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  1. I am so sorry for the late response!!! The surgery was quick and easy. I had no complications at all. My healing was amazing and I was still able to visit NYC at 3 weeks post op. My biggest adjustment is the eating. I've forgot that I've been sleeve and shoveled in a couple of bits of food and my body reminds me minutes later that my stomach is no longer the same. Have you been sleeved yet? This was the best decision I've ever made.
  2. Mine is tomorrow morning as well. I'm so nervous that I've cleaned my apart twice today. This waiting is really getting to me. I can't believe it's really about to happen. 16 hours and counting.
  3. I have 17 hours and 19 minutes until I'm sleeved!!! I can't believe this is happening!
  4. I'm only doing the injection for the flight. The flight from LAX to JFK is 6 hours nonstop. My NP told me that I would have to take and injection since I probably won't be able to get up and walk around the plane. Then I will have to do another for the return flight home. I extremely nervous because I don't want to be tired or unable to enjoy my time in NYC with my friends.
  5. I have the same question. I leave for New York 3 weeks after my sleeve surgery. I will be on the soft food stage so I hope I won't have to much trouble finding something to eat and getting in my protein. My only concern is giving myself he injection of Lovanox before my flight. I most certainly will have to pack me some powder protein or find some in the airport.
  6. KittyCath how is your recovery? Hopefully all is well and you are recovering and resting well. If you are interested in friends outside of Canda you can download the WhatsApp (for iphone and android). I use it to text my friends in Austrilla and Canada. It's a great App plus it's FREE!!
  7. Thanks Jolls. This thread is such a wealth of knowledge.
  8. Congrats!!!! I"m super excited for you!!! Happy Belated Birthday as well!! I'm sure you celebrated by having the most amazing birthday protein shake.
  9. I was actually reviewing my dietary rules and guidelines last night (seemingly every night) tell myself I can do this. At this point I feel like I have no other choice but to succeed. I can't and I won't allow failure to be an option for me. Every time I look at my pants size, bra size, and Cpap machine I tell myself " Hell I better do because this is not the life I want to continue living"
  10. Lindy, Thank you so much for that wish!! So sweet!! That was my whole reason for doing this. Everybody thinks I'm crazy, but I look at my grandmother and see how many health issues she has and I realized I didn't want that for myself. I wanted to live a whole and eventful life. Sweet Lindy this is only the beginning for you as well. It's never to late live!! (or at least that's what I think)
  11. I understand exactly how you feel I wanted mine so badly as well that I was even hesitant to post anything or tell anybody. I'm so excited that I can fully starting preparing now that I have the final insurance approval (such relief). I'm sure you will be fine. If you can quit smoking you can most certainly make it through all of those shakes. Try changing it up a bit, maybe that will help. Keep us posted!!
  12. Well it's official, after three days of stalking the website, my insurance gave me the AUTHORIZATION for the sleeve! I'm so excited about this next phase in phase in my life. I can't believe I started this journey on June 2nd and on August 19 I will actually be having the surgery. Now I feel like I can officially start preparing for the surgery and post surgery life. Any advice on things to purchase for post surgery life? Or just any advice in general would be great!! "My journey to the sleeve"
  13. Sooooo.... I just my Authorization from my insurance company!! It's really happening!!
  14. Guess who just their APPROVAL!!!! ME!!!! So after stalking my online health records (lucky for me I can see when they submit referrals and when they are authorized) It just changed from PENDING to AUTHORIZED!!! I'm so excited and still very nervous!!
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