their weight for different reasons, their body chemistry, metabolism, food choices... All unique. I have no judgments. I'm about 7 weeks out. I hit a stall already. I'm about to start liquid shakes and protein bars again to get the scale moving again. Thanksgiving just passed and in the past week I made a lot of poor choices. My sleeve is a happy sleeve and nothing sits wrong except too much... And I've already tried just about everything. I'm not perfect and I like food. It tastes good. Not every slice of bread is created equal. A slice of homemade bread vs preservative filled billion ingredients store bread is like comparing apples to oranges .. Two different beasts. As I read all the comments the truth is I agree with all of you. Yes we need to teach ourselves better habits. And for some deviance of any kind could lead to a downward spiral. But this is also real life and for most constant perfection is not attainable. I for one plan to be imperfect and I don't think I'm selling myself short. Truth is I was a saint during my pre op diet and first month post op... But I was too good for too long and that is what led to MY poor choices afterward. As far as being far out and then having to fight a slow metabolism. Well I'm dealing with that already. I starved myself for so long to try to lose weight in the past my metabolism is already at a stalled sluggish state.. And I'm sure I'm not alone. We got this surgery to lose weight and it is a tool not a magic bullet but being too restrictive and not restrictive enough can both lead to poor choices and gain. My goal is to have a healthy relationships with all kinds of foods. Food is more than nutrition it is also culture. A culture I love. I'm the first to admit to being a total foodie and that has not changed. I also know I can overindulge in all that yumminess. And I don't want to be obsessed over every calorie in every bite for the rest of my life either. I'm staying hydrated, eating protein first. Taking in supplements and vitamins. But I'm not going to take a single thing off the table. I like wine with my sushi and you can't make a sandwich without bread. I'm not going to eat these foods everyday.. But I am going to eat them. I try to make it healthier by doing the homemade from scratch whenever possible and lean towards clean food anyway.. But I still plan on loving and enjoying food. It is a big part of our lives. That said.. I know that I tend to be a fat girl ( been heavy since an early age) and I know I got very unhappy. I went as extreme as surgery to help fight the battle. And I must be mindful and aware. Sometimes there will be periods of time when I'm strict on myself to stay on track.. But there will be times I'm lenient and induldge and enjoy what I'm having guilt free knowing it wasn't the perfect nutritional choice. Gastric sleeve is not my whole life.. And I don't want it to be. I'm glad I did it. There is no right perfect journey. I think the biggest thing all of us need to do is be honest with ourselves.. There is a difference between allowing yourself to eat a meal you love occasionally and making it a daily habit. Be honest with yourself about what you are really eating. There's no reason we can't lose weight and still enjoy food. It's about finding your balance and paying attention.
  13. I'm just behind you and have already hit a huge stall. I feel like I can eat more than I should even though it's very little. I'm going back to the liquid preop diet in hopes to get things moving. I expected better loss and have been stalled for almost a month. It stresses and depresses me. What others said about your dad is true.. He has to be ready. However if his diet is that bad bypass might serve him better than sleeve because it makes a lot of unhealthy foods more disagreeable. I got the sleeve and I have zero food aversion.. Everything sits and digests fine even though i eat very little i crave sweets and carbs which scares me because I love food and am going to still feel the struggle and have to work hard to be successful.. So much so that I'm wondering if bypass would have been a better choice for a foodie like me.