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  1. I've hit several road blocks in this weight loss journey, since I have started on 11/30/2015. I figured out I cannot tolerate whey protein two weeks out from surgery, which really put me back as far as progress goes. I am so frustrated at this point, because I have been having pain on the left side of my belly button and when I went into the ER for the pain, they said that they knew something on the inside was irritated but CT scan didn't show anything and blood work came out fine, so they don't know what was going on. They did put me back on the liquid diet until my 6 week follow up on the 12th. Also, I have been 201 lbs for the last 2 weeks, and I don't know what I am doing wrong. I absolutely hate it, and I don't know how to fix it. I am not taking in more than 500 calories per day, I cannot have more than 4 gm of sugar or fat in a meal, otherwise I dump. I need advise. Anyone have a stall, and if so how long did it last and how do I get out of this funk? Also, has anyone else had these sharp pains on the left side of the belly button? Help
  2. So, if I'm not mistaken the last time I updated you guys was on December 9th, where I was a week and a couple day's post op Gastric Bypass. I was not tolerating any sort of protein and kept getting nauseous, I felt super defeated and like I couldn't do this. I felt as though they were asking too much as far as the protein intake and the water intake. I am now about 3 weeks and 5 days post op now, I have started my soft foods/regular foods. I have an approved list of foods, and so far it has been so much better. I figured out that I am not able to tolerate ANY whey proteins, and cannot have anything with more than 4 grams of fat or 4 grams of sugar, otherwise I dump....and BAD. Which is a good thing because it's like another tool in itself and one of the reasons why I got the Gastric Bypass Surgery done as well. I had my two week follow up appointment on 12/15, my surgeon said at that time I was exceeding her expectations as far as weight loss. She said that, I was where she would expect someone who was 6 weeks post op to be as far as weight goes. She also advised me that I was her first patient that has ever had an intolerance to whey protein, so this is a learning experience for everyone. I am able to tolerate, cottage cheese, string cheese, shredded cheese, tuna (which is my favorite), shrimp, refried beans, pudding, sugar free popsicles, sugar free jello, and small amounts of greek yogurt. Which is also, a huge step, because now instead of barely getting in protein, I am not able to get in about 50-70 grams of protein a day. As of 12/22/2015 I weighed in at 201.5 lbs. I started my two week pre op liquid diet on 11/16/2015 at 230 lbs. So, I have lost approximately 28.5 lbs since my liquid diet. Which is great! My goal is to be in onederland by 2016, but if it doesn't happy it wont bug me too much, considering I feel so much better than before! :-D
  3. I had my surgery done on 11/30 and have found this process was so much more difficult then I had imagined. I had read everything in the book, and had done so much research and practiced this sip sip sip thing before the surgery. My world basically has flipped upside down. I cannot tolerate anything with more than 4 grams of fat, 4 grams of sugar, or thick proteins. I dump on EVERYTHING. It's absolutely frustrating, beyond frustrating, so depressing. I thought that I would rock this, and be absolutely perfect at it. I was horribly wrong. This is nothing like I thought. I've had to go to the ER for an IV and a CT scan because they thought I had a leak. Turns out no leak and I was just waiting for the IV to finish and was sent home. I was sickly, because of the OXYcodone they gave me for pain. I can no longer take my pain medications because I dump when I take it. I hate dumping it's the worst feeling in the whole world. Im getting so frustrated because I cannot do any protein at this point without dumping, I've tried like 5 different protein shakes. It's horrible. I know that I'll get through this eventually, but it just blows. Sorry, vent over.
  4. So, I got my surgery done on 11/30/2015, gastric bypass (roux-en-y). My bariatric office requires the following after surgery: 64 oz of clear fluids 60-80 gms of protein I can't do it. Every single protein shake that I take makes me dump. I had my first dumping experience on Saturday and it was HORRIBLE, then I dumped last night as well, and it was due to the protein I had. I get so frustrated, because I am not even getting in the water they want, and NO WHERE near the protein they want me to. Today, I have gotten around 18 oz of water and 0 protein...I feel so defeated, and so hopeless....I need some help besides sip sip sip....I've set a timer for every 5 minutes to sip 1/4 of an oz, so that way I'm at least getting in 32 oz of water..... I need help.
