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  1. Jabsie

    Threw me for a loop...

    All humans have inherent biases, and Dr.'S are no exception. It's unfortunate that any physician would give professional advice about a topic for which they are not a specialist. The data doesn't lie and currently there is no treatment more effective for reversing morbid obesity than WLS. It's 5 times more successful at long term weight loss than any other known treatment. Also, complications and related death rates reduced dramatically once surgeons started utilizing the laparoscopic method.
  2. Jabsie

    The power of negative memories

    That's such a great story, thank you for sharing it! It's crazy, probably my biggest NSV is the same type of thing. Rarely was I more painfully reminded of just how big I was than when flying. I have to travel a lot for my career and I always dreaded being on the plane. Not because I am afraid to fly but because there was always the risk of the seatbelt not fitting, I'd be stuck in the middle seat, the seats were especially narrow, etc... There was one time when I couldn't close the seatbelt and hid the fact from the attendant just so I wouldn't have to ask for the extender. My hips were always squeezed and the arm rests dug into my sides.....not fun. Fast forward to my first trip post WLS. I nearly cried (and I'm not a public cryer) when I had significant slack left on the seatbelt and my sides didn't come anywhere near the armrests. I took a picture of the seatbelt! People probably thought I was crazy.
  3. I love this update so much. I have struggled with some regain recently and I really really need to read this today. Thank you and keep them coming!
  4. What a great post! Your husband is a sweet guy :-) The moment that comes to mind like that for me is being on my first flight post op. I regularly have to travel for work and had always dreaded being squeezed into the airplane seats. The seatbelt never fit comfortably and in some cases, not at all. Being able to sit comfortably and have slack on the seatbelt blew my mind. I remember taking a picture of it and thinking that this small thing was going to make a huge difference. Keep these stories coming, I love them!
  5. Jabsie

    I’ve shocked a few people this weekend

    That sounds awesome! Always nice to get feedback like that :-)
  6. Jabsie


    Hi Everyone! It's been a while so I wanted to check back in and reconnect with my peeps Never thought it would happen but it did. I got comfortable, over confident, and took my eyes off the road......then BAM! regain. About 6 months ago, the demands of my career increased dramatically and I let it divert my attention away from what should have been my highest priority, my health. My weight had been stable up until that point but I regained about 25 lbs at what felt like break neck speed. There's no mystery as to what I need to do. I know what works, I just need to do it. Posting here is part of that. Hoping this note finds you all well. XO - Jabsie
  7. Jabsie

    I lost my dad tonight

    My heart is breaking for you and your family. I am so very sorry about your loss. Please know that I'm thinking good thoughts for you.
  8. Jabsie

    1 week since surgery....

    A lot of people report going through a period of mourning after surgery. Perhaps you're experiencing this on some level as well. Regardless, try and cut yourself some slack and put a pause button on weather or not you got the surgery for the right reasons or not until after you get through this period. You might feel very differently when you're cleared to go to a full diet, your body has healed, and life with your new baby stomach is more normalized. The lens you're looking through right now is clouded by a whole bunch of things. Many many people experience sadness and depression post-op. With rapid weight loss your system is flooded with hormones that cause depression. For many of us, eating was our go-to coping mechanism for...well...everything. With that no longer an option, you may be feeling things more intensely than you did in the past. It's also really hard to be happy when you're in pain and fatigued. I so appreciate your honesty. This is really hard stuff. We're here for you.
  9. Jabsie

    Already struggling.....

    I did a year of research about surgery before I made the decision to proceed with it. During this time I came across some interesting post-op statistics. It appears that there are 4 common correlations among those who regain all or a substantial amount of their weight. They are as follows: Untreated childhood trauma, sexual abuse in particular (never getting professional help). This is the strongest indicator and is true for obesity as well as addiction in general. Not keeping up with doctors appointments both immediately and long term post-op. Failure to accept responsibility for behaviors that lead to obesity and seeing surgery as a cure rather than a tool. Living with persons (family in particular) that do not support a patient's lifestyle changes, actively engage in unhealthy eating behaviors, or attempt to sabotage the patient's efforts. An analogy might be trying to quit smoking when you live with smokers that have no desire or willingness to quit smoking. Just because people may fall into one of the above risk factors doesn't mean they can't be successful. They absolute can and do.
  10. Jabsie

    Already struggling.....

    I didn't have the same experience as you. I had no desire to eat and no cravings. It didn't matter what was being cooked in my house, it had zero affect on me. I didn't expect my husband to follow the same protocol I had been prescribed, but I did expect for him not to engage in behavior around me that could make my work more challenging. Although it is unfair to ask someone not eat something just because you can't, it is totally fair to ask them to not do it around you. The hard part for me what that I missed chewing. I also got super sick of things that tasted sweet. Shakes, clear drinks, etc...I was completely over it! Hang in there. Before you know it, this part of the process will be a distant memory and you'll enjoy life with your new baby stomach and smaller body :-)
  11. What a great topic to come across today. I'm having similar challenges. Coming out of surgery it was the very first time in my life I had no appetite and the desire for food just wasn't there. No cravings, no temptations, no 'fighting the hunger'. It was a completely foreign experience for me because I could never remember a time that I didn't want to eat. It was glorious.....and short lived. At about 2 and a half years out, I'm finding both the need to eat (physical hunger) and the desire to eat (head hunger) have increased. I've gained a little weight back and am finding it harder than ever to lose it. To boot, I've gone on a new medication that can cause weight gain. I didn't go through all of this for nothing and the good news is, I'm restarting my efforts not at the bottom of the mountain but just a few steps from the top. I started the 5 day pouch test today in the hopes it will kick-start the process. I'll let you all know how I make out. In the interim, I'd love to hear some helpful feedback from everyone.
  12. Jabsie

    Relationship Trouble?

    Most of us worry about how our weight loss will change our relationships. Many folks on the other side of WLS will tell you that the issues they had with their partner didn't disappear after, or because of, their surgery. In many cases their weight loss magnified their relationship issues. Your lifestyle and priorities will change dramatically post op. The fact that your GF is able speak honestly about her insecurities is a very good thing. Saying that your weight loss won't change things between you and your GF is a really nice thing to say but I suspect you both know this is not true. With a physical transformation also comes an emotional one and this can be challenging to traverse within a relationship. Rather than saying your weight loss won't change things, perhaps try some of these: My body may change post op but my principles will not. I'm not sure how I will change after surgery or how others will react to those changes, but I do know that I love you. What I'm about to do is going to be very hard. I can't think of anyone better to help me get through it than you. Your support means the world to me. I have no control over other people's behavior but I can promise you that I will never give you a reason to distrust me. I'm so sorry you're feeling scared and sad about this. What can I do to help? Here's the good news; you guys are talking about it. There's a lot of people who are not able to do that. Instead they act jealous and even try to sabotage the efforts of their partners. My hubby and I went to couples counseling before my surgery to work through some of the issues that could be compounded by the changes the surgery would bring to my life. I am so glad we did. It made a HUGE difference and even 2 years out, we're still experiencing the benefits of it. My best advice; try your best to keep ahead of this. Continue to talk about things ahead of time. Best of luck!
  13. Jabsie

    dry mouth....bad breath....

    Yup, this ^
  14. Jabsie

    Maintenance Time

    Awww yes...hip bones :-) Congrats my friend!
  15. Jabsie

    I'm alive!!!!

    Happy to hear! Congrats!