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  1. Had my second appointment this week. I'm down 5lbs with 8 to go for supervised. Next week, I have my endoscopy, the 14th is my psych evaluation, then I need the sleep study/pulmanary clearance. Still excited about all this, even though I'm going through some other life changing things ATM now, but I will be fine. I am strong, I am awesome, and I have 2 beautiful children to think about as well!!
  2. AmandaS

    How long?

    I had to lose 5% in six months, which is about 13lbs. I'm down 4 in a week.
  3. My pre-op labs came back. She said my vitamin D is a tad low so they want me to do a script of that for 6 weeks then they will re-check. Also, my iron is borderline and he wants me to maybe start iron supplements due to my age and because I still get periods. However, I do NOT get a period (sorry if TMI) and haven't in 9 years due to my IUD. She's gonna see if that matters or not. Should I be worried? I've seen and talked to friends who have to get iron infusions since having the bypass due to iron lvls. First time in this process that I am now nervous. :/ help!!
  4. No advice, as I'm still pre-op, but I just wanted to say that you look great, whatever you are doing, keep it up! Also, I've heard a lot of people swear by Biotin for hair loss issues.
  5. Hi and Welcome! Lots of informative people here who will gladly help with any questions. Dont be afraid to ask ANYTHING! I am also at the beginning of the journey, there are several of us here that are. Just jump right in and have fun!!
  6. I'm so sorry to hear about your loss.
  7. I read that the same way! I went back over it twice thinking 'PAINT the CAT?!? I guess if thats your stress relief, who am I to judge!!' LOL I thought it was funny too. That said, only YOU can truly make this choice. I know its easier said than done, but we can't let others opinion make up our mind. It's OUR body, OUR health, OUR LIVES. Having the surgery is a risk. Not having the surgery is a risk. Which risk is the one worth taking is something only you can decide.
  8. My BFF had the band about...6 years ago. Lost weight, gave me all her "fat clothes". I lost weight (another diet/stress), she gained her weight back (bad band BAD!) took her clothes back. Last July she was revised to RNY, while I gained all MY weight back. Now she said when I start losing, shes gonna give me what she has been having to give up again. A vicious cycle with FINALLY an end in sight!!
  9. Nice job! Keep up the great work!
  10. I was rather shocked when they told me they were gonna schedule, and mentioned that I thought they usually wait until after all the testing and 6 month supervised. She told me they work with my insurance company all the time and have never had issues with anything so they go ahead and schedule to give us a date to look forward to. Would be awesome if our dates were close together!
  11. I have a couple friends who have had RNY but didnt take on-going progress pics. I def want to do this as well as measurements. When should I start? Should I start with one NOW when Im at the beginning of my 6 month supervised diet, or should I wait until closer to surgery?
  12. Had my first NUT/Surgeon visit today. WOW what a boatload of info!! *head spins*. Today was the first of my 6 month supervised diet. I need to lose 13lbs by the end of the 6 months. Got my Psych Eval, Upper GI, and Ultrasound scheduled. They will call to schedule my endoscope as well as a possible sleep test to check for apnea. Dr says if i do, its prob only a mild case, so he isnt sure if they will even want to do a sleep test. I actually went after my appointment and had my labs drawn, my Chest X-Ray, and EKG done, so those are already out of the way. And the best thing...I ALREADY GOT MY SURGERY DATE!!!!!!!!!!! January 18, 2016 is the date of my NEW LIFE!!! Pre-op prep starts January 4th. I am SO excited! and nervous. and anxious. and..heh..its gonna be a long 6 months!!