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  1. Yes still same people that I've corrected before. Some are my employees so I have to be really careful. It's exhausting and frustrating, I'm trying to see myself and some just won't let it go. I stay quiet when I can, but that is usually really awkward. Congratulations on surgery. I don't regret doing it, but I'm so tired of people having no boundaries. Stick with it.
  2. Ok not going to restart post but I wish people would stop already. Almost 2 years, they need to let it go. Pissing me off that people pay way too much attention to me and my weight loss!!!
  3. Hi everyone.I am almost 2 years out. Down over 130 pounds. These last 10 pounds are kicking my butt. Want it gone before my dr appt in July. I can't seem to get my crap together. I was exercising but stopped when life got crazy. I just lost my father and I'm still reeling from that. I know what to do, but can't make myself do it. Thoughts? thanks in advance
  4. Hard times you had. It seems like you have overcome quite a lot. Congratulations on the success you have had and the future of those to come.
  5. Simple schedule breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, vitamins usually started at 7am I set calendars to remind me
  6. That doesn't sound like a friend. Tell her straight up to knock it off, I've removed toxic people from my life and didn't look back. This is about you and your journey . A journey that benefits you, your husband and children too with a happy, healthy mom. Too many things to be grateful for without dealing with sourpuss people. Move on if she can't respect boundaries. And congratulations keep up the good work
  7. Wow. Still not at goal but getting there. Started exercising again so maybe that did it.
  8. Jolls, you are an inspiration to so many, and full of real life, knock you on the butt advice (thank you for no sugarcoated responses). You have this and you know it, move yourself out of the way as you have suggested so many times before. Stop, re-evaluate, regroup and move forward. Repeat until you get where you want to be. New year, new(er) you. You can do it....I believe that 100%. I haven't posted as much, and I can see that without the support here, some old habits have reappeared. *sigh*