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  1. ferbstoesser

    Four years out and gaining weight

    Thanks everyone! Going to try this. I've heard of it but never thought to look into it. I just hate myself for gaining so much weight back. My feet hurt again, and I just feel terrible, and then being depressed makes me eat more. Anyway, gotta get back on the bandwagon and then I'll feel better.
  2. ferbstoesser

    Four years out and gaining weight

    Hello, I got my lapband in October of 2011 and it was the best thing I ever did for myself. I got married last July and began gaining weight before the wedding due to stress. I lost a little when I moved (left my job and family to be with my husband for his job) but then I gained SO MUCH weight back. I am almost to where I was before surgery!! After losing 75 pounds or so, this is horrible. It's my fault, I have been eating junk and "slider" foods, and have been baking and cooking too much. Anyway, I am trying to lose it all again but I just wanted to post for moral support. Anyone else gain a bunch of weight back after lap band surgery?