  5. Yes, I was able to find sample packs of the protein and that way I could try them post op, to make sure I tolerate them before I bought a big tub
  6. And I am finally here! I had my surgery on Monday, November 30th. I was supposed to be at the hospital checked in at 9am, which I was. They got me all checked in and had to take me back to get prepped. There was only 2 people allowed back in the pre-op. Carl, and my mom came with me. I weighed in at 217.8lbs which was a total loss of 14 lbs during my two week pre-op liquid diet. Which I was beyond thrilled about. So, I get back and we wait....we wait and wait finally 11am came around and still no surgery. Turns out the OR that I was scheduled to be in had an emergency with the previous surgery and took way longer than anticipated. I didn't end up getting back into surgery until 5pm. They did have an issue with my stomach during surgery. She got all the way done with the surgery, and my stomach wasn't positioned the way that she liked, so she unstapled everything and had to redue the whole procedure. So, I was in from 5pm, and got out of recovery at 11pm. They were wanting me to be discharged on Wednesday but because of the intensity of the surgery they wanted to be cautious and keep an eye on me an extra day. I am doing well, the pain is not at all what I was anticipating, and I am a wussy. To me, the pain on a scale of 0-10 with 10 being the worst pain you can imagine and 0 being none at all. I was pretty steady around 3.5-5 for a majority of the time. I like the Nectar protein, my tummy seams to enjoy it. haha, and the liquid is not that hard to get down, it's just remembering to sip every couple minutes. I did develop a rash all over my stomach, and right where my bra line would be. It's extremely itchy, and raised red bumps. Right now I am keeping it under control by taking Benadryl and hydrocodazone cream. which is helping, however it if doesn't go away or gets worse by Monday I have to be seen. I love the opportunity I have been given to change my life for ever. I cannot wait until I am able to be more physical, my blood pressure goes down, my cholesterol and I am healthier than ever before. Thank you all for your support! I'm happy to finally be on the losers bench with you all!!!
  7. My surgery is in 2 days!!! I can't believe that through all the crap I've been through and I am finally at the starting line! I've been really good on the liquid diet, no problems except getting the 100 gm of protein in, because I am not hungry, which surprised me. I lost 15 inches the first week, and I am not allowed to weight myself so I have no idea how much I weight as of right now. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what to pack for the hospital. My stay will be Monday-Wednesday if needed, and I may be going home earlier than Wednesday. This is my list so far: Chapstick Pillow Charger/phone Protein Shake *Per Surgeons request* Protein Shaker *Per Surgeons request* Slippers Toothbrush Deoderant Not sure what else I will need, but I will be wearing my comfy clothes to the hospital and probably home. Also, any last minute advise besides, sip sip sip and walk walk walk. lol :-D I can't wait to be a loser!!!!
  8. I will be moving on with the surgery. I called BCBS and confirmed it that it's covered in network and that I will be fine. I requested it in writing so they will be mailing it to me within the next week. Thank you for all your support. My surgery is scheduled at 1030 on the 30th
  9. I have been going through this process for a little over 10 months now. I started this process in February of this year and have had nothing but complications since I've started. I got denied right off the bat, because issues with the insurance coordinator submitting the information too soon and with not all the completed information. We got it approved after appealing it, then found out they submitted the information for the gastric sleeve not the bypass. They had to resubmit the information to insurance for an approval on the bypass not the sleeve. Then, two weeks prior to my surgery date I found out from BCBSMN on 9/22/2015 that Methodist (where my surgery was scheduled) was not a blue distinction facility and I would have to pay the Out-Of-Network Prices for the surgery. So, I had called and requested to move the surgery back from 10/12/2015 to 12/7/2015 while I attempted to get ALL my medical records switched to UNMC where it was covered in-network and they were a blue distinction facility for bariatric surgery. It took almost 2 weeks of running around to get all my records over to UNMC (Methodist refused to help at all). I finally got all the records over to UNMC I did all my testing got all my classes done, and then....they submitted the information to insurance on 10/28/2015. On 11/2/2015 I found out I was approved, through UNMC with Dr.Tiffany Tanner, for the bariatric surgery. So I thought everything was FINALLY looking up for me......oh boy how I was wrong in so many ways. I talked to a gal here at my work, who had the gastric sleeve done through UNMC in July. She was billed Out-Of-Network for the surgery and charged over $9,000.00. She was told that UNMC AND Methodist were both blue distinction facilities and that they would both be covered In-Network....Now, she does have the higher costing benefits then I do...but according to what I have researched the surgery is covered the same for BOTH plans. Although her's is covered 90% (for in-network) and mine is only 80% (for in-network)....which scares me. My surgery is 15 days away....this is almost a identical scenario from Methodist.....I can't do this anymore. I went on BCBSMN website, and searched under "Find Doctor". I typed in Nebraska, and Gastric Bypass for the procedure and put the radius within 100 miles and up popped pricing for Methodist and what appeared to be the price...which my amount due would only be that which is left from my out of pocket max..($1215.00)....but nothing for UNMC. However, when it brought it up, it said they were a blue distinction facility for Cardiac Care and Knee and Hip Replacements only....not bariatric surgery. I guess....I don't know...I start my liquid diet Monday....my surgery is in two weeks.....I feel like I am being ran around in circles by BCBSMN again....They told me Methodist is not in-network for the surgery, now I'm being told my co-worker that it's not in-network at UNMC either..... I feel like this is a sign that I am not supposed to get the surgery...like every single thing I have done leading up to this point has done me absolutely no good. There is NO WAY I am going back to Methodist....not after the way the insurance coordinator treated me there...I just....I'm at a loss....I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle that I will never win......
