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  1. Dreams of overeating

    It happens you start over don't stress yourself out just stay eating clean and no sodas I have a sip here and there but when I eat clean and no sodas I feel so much better.
  2. Fitbit

    I have had the surge for 3 months and I love it but you have to read the instructions carefully and adjust the steps with your walking glide length because my step counter was way off at first it was telling me I had taken 20000 steps by morning lol
  3. Can't sleep so I'm up reading posts

  4. I'm getting close to being under 200 I can feel it I'm at 213 

  5. Loose Skin?

    My arms and chest are not bad but my stomach apron looks horrible like a deflated tire I used to take off my shirt with no problem when I was 360 but now I can't at 220 hopefully it will get better with time but I doubt it lol .
  6. I'll be there I'm close by.
  7. Setting your goal weight

    My dr says he doesn't set goal weights he said that our bodies will decide the set weight continue eating healthy and working out
  8. Legs!!!!!

    Those eyes wow
  9. Legs!!!!!

  10. Legs!!!!!

    Very hot
  11. even before the surgery you were beautiful I'm happy for you congrats
  12. plateau..... 4 weeks out??

    I was the same way after a month my weight loss came to a complete halt and I thought I might have been doing something wrong after about two weeks of not dropping a pound I stepped on the scale and had lost about 5 pounds in a day I'm almost hitting my 3 months surgiversary and lost a total of 95 lbs my Dr. says I'm doing excellent but I feel like I could've stepped it up a bit ,sometimes we're just to hard on ourselves good luck and don't worry to much about the scale as long as your doing things right your going to succeed
  13. WLS, Chemo, Radiation and life sucks

    I'm glad you feel better ,my wife's aunt is going thru the same thing and she has all the symptoms you mentioned we feel helpless sometimes but you can't give up there's family and friends who need you. I'll keep you in my prayers
  14. pain, pain management and physical restrictions

    Gastric bypass tends to recover better than gastric sleeve my roommate at the hospital had gastric bypass at the same time as me and he left two days earlier than me he was eating the next day