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  1. Hi!  How is it going since your surgery?  I just got my date (Jan 30th!)  Any advice / tip are welcome!!!

  2. wait what? Post op GROUP? There are POST OP GROUPS? I didn't know this. Please, more details.
  3. It's an eating disorder

    I am 8 months post sleeve. I am 12 pounds from my goal weight which I set...not my doctor. I wanted to get out of the "unhealthy BMI" range. There is a chance I'll lose more than that, but for now, 12 pounds to go. I have written a blog for many years, it started with looking for plus size clothing, learning about the Health at Any Size movement and now I write about binge eating disorder and alcoholism. (Yep, I got the double whammy) Just wanted to put it out there, that the sleeve has helped me so much, but I still see my eating disorder evolving and trying to manipulate the crap out of me. The sleeve is my tool, I am full, I try not to eat any more. But sometimes I do overeat. And that's okay. https://healthatmysize.com/2016/10/14/its-a-slippery-slope/
  4. Is there a goal percentage of excess pounds per month? I know there must be somewhere. I just can't seem to find it. I try not to get hung up in the numbers....today I am getting hung up on the numbers..... :-)
  5. I'll pay shipping. PayPal or chase pay?
  6. Women's Petite Pants For Sale

    Please send me photos, 20 and 18's. I am petite too.
  7. The compression things seem fabulous. How much?
  8. Wow, have I ever been remiss in updating my status. I apologize about that. So I was finally released from the hospital after having been readmitted the week after surgery. I spent a few days there, not on the Bariatric floor which was horrible. The nurses just didn't really understand my issues and it was just a crappy experience. Through most of it though, I did feel like they had my best interests at heart. Dr. Nagle and his team were awesome. Not one word to say about that. I'm now a little over 3 weeks post surgery. Mostly doing fine. I'm getting my protein and eating (?) if you can call it that. My energy level early in the day is great, but at about 3:00 pm I start to feel pretty tired. Especially if I have walked or done something physical. I am not surprised by this, just noting it. My incisions are nearly healed. The larger one is still a little scabbed over, but other than that you barely notice them. I am not tracking my weight at home. I will rely on the Dr. scale for that. My eating disorder would compel me to obsess over this if I had a scale in the house. For that same reason I do not have a fitbit! I am thinking about clothes. Most of my stuff is just too big right now, but the idea of buying new stuff just to grow out of it isn't appealing. Certain items I can not go without. I had to go in for an adjustment on my CPAP machine because of the weight loss. Overall I feel really good. I am dealing with head hunger as it comes along and I am using the tools I have to cope. Hope the rest of you are doing well. I'll try to be better about posting!
  9. Hey there! I was admitted back to the hospital. I had my surgery on Monday, February 22. That Friday, I came down with a really bad cold that turned into feverish chills on Friday. They have continued until last night. This morning my husband drove me to ER. My white blood cell count is very high and I'm showing some markers in my blood that may indicate a blood clot, but the CT Scan ruled out pneumonia & blood clots. There's definitely some sort of infection somewhere they'll be doing a endoscopy or something along those lines tomorrow morning. They're thinking maybe there was a small leak that healed itself but that has left fluids in my abdomen. I should know more tomorrow. I'm not worried, but I'm freaking out for my kids.just do not have 1 ounce of energy to spare right now. I will keep you in the loop. My temp went up to 103.5 last night. Thankfully it is down. Dr. Nagle has been amazing. Showing so much personal concern and convincing me that I'm going to be just fine. My poor family though, especially my parents. They leave out of the country on the fifth. They'll be gone for six weeks and I think my mother is completely freaking out. Luckily I have A great community of support at home. A couple of my girlfriends came over to take care of my kids last night while my husband slept. He's trying to recover from his own cough and cold. More later, we knew and know that some people have complications after surgery. Still no regrets.
  10. Hello there folks. I'm feeling pretty good overall. I was allowed to have 30 mL of water on the hour every hour until about dinner time this evening. At dinner they brought me broth, sugar-free Jell-O, and Tea. I ate most of the jello some of the broth and none of the tea. I now can sip sip sip water as often as I can handle it. I've gotten up to walk around the floor. In most cases Dr, Nagle would send me home tomorrow, but because I had extensive scarring from being hit by a car when I was only six years old they may keep me until Thursday. That's OK with me though. I know I'm going to get a lot more rest here with the hospital staff than I would at home with two kids, two dogs and two cats! So far the worst part for me was a horrible dry mouth and sore throat. But now that I can take and fluids liberally, I anticipate that will go away. Thanks so much for all of your support. Going into surgery it was nice knowing there were people out they're sending me positive thoughts. And thanks for the suggestion to bring the dry mouth spray. It really did help.
  11. 12 hours till surgery

    Feeling exhausted, ready, drained, excited and scared.
  12. My surgery is scheduled for Monday morning. Up until the last few days I have been doing really well, but this evening my emotions and fears swelled up until they burst all over the place. (maybe triggered by the clothing purge I did. I really love my clothes) I am finally settled down, taking some deep breaths, and tired. I know I am exactly where I need to be. But I'm scared.
  13. I quit drinking and binging in 2015! Out of that came drawing. I drew this in August.