  10. https://www.smartbodynutrition.com/syntrax-nectar-protein-variety-pack.html
  11. @TheColdestAugust- I ordered three bottles of the chewables and I called to check on them, and they said they made them wrong or something- I have started taking the capsules because they had sent me those for free due to the inconvenience, so I am hoping with everything that they get those to me prior to my surgery. But-I'm not anticipating it. @Amber76bailey- I know it has taken such a long time to get approved, I am finally relieved that it's done and I can move forward! I know that there is a vitamin shoppe near me and they sell individual packets of protein powder and people have been posting website's of like "test" packets of protein powder which has really been helpful! @walkat103- Thank you for the syntrax nectar website! I've been looking in different places for a reasonably priced individual packets, and this one seems pretty affordable for 15 packets. I appreciate the links! Now, I just have to get over the nervousness, and the fact that it's actually going to be happening! :-D
  12. If you have been following me, I have been put through quiet the ringer these last 10 months. I started this process on 2-17-2015, I did my 6 months (technically 7 months) of monitored weight loss, had two psych evals completed, visited with the nutritionist, had the surgery denied, then approved, found out it was for the sleeve and not the bypass, got the surgery straightened out, then 2 weeks before my scheduled surgery I found out the center where I was supposed to be having my surgery at wasn't considered in-network, I had to transfer all my medical records over to a new facility, make sure I met all their requirements and it was finally submitted last week on the 28th of October. Everything inside of me was so nervous, I was honestly expecting the worst and to be informed that it's not medically necessary and have to be put through all the appealing crap again. I had called BCBSMN yesterday and the representative advised me that according to her records they have until 11-9-15 at 4:30 p.m. to determine wither or not they were going to cover the surgery. So, she told me I could call everyday and I would more than likely know before the 9th. So, I mustered up the courage and called them this morning at 7. It has been APPROVED. Finally, for the right surgery, the right doctor, the right facility, everything is finally falling into place. The bariatric office called me this morning at about 10:00 a.m. and let me know that she was going to pass the information along to the case manager who then would call me with a date for surgery. It's scary, it really is finally happening...I have to order my calcium chewables, make sure that my multi-vitamins are going to be here (since they are on back-order), go out and get pre-op liquid diet stuff, make sure short term disability is straightened out as well as long term disability, get my living arrangements squared away for the 2-4 weeks I'll be out of work and make sure all my ends are squared away. It's crazy to think that in the last year I have become so knowledgeable about the bariatric system, procedure, and insurance process....If you would have asked me back on my 24th birthday about the process for weight loss surgery, or to explain anything in regards to the surgery, I would have not been able to give you anything. If you guys have any tips, pointers, suggestions as far as pre-op diet, and post-op expectations. I'm so grateful for everyone on this site and would appreciate feedback/suggestions. Thank you
  13. It has been quite sometime since I have updated everyone on what's going on with my surgery. I just wanted to let you know that yes, I finally got my approval and got a surgery date for October 12, 2015, however....two weeks prior to surgery I called BCBSMN to find out something about a prescription and ended up talking about my surgery. Turns out, the hospital that I was scheduled to get the surgery at is not considered a blue distinction facility and therefore not covered under my in-network benefits, and I'd have to pay out of pocket $3,600.00. Which I do not have. So I requested my medical records be sent over to a facility that is covered in-network however, Methodist failed and refused me my medical records, and I had to spent a whole day (literally) running around collecting everything insurance needed in order to re-submit under a new doctor and a new facility. Long story short, after contact the Department of Health and Human Services, getting everything I needed transferred over to UNMC (where I'm getting it done at now) I am now waiting on yet again approval from insurance. I started pursuing UNMC on 9/28 and was advised that it would take a month and a half to get it submitted and approved through insurance. I had my final exit meeting with my surgeon on 10/14/2015 and since my insurance updated what they require for submitting the information I had to complete a session with an exercise physiologist first. I was advised that it would be submitted as soon as possible and after semi-harassing them to get it submitted, they finally called me today and let me know that they were submitting the information to insurance today. The insurance coordinator said it should take about 15 days to complete and have a determination made. Hopefully it is faster since everything has already been approved and all that they were requesting is a switch of facilities and physicians. I'm not getting my hopes up since nothing with this process has gone my way so far...so here's to not getting my hopes up and keeping expectations low! :-D
