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  1. My husband has made some similar comments to me-and we've been married 33 years- and he is the love of my life. Some of this was HIS insecurity, not mine. I just made sure I talked honestly to him- I always reassure him that he is my one and only- and we are spending more time just trying to be a couple. Simple things- cuddling on the couch with a movie- whatever. Everything said here is true- keep reminding her and all will be well.
  2. I was home for a week also- and used a timer. (I still do before and after meals). The water is a challenge and I did use the sip cups for 2 weeks but now I usually manage fine. I sometimes think I'm drinking too fast but if I do, my pouch tells me! I have really not 'pureed' anything. I just stick to things that are easy to get down. I am eating things I never ate pre-surgery (like cottage cheese, I love it now) and you'll likely find that too. Just try things until you find something that works. And go slowly- this isn't a race.
  3. I can echo what others said, even being new it's good for me to hear such honesty- because I need to know that this isn't an easy fix that will be 'over' in a year or two and then I can go 'back' to how I ate before. And I SO relate to the 'shame' of hiding- replacing foods- that horrible addiction to overeating that overcomes us sometimes. It's hard to be vigilant all the time,but it is what we have to do-just one day at a time, though. You've done the hard part, you've got this.
  4. I just focused on breaking 'habits'. It was a 'habit' to take an egg based breakfast to work every day, so I stopped that. I also tried out different shakes, drinks, etc. though what people tell you is true, your tastes will change somewhat. I don't have an issue with the shake I chose beforehand but some of the other stuff- I did. The sipping is hard- I still 'forget' and take a big swallow sometimes and boy do I know it! Also eating slowly- putting the fork down and waiting- and having no liquid while you eat is hard, so practicing that will get you ready. And have things 'ready' for the recovery process- I made sure bills were pre-paid, the bedroom and bathroom were cleaned and waiting for me...that kind of thing. AND- I made sure I had 'help' when I needed it. You'll be great!
  5. I just dislike room temperature anything, though even my food ends up cold before I'm done.
  6. I hope you listen to the vets here....I am one who let the scale bother me and it made me depressed. Our bodies will do what they are ready to do, and we can't change that. You and I will both be where we want to be if we just stay the course.
  7. Thank you for sharing. I'm new and need to know this can work for a lifetime.
  8. That's wonderful. Every step that brings you closer is a good one.
  9. I struggle now. I was like Beachgirl, I drank water all day. Now....I think it smells and tastes weird, even bottled. I am also using sf Popsicles, sobe life water ( I like the Fuji Apple) and nestle bottled water with flavor, I like the Orange and grape. Hopefully if you keep trying you'll find something that won't make you gag. I know it sucks.
  10. wyominggirl


    I'm sure I did, all the head anxiety has to work itself out somehow. I still dream I'm eating like I did pre surgery cause I forgot, I think it's just anxiety on my part. Fortunately dreams are just dreams. I'm sure when you talk to the surgeon you'll start to feel better about it.
  11. Amber I'm glad today is better. I'm a side sleeper and at 2-3 weeks I could finally lie that way without pain, so you'll get there. I truly believe you're over the rough part, and every day will be better.
  12. At first it was so nice to see the scale go down....it has been SO long since that happened! But it is just making me miserable now so I really do need to stay off. Maybe I'll have my dh hide it from me for awhile!
  13. It is always in the back of my mind that "I" will be the one this won't work on...so I need to keep reminding myself- that the surgery has not failed me. So I will not fail me. thanks.
  14. I almost wish I'd had more time, all of this is a lot to adjust to. You can do this!
  15. I know in my little head that you all told me to NOT do things. Like 1. Freaking out when I stalled and 2. Comparing myself to others But I did...and I am...and I know better but darn it, it's hard to not be human! I'm three weeks this week. I lost 11.5 in week one, 6 in week two and 1.5 in week 3. And I AM happy to see it. But on my hospital wls site a woman not as heavy posted she's lost 34 pounds in three weeks and I felt like having a pity party for one. I'm just venting...I've read the stall thread in the post op thread...and while it goes back to 2010 I also noticed everyone who was unhappy back then is at goal. And so shall I be someday. Still, this sucks. And I should know better....
