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    I'm an IT guy, so gadgets and electronics to a certain extent. I play the piano. I'm raising 5 kids, ages 3 yo to 13 yo.
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  1. Postponed

    I feel your pain! The week will fly by though. :-)
  2. What a year can do

    Excellent point :-)
  3. What a year can do

    Thanks so much for your kind words!
  4. What a year can do

    Thanks Steph! I'm so glad you're still around handing out great advice. It has helped me many times!
  5. What a year can do

    This was a huge motivation in my decision for WLS! I had to visit my PCP at the beginning of Jan to get my asthma med refilled, and it was the first time I'd seen him since my surgery. We went over everything, he checked me over, and then said "so.... I guess I'll see you in a year?". That was SO awesome to be in that spot! It was embarrassing how often I needed to see various Dr.'s.
  6. What a year can do

    Yes they do, and I'm trying very hard to be good at the art of gracefully redirecting the conversation. I'm not one that enjoys being in the limelight like that, especially when people gush about my weight loss and won't let up. I've taken the good advice of folks like @Stephtay and have become pretty good at thanking them and then immediately saying something like "so how are YOU doing?" or something like that. I know most people don't feel this way, but it's just how I am. My 13-year old daughter (the oldest of five kids) did remark to me the other day at the dinner table, "dad, you are getting so skinny". I will admit that THAT did make me feel pretty good, because I really thought that my weight loss wasn't really on any of their radars. Not that I expected it to be, at all. But a lot of my pre-op disgust with my "fat life" was tied up in being the fattest dad at her school events, etc. And plenty of things that I just didn't even attend or go to because of those feelings. We have just started having a new part of our relationship grow, because I finally AM at a place where I feel comfortable and good, as a man, being involved in her life outside of the house now. Definitely more on that later, I'm still adjusting there.
  7. What a year can do

    Thanks so much Corinne :-)
  8. What a year can do

    Thanks Jen for your kind words. Not really proud of myself per se, because truly, several of the folks here were equally responsible for getting me here, if that makes sense. I was super mad at my surgeon several times because she pushed so hard for the weight loss, I can't lie about that. But being here now... it IS pretty nice that it's mostly done! I have 165 as my goal weight but I'm thinking about staying at 170. As it is my wrists and ankles/ calf areas are looking kind of skeletal, and I want to see what happens (if anything) with taking a month or two and seeing if the weight kind of redistributes a bit. You are such a great example of paying attention to the small things. I'm selfishly glad for your influence and presence in my ongoing journey :-)
  9. What a year can do

    Thanks Lois! The dedication wavered sometimes... :-) But I was desperate for change.
  10. What a year can do

    I know that you can uniquely identify with me on the part about being close to goal early out. Sometimes I don't even reply to various posters here, because I feel like I didn't have the "real" WLS experience that most other folks have- go through the program, lose the requires 10 or 15 pounds, then lose the rest over 6 months to a year. It's kind of messed up, I know. I need to find some balance there. Thanks for your advice and encouragement. You always bring a unique and thoughtful viewpoint to things.
  11. What a year can do

    Complete life changer! Thanks for your nice words.
  12. What a year can do

    This is me, all around 1 1/2 to 2 years ago, at my highest weight, between 275 and 290. I had type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, my knees hurt, and I took ibuprofen daily, sometimes multiple times a day. I had headaches constantly. I was taking about 7 different prescription meds. I was extremely unhappy with life by this point. I hated the way I had to dress (nothing off the rack fit). I wore the exact same clothes daily. (I had multiples of the same shirt, same pants, etc because I knew how to make them work and where to order them). So 5 pair of the same pants, 14 of the exact same shirt, etc. I despised seeing my reflection in a window. I was just so miserable inside. I finally overcame insurance issues and in Jan 2017 contacted a bariatric surgeon in CA (I'm in Alaska), and in Feb 2017, began her "liver shrinking diet" which was very low-carb at first, lean meats and veggies, gradually giving up meals and transitioning to protein shakes. By Nov 10, 2017 (surgery day) I weighed 217, down from 275 in Feb. I weighed 211 at my one-week follow up. Today, one year after my start date, I weigh 170. This is me tonight at church (I play that gorgeous piano every week)... I can tell you, life is SO MUCH BETTER on the other side of WLS. I love how I get to dress now. I finally feel like the REAL ME is being reflected in the clothes that I wear. I take a single prescription drug, for asthma, and probably will for life (have since I was 18). I haven't needed a painkiller post-op at ALL, except for a week that I had the flu. I'm only three months out and I have a lot to learn yet. My mind is still numb to these changes. When I see fat me, it is getting harder to identify with that person, and also those pics make sad and angry because I hated my life at that point. Not like, suicidal hate, just the lifestyle of the fat and miserable. I'm so excited about who I see reflected in the post office glass when I walk up to the building every day, and never in a million years could I have imagined that things could feel this good, and that I would be so happy with the person that emerged. I became inspired by watching @TP1210's own WLS surgery experience play out here on TT, all the way up to his surgery day and after. It was when I really thought to myself, "wow, I think this surgery thing is right for me!". But on the whole, TT in general is what kept me motivated once I made the decision, but started having insurance obstacles. This family of people is SO awesome.
  13. Scale?

    My surgeon required that I get one, and this last appointment with her last week, she asked about my body fat percentage. This is the one I got. I like that it syncs to an app on my phone. https://www.amazon.com/Nokia-Body-Composition-Wi-Fi-Scale/dp/B071XW4C5Q?th=1
  14. I think this is smart. I was completely unprepared for it and the first two times it was incredibly painful. I used some Fleet liquid enemas for a few weeks after that, and began researching hard (no pun intended) good solutions. Today I take some Miralax every morning and a non-stimulant stool softener (Docusate Sodium) and that has mostly resolved the issue.
  15. What Are You Wearing Today?

    All I'm going to say is, you are looking GOOD. Your Tina Fey avatar has nothing on you. I feel fat also, and I wear a size medium shirt now. My brain will have to settle a while longer I think. I'll have my own pics to post on Sun or Mon.