  14. I had received a call on Friday, from UNMC stating that Methodist had not provided anything except coversheets and my authorization for release of information form I had signed. They had no medical records or any sort of information that I had requested. I took it upon myself to call Methodist, the receptionist stated that she saw my record and would have to confirm with her supervisor if she could print it out and have it ready for me or not. Seeing as it was about 4:56pm and they close at 5pm I called back. When she answered she said that she couldn’t give me my medical records, or print them or anything. Her reasoning was that it was “too big to print”; at that point I had enough. I advised her that per the Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act of 1996 she was in direct violation of my rights as a patient. I advised her that from the point that I requested my medical records, which according to my documents was July 28th; I was advised by Kristy that she would take care of it. Per the law; the request for medical records could be either verbally given, or hand written (depending on the facility’s preference) and since they hadn’t requested them in written at the time I originally stated I wanted a copy; that was my verbal authorization, and they had in accordance with state LAW, 30 days to provide me with my documents. She then, stated she was going to transfer me to her supervisor, who just happened to be the woman I’ve been working with. She advised me that, they had 30 days to provide me with the documents, and that she had put the request over and that it would be done. I advised her then, that I had been in contact with the Department of Health and Human Services, who I advised back on July 28th when I requested my documents; she had advised me she would get it taken care of. I have yet to see those documents and that someone from the DHHS would be in contact with her, and I disconnected. I had spoken with my dad about everything, and he stated that I could go behind their back and get everything over to UNMC myself. All I had to do was contact my primary care doctor; get her to print my 6 months of monitored weight loss, and any progressive notes they had, the same with Alegent for the 2 years of recorded weight, and then go to my psychologist and request it be sent to UNMC by them. That’s exactly what I did on Tuesday. I work the night shift, so I was running around from 6:30 am until about 3:30pm getting all my records from all these different doctors’s communicating with UNMC about different things I have to get done. I had already gotten my blood work completed for UNMC that afternoon around 12, I had my annual physical scheduled for 10/9/2015, and I had scheduled a exercise physiologist appointment on Wednesday. That’s all I need to complete. UNMC called me around 4 that evening, and let me know they had everything they needed, all I needed to do was to show up on Wednesday, and then have an exit meeting with the surgeon and someone would call me to schedule it. When Lauren said that she didn’t think it would have gotten completed without me running around and getting it done myself, I told her that the DHHS was already involved and that’s why it was done quicker today. So, be it as it may, I have a annual physical this morning with my primary care, I have my exit meeting with the surgeon on Tuesday at 11:30am, and my exercise physiologist Wednesday at 1:00pm. Needless to say, I am beyond relieved everything they needed they have. Later that day, Kristy called to see what had all gone on. I let her know I wasn’t happy that I had literally gotten NO sleep that day because I was running around getting all the documents that I needed. I let her know that I was shocked that I was able to complete in one day what she had failed to completed within over 90 days. I told her to keep my surgery appointment for December 7th as a back up and I’d call to cancel when I get my date with UNMC. She told me to keep her in the loop, and I said I’d keep her in the loop as much as she kept me in hers, and I disconnected. I finally think, this is the light at the end of the tunnel ya’ll! I am nervous about the exercise physiologist, because I’ve never heard of that before, and the guy who I’ve talked to who had it done there, didn’t have to complete it…..so that concerns me…but other than that! WHOOP WHOOP!!!!
  15. Just an update on this rollercoaster of a process. I found out that Methodist, where I had my surgery scheduled on October 12, is not considered in-network. Which means I'd have to pay $6,200, instead of $1,500. Which I wouldn't have a problem with, but I can't stand the surgery staff I'd have to deal with. After the feedback on here, and some serious hardcore thinking, I have decided to move my surgery back to December 7th, and pursue UNMC. This way of the surgery falls through at UNMC I'll have a back up at Methodist. I had gone up on Friday to my surgeons office to sign an authorization of release of information:this way my medical records can be transferred to UNMC by Monday. Well, when I got there on Monday (UNMC for my initial appointment) they didn't have anything from Methodist. I told them all the issues and how I've been drug around for the last 9 months-and the lady was so apologetic and caring and just everything I was looking for in an office....their case manager and insurance coordinator had contacted my plan and found out that since I have done the 6 months of consecutive weight loss already I don't need to re-do it. Which is a huge weight off my shoulders. They also said that they have to wait for the records from Methodist to see how much I've already done and what else per their bariatric process I need to complete. They had me meet with the nutritionist the next day and had issues with Methodist saying I never signed the paperwork. I signed two more releases while I was there to make sure, and they were going to let me know. I called today, to Methodist, and they said they never got my release form, and I told them I went to to my surgeons office and signed them and they said it's different from theirs. They we're going to call over tomorrow and get the form and then have their supervisor from the billing office get them over ASAP. Now we wait. I am so glad I am perusing UNMC, after going there and meeting everyone and seeing how hard they are working to get this done for me....I'm regretting not going there to start with. I just wanted to update everyone on this long drawn out process. Thanks for everyone's feedback.
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