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    I'm an IT guy, so gadgets and electronics to a certain extent. I play the piano. I'm raising 5 kids, ages 4 yo to 14 yo.
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  1. The fear of dying is common, I myself experienced it a bit. But here I am, talking to you :-) Is someone going with you? Pack light. You will be tired post-op, but you will be able to get around. I would think the only thing you'd really need help with is lifting luggage, out of into the car, etc.
  2. Michael_A

    Six weeks

    Like a boss! My follow up is with my surgeon every month. I'm in a different state, so she calls me. This coming week will be our second monthly appointment. Once a month for 6 months, then 2 @3 months, then once a year. I get labs every three months for the first year, then once a year after that. I didn't realize I was fortunate to speak directly with her, so I'm glad you mentioned it.
  3. CJ, big congrats on your continuing weight loss, and your attitude of determination. You are no doubt inspiring newbies that you don't even know about! I had 7 incisions, (gastric bypass) and the largest 2 of them were healed by 5 weeks or so. Having one that still bleeds may need a Dr to look at, sounds a little unusual.
  4. I generally feel ok all the time, but I'm beat every day by mid afternoon. Maybe I need to play around with the diet a bit.
  5. The reason I did that is because my surgeon is really big on not eating "at all" unless you feel like your body is truly asking for food/fuel. And so right now she's saying I should only be eating once a day, very small amounts (like 1 or 2 oz), and the "way I'll know" that it's time to eat is I will have a "low blood sugar feeling", which still to this day I have no idea what that is. She is vague and says everyone has to figure out what their unique signal is on their own. Could be headache, fatigue, lightheaded, etc. I'm not saying I *agree* with this, just repeating what she tells her pati
  6. Delilah, I'm so glad you're post-op now, and that you are doing so well! I have learned that I can go for a long time without eating, I went for 24 hours a couple weeks ago just to see what my "low blood sugar feeling" felt like, but I never noticed anything abnormal. But I DO get miserable when I don't get enough water. My routine lately has been to have a cup of hot tea as soon as I wake in the morning, and then try to get 1 liter of water in before I leave for work. Then I get two more in throughout the day. That seems to be a good spot for me right now. It also sounds like your
  7. Excellent work CJ! Right there with you on the no-snapping-or-unsnapping part :-)
  8. Jen, your words pretty much summed up how I felt a year ago as well. AND my health was terrible with high blood pressure and diabetes and high cholesterol. Your progress has been awesome and I am so happy for you today for finally getting your magic number! You've been such a helpful and calm voice on this forum, it is truly a better place for having you around!
  9. Congrats on your awesome progress! You sound really level-headed and seem like you are doing well at assessing your weaknesses and strengths. Regarding the tray table-- that was one of the last things that pushed me over the edge and I began researching WLS. I was traveling with a couple buddies to an IT conference in 2013, and the tray table wouldn't go down all the way because of my big belly. So embarrassing.
  10. I did just the opposite- I showed my protein drink off for all the world to see. I lost a lot of weight on my pre-op diet and right near surgery time, it became very noticeable and people at work started mentioning my weight loss to me. I told them the 100% truth- low carb, a week here and there of protein drinks only, and more exercise. Word got around and not too many more people said anything to me. But I made sure to always have a protein drink in hand at meetings etc, and it really was a good thing I think. The same would be for you I would think. People will see your protein drinks
  11. Michael_A

    So close.

    Truth!!! I got discharged around 5pm, and we went back to the hotel and I was in bed by 830 or so. I slept for 6 hours straight and it felt SO good. No one gets any rest at all in the hospital, I have no idea how they expect you to truly heal. I'm so glad you're on the other side now!!
  12. Me too, don't feel bad it's not just you. I've been at the same weight plus or minus 1/2 lb for over a week now. {sigh} this too shall pass...
  13. Michael_A

    So close.

    I'm very excited for you and will be thinking of you on Weds!
  14. These are tremendous progress pics! I have to say, the last one is a completely different person compared to the first.
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