  16. Are you allowed carbs? I don't think anyone in the states is this early. I also could not tolerate much and I'm only a week behind you. If something doesn't work- put it aside and try later. Scrambled eggs made me very ill at first- but now I can mash a hard boiled egg with low fat mayo and it's fine. Fish also made me ill- so I'm not going there for awhile. But cottage cheese works well, pureed soups (made one with allowed veggies and beans pureed) and it was very satisfying. Just go with what works, I promise you can add more exciting things later on. If I can't manage to eat much I do use protein shakes/powders to help out. And stalling in week 3-4 (or even having a gain) is VERY normal. Sucks, but it's normal. Hang in there.
  17. I'm glad they helped. I wasn't on pain meds either as they only wanted me on morphine which gives me headaches, so I can unfortunately relate to rolling around in bed crying all night- as that is what I did. I did adjust by day 2 and 3 and liquid tylenol was good enough. So you will get there! I'm glad you fought for yourself and keep trying the sipping and walking- being home is a lot easier for recovery. ((hugs))
  18. I understand the concern, and everyone had valid thoughts. Keep bugging them. This is their JOB, they should listen to you. I felt the same about my place, I never even MET my surgeon until the day before surgery- and they kept telling me 'whatever I wanted'. Well- I wanted some medical advice! So I just kept bugging them. Mine required a liquid breakfast and lunch for 2 weeks and a lean protein veggie dinner for 2 weeks. I did mine longer. But it was MY choice, because I wanted to break some bad 'habits' before I had to go cold turkey (like giving up caffeine and sodas, which weren't a big deal for me) But it also helped me get off junky stuff and at least by the time post-op came, I was ready. Also- I could go almost right to soft foods on day 4, but I realized early on my stomach was not ready for it. So I slowed down and did what was best for ME. As much as I respect my surgeon and appreciate his expertise in operating on me, I'm still the expert on ME. So I'm taking things very, very slowly- even 3 weeks out now. You've got lots of support here and I know you'll be great, but go ahead and keep insisting you get your questions answered.
  19. SO happy for you! Keep us posted we'd love to see how you're feeling.
  20. Glad yours went so smoothly- I wish I could say mine did but it didn't. But this will give others hope they might have an easy recovery!
  21. I'm 3 weeks post op with roux-en-y. I had no catheter and did not have to give myself shots at all. (I had them in the hospital several times but they didn't even hurt). I had lots of complications- he almost didn't do my bypass! So of course I was miserable and hurting a lot the first 5-7 days or so-but once they passed every day has been better. I was scared- I'm still scared of something going wrong or an incision not healing or that I'll the one person this doesn't work on...I think that is a very normal thing to feel. But I just reminded myself I was making the right decision for myself when I chose this- and it's still the right decision. Just take it slowly- walk- drink- and let yourself take the time you need to heal. I'm still being careful as I know it's so easy to over-do and slide backwards. Part of what you're feeling might be the emotional part of this- that is almost harder to work through than the physical sometimes. For me food was almost everything but nourishment. I ate when I was happy, sad, bored, depressed....or just because it sounded good at the time. I'm not sure I ever knew what 'hungry' was. And even in my pre-op diet, I was realizing that I had to still turn off the urge to eat just because. Now- post-op, I'm never hungry at all and eat my 3 times a day because I need to- but there are still times I think I want to eat something just because...it smells good or sounds good or whatever. That part takes time- it's changing habits- but it can be done. Everyone here has been through all this- they know what the road was like - you're going to be just fine.
  22. I'm almost 3 weeks post op and was up to my fluid goal in about four days. I'm taking crushed meds in yogurt and it's nasty, but it's doable. I also used Isopure the first few days, preferred the grape. My pouch isn't enjoying food so I just slowed down. Take your time, you're not on anyone else's schedule but yours.
  23. I'm too new to be much help, but I have seen a slow this week and was expecting to see it- so I'm not very worried. When I first came here it was the one thing I noticed- that no matter how long it took- or how quickly people lost- if you pay attention you'll see they all got to goal. Karen (above) didn't lose for the first six weeks but she is at goal...so I look at their example and know if I stay on my food plan and do what I'm supposed to- I'll get there. And I'm certain you will, too.
  24. I am sorry, but some people are jerks. You can't change them- you can change you. You know what the food was for- and you know how hard you're working. Try to keep your head up and NOT let some insensitive people ruin the world for you. You deserve to be out enjoying life just as much as the next person- and no one can take that from you unless you let them. ((hugs))
  25. You can still get some fullness if you just roll them up like tube socks....