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  1. Heh. I've not posted for a while. My surgery went well back in 2015 with no issues. I haven't lost as much as I maybe should have, but I am satisfied with the outcome. Surgery was a big change for me, and it enabled me to make another pretty big change. Can you see the difference? A while before surgery... Not quite two years post surgery...
  2. Hi guys, wanted to let everyone know I'm OK. I had a laptop computer with me but I just felt too crappy to deal with setting it up so I did not bother. No big issues during surgery yesterday. Now I understand the gas pains that everyone was talking about... the first time I had to burp I thought I was going to die. I'm at home just now... taking lots of sips of water and walking around really helps. And hydromorphone helps too. LOL.
  3. Thanks And just so everyone is clear, please do ignore any inappropriately loud demands for Diet Pepsi, cigarettes, and double bacon cheeseburgers (with lettuce, onion and mayo) coming from my hospital room tomorrow. I'm sure it's the anesthesia wearing off. LOL.
  4. I had this early last week, halfway through my own 2 week pre-op diet. While it's probably too late to help OP, maybe it will help someone else. TMI WARNING!!!!!!!!!! TMI WARNING!!!!!!!!!! TMI WARNING!!!!!!!!!! TMI WARNING!!!!!!!!!! TMI WARNING!!!!!!!!!! TMI WARNING!!!!!!!!!! I hadn't went No. 2 for nearly a week. I was feeling crappy, despite the fact I was already taking Miralax daily and had been for some time. I took 15mg dulcolax 2 days in a row. I tried a dulcolax suppository on the 3rd day. I even tried a Fleet enema. Nothing worked. I was feeling so dreadful I went to ER. The solution? Two words: Magnesium Citrate elixir. It's an over-the-counter product. Nastiest concoction on the face of the Earth. But it got the job done quick. And I lost several pounds instantly. Mind you I was pre-op.... Better check with your practitioner before you try this stuff after a bariatric procedrue.
  5. I had my results the next day, they showed up on my hospital's internet based patient portal.
  6. Why precisely can Incandescence finally quit complaining, you ask? Because I've finally made it. Tomorrow is the VSG day for me. I'll let you know that I have made it through alive
  7. Eek78.... My story is a little different and maybe I'll type mine up someday, but boy oh boy I am right there with you regarding the financial difficulties, the divorce and custody issues. These are such a huge strain... and it's always too easy to turn to something huge and tasty to get your mind off of it... Good on you (and me and everyone else here too) to DO SOMETHING POSITIVE TO SOLVE YOUR PROBLEMS.
  8. I didn't think I'd like any of them, but I am totally NOT a sweet tooth and actually have an aversion to chocolate milk (got sick off it as a child) so "whoa it tastes just like a fruit smoothie or chocolate shake" is actually NOT a selling point for me. I ordered sample packets of Unjury brand, both unflavored and chicken soup, thinking I could roll the dice on a few sample packets. The chicken soup is OK, and the unflavored works pretty well in beef broth made with bouillon cubes. Just don't make the water too hot or it will clump. I use a meat thermometer to actually verify the water temperature at 140* (which is the maximum Unjury recommends).
  9. Just to add more testimony to the pile here... Yes all my doctors recommended it: gp, opthalmologist, dermatologist, and endocrinologist (I see a lot of doctors). But these aren't people I *know*. I happen to have two very close friends from my high school days who grew up to be medical doctors. I am not a patient of either one, but I privately asked their opinions. Both of them unconditionally recommended the VSG procedure. One of them said she was even considering it for herself. These are two of the most brilliant people I have ever known and I absolutely trust their opinions. It was THEIR recommendation that finally resolved any doubt for me.
  10. outstanding news! I hope I do half as well! Is your pain finally done?
  11. Oh my... I am sorry to hear you had such a rough time. Keep your head up.
  12. I can be someone's buddy (Sep 14th for me!!!!) but I expect I am my own worst enemy so you gotta want that... @eek78: Supposedly, the pre-op diet, depending on who you ask: a) shrinks your liver removes the slimey coating from your liver c) gets you used to eating pureed foods d) shrinks your stomach e) crash diet to lose a few more pounds before surgery thereby reducing overall risk f) demonstrates commitment to cause g) clears the digestive system methinks "e" is the most justifiable reason.
  13. I got FMLA paperwork from the HR person last week, and got it to the bariatric clinic office coordinator today. The clinic person said they only refer to the surgery in generic terms (i.e. "abdominal surgery") and offered to give me up to 4 weeks off! LOL. I will only take two, but nice to know I could justify more time if there are issues.
  14. Hey, today's your day right? Good luck and let us know how you're doing!