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  1. Hi Melanie, remember how we all use to get together for lunch. Some of us long tremors are doing it again. Interested in joining us?

  2. long-term calcium deficiency

    I was wondering if someone is ten years out, could you then become vitamin d deficient. I have taken calcium and vitamin d all along, but my bone scan recently showed that I'm getting osteoporosis and have a low vitamin D level. Could everything be fine and then go the other way.
  3. I'm new here.... 8 years out!!

    I totally agree that our pouches still work. I'm almost 6 years out. I slipped into some bad habits and gained some weight. I joined weight watchers and have lost 10 of 20 pounds i should loose and i have to say it's been easy. i'm eating healthy and get full easy since i do have that pouch. when i did weight watchers before surgery i was always hungry and not successful. it's easy this time having the pouch. melanie
  4. Celebrex.. doctor wants to give it to me.

    Jenni: I have arthritist in my shoulder and the doctor I saw prescribed it for me recently. I haven't started it yet. He said he has prescribed it to quite a few weight loss patients. Also, a friend of mine who had surgery some where else, said at one of the meetings she went to people had asked about that and the gastric bypass doctor had said with celebrex in gbp it has seemed to work well as long as you take something with it such as xantax or one of those. Melanie
  5. Who did not have succes after the surgery.

    I am five years out. I have not kept all my weight off. I was in the same situation as ragdoll. I'm at least 80 pounds thinner than five years ago when I had surgery. I should probably be a 100 pounds thinner. I agree with ragdoll. It is only a tool and nothing else. Melanie
  6. Getting fat..

    Bridgett I do have to say, I do walk every morning at 5:00 with Dara. We walk 2 1/2 miles during the week. on the weekends 4 miles. I will say Dara has the same issue. She ended up stablizing out at about a 75 percent weight loss. Dara and I are also older than you. we're in our 50's, have gone through menopause. I think that has something to do with it, also. I'm also on hormonal therapy. In my particular situation I find if I eat protein, fruits vegs, no carbs I i'll loose the weight, but to live a realistic lifestyle and eat like a normal person and regular food, but smaller portions, i cannot loose the extra weight. Like I say, I think other things factor into it when you get older and your body starts changing. Melanie
  7. Getting fat..

    I really believe that after a couple years you do gain weight. I really believe this surgery is made to have you go from obese to overweight. They say you'll loose 75 percent of your weight and i think it's very true. I'm 5 years out and got to 118 and i'm now 160. when i had surgery i was 240. i lost 75 percent of my weight. my friend was telling me basically she saw a show recently on bypass surgery and they said the surgery is not to make you super skinny. It's to have you go from obese to overweight and loose 75 percent of your weight. melanie
  8. hey lady! I havent seen you in awhile! How are you doing?

  9. Starbucks Sugar-Free Mocha!!!

    I tried it today. I think it's awful. It tastes like medicine and leaves a horrible aftertaste. Melanie
  10. Reversals?

    I think it's really dangerous to undergo a reversal. someone my sister knew had a reveral and died on the operating table. her body just could not handle it. it's a very dangerous surgery. melanie
  11. South Beach Diet- Southwest Chicken Salad

    i'm 4 years out. I take it for lunch. People are looking at me like are you sure that's enough. for me it's the perfect size. i'm able to eat it all and it satsifies me. it's great for post opers. melanie
  12. long term post op

    Has anyone 2 years or more out had problems with kidney stones? if so, how did you know? I went to the doctor for my annual blood work, which was fine, 4 years out, but they also did a urinanalysis and said i had blood in my urine. so i need to go back and repeat it and if i still have it i need to go see the urologist. the doctor said it could be kidney stones, which i read is common in gbs patients. Does anyone have any info? melanie
  13. Anyone have elevated liver enzymes 1 yr p/o?

    bridget ever since my surgery my liver enzymes have been high. they even did all these tests for me for hepatitis, etc. the doctor said it's from the gbs with the way that we absorb stuff that is causing it. melanie
  14. Pouch size and eating at 1 year out

    in april i will be 4 years out. this is what i usually eat for a day at 5:30 a.m. i have a bannna and yogurt because then i go walking. at 8:30 a.m. i have a half a bagel and a piece of stick cheese because i have to make it through to lunch. at 1:00 for lunch i either have a salad or a sandwich like turkey and cheese or roast beef. i can eat a whole sandwich, minus one piece of bread) for snack at about 4:30 to hold me until dinner i usually have an apple and a piece of string cheese or a granola bar or something like that. for dinner i have either chicken or meet or fish and maybe a half of baked potatoe or 1/3 cup or rice or vegs. or whatever. i notice if i have enough protein for dinner i'm not hungry to snack at night. if i don't have enough protein at dinner then sometimes i'll have a snack at nigh like one of those 100 calorie snack bags. melanie
  15. H.R. question

    Rain i think it depends on your employer whether you have to use your vacation and sick leave. When i took fmla last year for my gallbladder surgery my employer let me have fmla, but they also made me use my vacation and sick leave even though i didn't want to because i was also colleting disability. the information i read from the state it said that it is up to the employer whatever their policy is. melanie