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  1. Thanks everyone! Going to try this. I've heard of it but never thought to look into it. I just hate myself for gaining so much weight back. My feet hurt again, and I just feel terrible, and then being depressed makes me eat more. Anyway, gotta get back on the bandwagon and then I'll feel better.
  2. Hello, I got my lapband in October of 2011 and it was the best thing I ever did for myself. I got married last July and began gaining weight before the wedding due to stress. I lost a little when I moved (left my job and family to be with my husband for his job) but then I gained SO MUCH weight back. I am almost to where I was before surgery!! After losing 75 pounds or so, this is horrible. It's my fault, I have been eating junk and "slider" foods, and have been baking and cooking too much. Anyway, I am trying to lose it all again but I just wanted to post for moral support. Anyone else gain a bunch of weight back after lap band surgery?