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  1. happy early birthday!!!

  2. starting to loose again and im feeling great. decided to skip my 3 month blood work. i have been taking my vitamins and everything every day like i was supposed to so i see no need to get it done quite yet. love watching the numbers on the scale melting away!!

  3. i have. i started loosing again. it wasnt much but it was a loss. 2.4 lbs. i think this is something that i will just have to get used to.
  4. i usualy use my fitness pal and recently it hasnt been saving my logs. i dont eat very many carbs, one serving a day, mostly veggies and protein with every meal. my snacks might be a little on the big side for a snack. i get between 800 to 1000 cals a day. i dont eat back my exercise cals at all. hope this helps out.
  5. so i am 3 months post op and i am worried that i an not losing enough. i have stalled out twice since surgery and i have only lost about 42 lbs since surgery. im just worried that i am not gonna loose anything more. i have stalled out for about 2.5 weeks. i also have started hitting the gym 6 days a week, alternating cardio and lifting days. its just starting to become discouraging and it just makes me worry. anyone have this same issue or feelings? i am also worried that i might be eating too much. i can eat anywhere between 1/2 cup and 3/4 of a cup at any given time before i get full and need to stop eating. i eat 3 meals a day as well as 2 snacks. i just worry about everything cause i really want this to work and i might be doing something wrong.
  6. so i have been getting headaches every day. some days are worse then others. i dont know many people that have this issue so i though that i would ask here. has anyone ever had this? just for some background info i am about 3 months post op and i am getting about 60 to 70 oz of water a day. i have fell off a little taking my vitamins, but i have recently got back on it hard core and nothing seems to help with it.
  7. i love popcorn and would love to incorporate it into my snack rotation. any good recipes for popcorn without all the butter??
  8. so for the past 12 hrs i have been dry heaving and unable to keep anything down but water and water only. every time i try and eat something it just comes right back up like 2 min later. even flavored water comes back up. it has to be straight water. whats going on and what can i do to help this? edit: just a little more info about this. it comes and goes. i was able to eat a little bit and felt fine for a while then it came back after about an hour after i ate. it comes in waves and its not constant at all. im a bit worried about this because it was all of a sudden kind of thing.
  9. i so cant wait to have a salad!!!! i have been craving one for weeks!


    1. Jonna
    2. tmcgee


      It was about a year before I could handle one, and it was at a restaurant salad bar. I forget the name of the chain, but it was soup and salad for $10. Very satisfying, one of the VERY few things I like to eat.

  10. i was just wondering who of you out there have one of these. my aunt has one and i was wondering if it is normal and if most drs give them out for the times you do eat out. also if you have on do you get a lot of guff when you do try an dorder off the kiddy menu or anything like that? i know its an odd question, but i have been wondering about it for a while. thank you all in advance.
  11. so i have noticed that i have no problem eating warm or hot items (as in temp, not spicy), but for some reason it hurts my pouch when i drink ice old water or drinks. is this normal? does this happen to other people?
  12. everything everyone is saying is true, we all go through some different feelings and emotions. the best thing to do it talk about them and embrace them. dont hide from them. we are all here for you and if you need anything we are all here any time you need us. juts hang in there.
  13. Welcome J and we all have out issues with foods not making us feel well. i am 6 weeks post op and still learning lots and lots every day. i have food stufs that i cant eat at all yet and sometimes its a day by day thing. i have tried the carnation breakfast shake stuff and it was really good. i also drink body fortress as my protein drink and i have never had any issue with it at all. just keep on keeping on. we are all behind you.
  14. my 6 week post op check up is in 3 days and i am so psyched about getting to eat normal and real food once again. i have been craving just a bite from a whole cracked wheat roll. i so cant wait to get onto my next food level!!!

    1. Sassypants


      Congrats! I see my NUT tomorrow and also can't wait to get the OK to move on to the next level. Good luck to you :)

  15. i dont regret it at all. its the best thing that i could have done for me and my family. but be prepaired for a little bit of pain. no one told me, but walking for me was horrible for the first day and a half and dont try and be tough, take your pain meds. they will help in the long run. just take it easy after surgery and got get too gung ho about anything. its a major surgery and you need your time to heal. good luck and if you need anything we are all here for you!!